Can’t check it..but it’s intrueging nevertheless   2 comments

Yesterday I heard that the Account-Center for Warhammer will be down today.. (forgot to check it yesterday and can’t do it right now..sorry for that).

What does it mean? Well.. not much, but it raised the hope that the free character transfer away from Drakenwald will be enabled. This are actually good news for the remaining players left on Drakenwald.

The server is right now not a lot of’s “active” only between 20:00 and 22:00 ..and even then scenarios are not popping up well (99% just the 6 vs. 6 ones and even they just once a hour). In open RvR you hardly find anyone. This lack of competition not only leads to low renown gained per hour numbers, but also to a decline in quality of the fights. It’s just not fun and engaging to fight against a door or outnumbered opponents.

The folks of Drakenwald tried to push for a free server transfer for some time and now it will finally happen.. so everybody is happy?! Well.. some didn’t want to wait for 3 month and so payed the money for a paid transfer. The announcement that only transfers from Drakenwald to Karak Norn are available was not well responded, because some went to Badlands and their chars may now get divided on two servers.  I was stubborn and didn’t want to pay, so I get free transfers now to Norn, which is anyways my preferred destination.

What do I expect? At first more enemies..therefore more fighting going on. This is good as RvR needs fighting and lots of enemies… so do scenarios. So this will be nice!?

I do have some concerns though as I’ve heard that many rr100 premade groups are roaming on Norn, which is quiet bad, because right now there is still some heavy power gap between rr100 and below and I don’t want to get steamrolled all the time.  I would like to have a good mix of easy and really hard enemies… just variety and not always the same fights. I don’t need new maps or other content in a PvP game..just a variety of fighting and therefore different enemies with different tactics, etc..

Well.. I still have the hope that the RvR bolster in the next patch will level the playing field so that rr100 is an advantage, but not the real decisive factor in a fight. I am allowed to dream, right? ;)

Karic (


Posted March 15, 2012 by Karic in RvR, Scenario, WAR

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2 responses to “Can’t check it..but it’s intrueging nevertheless

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  2. Hi Karic – if you make it to Norn check me out. Cahill

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