MWO: First gameplay and more info..yeah I’m slow   Leave a comment

uh..I’m lagging behind the new stuff. Thanks to Bootae I saw this MWO-Gameplay Video.

It’s not only a first game play video, but also features some information from a dev.

First to the game play stuff.. Looks familiar, but has some nice new stuff (HUD and some movement stuff) going. Makes me really want to play the game ;) Especially the new HUD seems nice.. the weapons arrangement seems customizable enough and the light Mechs seem to be reaaaallly fast. I will stick to a heavy one though… 70t for ever ;)

Not much new information about the game from the dev if you follow the development on, but that’s ok in this early stage of a game. It seems to me that MWO is under the Radar of many gamers out there..even the Battletech/Mechwarrior fanatics and so the basic features have to be explained..

I’m looking forward to this game, because a) it’s Mechwarrior with some really nice new features b) the devs seem to understand the IP and c) the devs seem to understand what a (f2p) game needs (needs to be proven though) ..oh.. and d) it’s team based PvP with guild/corp action ;)

The only new info to me was that the open beta is starting in the summer no info on the actual release date, but at least I have an idea when I can get my hands on that game. ;)

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Posted March 14, 2012 by Karic in MWO

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