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This week I’ve been quiet ..quiet compared to the weeks before. I’m currently on vacation and therefore my writing frequency here dropped. It will even drop more as I’m without interwebz for the next week. ;)

On another note..the big announcement from Mythic that was planned for today is postponed and is planned for Gamesday in Cologne (17-21st Aug.).

Just as a small appetizer.. I’ve done a very short E-mail interview with a Mythic dev and will publish it after the announcement. This is my first interview done for this blog and I hope that you will like it..but as the announcement is postponed so is this interview. So stay tuned while I walk on the beaches of Rømø.

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Identity   8 comments

I am a little bit more active in the past 2 weeks than in the months before..and at the Bloggers Invasion and all the stuff afterwards I became aware again of an old problem of mine.

My identity. You know what people say. There are so much douchebags on the internet, because of anonymity, not fearing any consequences for their doing. I don’t think that I fall in that category ;)

There are others who chose a name and stick to it for most of their online activities..that’s more me. I picked the name Karic back in 1997, so I’m quiet used to be called by that name on many occasions. Some folks I met IRL only know be by that name. If I appear to be rude in any way on the webs it’s because I am that way..not because I hide behind that name. Honesty can sometimes be as bad as being a douchebag ;)

But that’s not the thing I wanted this post to be about. The problem is that this blog’s title is Zizlak’s Travel Diary…and I wrote most of the stuff signing it with Zizlak. This is because I wanted to play a shaman in the first place, but chose to play Order, because shortly before release of WAR it became more apparent that there will be more folk playing Destruction than Order. I didn’t want to join the bigger team then..and don’t want to do it now (that’s why my Destro toons on Drakenwald are..frozen).

It felt wrong to write something about Order and Runepriests signing it with the name I chose for my shaman (btw. you can greet him if you see me on Badlands ;) ). That’s the reason why I switched back to Karic.. the name I chose for my main character when I can play a dwarf. Now I’m sort of a split personality as in some comments I still sign as Zizlak (sometimes forced to) and some comments are made as Karic. This feels strange and I’m thinking about trying to switch some of the accounts to Karic and drop Zizlak . Having one identity again..not two.

Do you stick with one name for your (gaming) internet presence or do you switch around and have no fixed names? Is this name for you an identity or just a label?

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What I said..and forgot to say   4 comments

Gaarawarr posted a transcript of his visit at Mythic.. for sure it’s more than I can remember and actually understand because of the problems I had with Skype. It’s a good check it out.

Maybe you are interested in what I mentioned when I was being asked what was the best and worst thing Mythic has done in the past 6 months (actually 1.4.0 and after). If not..well..then you can skip the next paragraphs ;)

So..the best. Well..nothing too surprising. I’m with most of the other bloggers and say that the changes to RR-cap on lower levels and the adjustment to RR-requirements for lower gear is the best thing that Mythic has done. Imo it smoothed the progression from T1 up to T4 and you enter T4 with a..gear not being totally crap. You will be no hero, but it’s much smoother. I also mentioned that this changes bring problems to “veterans”, i.e. r40 players sitting on rr40-50 because the changes were brought after they hit T4.

What I forgot to mention were the bad things that these changes brought to T2 and T3. It’s trying to maximize rr by constant locking zones (without getting much exp), which sadly leads to scenarios never pop. The whole experience get’s …dumb. For a theorycrafter there’s a nice side effect. You can see that the lower armor sets are somewhat balanced. When you enter T3 with pretty crappy gear you still can be competitive. The increase in power is not that much like it’s in T4 with sov and above.. the game is less based on gear than on actual playing skills. This makes T2 and T3 more than once more entertaining than T4.

This leads me to the worst thing that Mythic has done past 1.4.0. Imho it’s actually the implementation of rr100 and all the stuff related to it ;); i.e. gear, effective ranks.

Again I should have been more wordy on that..but I think that James took my criticism as being to general and not..fixable and wanted quickly to move on ;)

So I’ll add some more explanation here. All that the RR100 stuff brought was more.. grind, selfishness, gear and power gap. It watered down the skill needed by the player behind the keyboard and emphasized numbers (stats, procs) which you as a player can’t influence anyways, because some of the stuff is always there or fires off automatically. This made most of the fights just a gear/rank/rr-comparision and that is imho a very bad thing for a PvP/RvR game.. RR/Gear should give advantages to you, but they should not be so big as to be the decisive ..well..only..factor determining the outcome of a fight.
But I’m starting to repeat myself.. so I’ll better end here ;)

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To all the blackguards out there   Leave a comment

Without further comment ;)

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Antiques..erm..relics..   Leave a comment

Blogger’s tend to write about the stuff they hear on the web..speculate on things…comment some stuff they see somewhere.. be wordy about a thing that they are interested in. As this is a WAR blog..I use to write therefore about WAR.

The “bad” part right now is..that I can’t write about too much of the stuff I’ve heard lately on the Blogger’s visit at Mythic HQ. That’s really mean..showing and telling us something and simultaneously forbidding us to write/talk about it ;) It’s like some part of the body itching all the time and you can’t scratch it.. Nevertheless I’m thankful for the invitation as it was interesting to see and hear this all.

It’s funny to see how the community (I’m focusing on and some comments in blogs; especially Werit and Bootae) reacts on the information we were allowed to talk about.

The biggest discussion arises on the reintroduction about fortresses.. Even though there are no details to talk about, the reactions cover a wide range from negative to positive. I can understand that some hoped that the fortresses may be a speed bump again.. but as the past showed, this didn’t work well. The speed at which zones lock..well..the frequency at which the city sieges happen is too high, but there has to be another speed bump than fortresses.

So instead there will be some sort of relic system.. I didn’t play DaoC, but the system is well known I think. Capture the relic ..bring it to your (in this case most likely you own fortress) and then the whole realm gets a bonus as long you have this relic captured. Of course as an attacker you will have to fight against opposition in many the fortress..on the way to your own one..and maybe even at your own. Sounds like a nice way to disperse the zerg a bit, as some may capture the relic(s) and some other maybe lock zones..If this will work like this on the live server *shrug* no idea. The biggest fear is of course that one side has so much manpower to a) zerg the normal campaign b) zerg the relic c) don’t have real opposition because of a) and b). How Mythic is going to avoid this, is to be seen..

I’m hoping that this system gives more variety to the ORvR campaign and not results only in a bolster to the anyways dominating realm. Especially on Drakenwald I can’t think atm of a time at the day when order is dominating over destruction on the grand scale..and not just on small scale combat. The change that this relics (I just don’t have a different name to them atm and I think that it’s a bad name as some will be biased as they know relics in DaoC and those in WAR might work in a totally different way (btw. do you think that I (by this I mean the author of this text (and not some video or ghost writer (who have the right of existence (which by philosophical meaning is..ermm I’m drifting away)))… ;)))) will bring to the RvR is interesting enough to try it.. at least that’s my opinion ;)

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NDA hits you for.. (0 mitigated)   11 comments

I was chosen to be one of the EU bloggers who were invited to a Skype session with Mythic..Bioware/ Bootae and Erdknuffel were the other two who participated. It was all in all a great fun and very interesting. Many  thanks to Kai for remembering that there is a EU crowd still playing this game!

On the hard fact side there is not much to add to that what Bootae already listed. The biggest deal for me were the plans I heard for re-introduction of the forts. It’s still on the design phase and I’m curious how this will turn out to be in the final state. On the positive side is that it won’t be necessary for the ORvR campaign. If I did get it right (Skype is terrible when it hiccups..takes ages to recover) they are also thinking on an AAO system for the ..relics (even though I’m not sure if they should really be called that way now). AAO and possible griefing have to be cared of..

Giving PvE some more meaning is great as the sole focus on the PvP in the RvR campaign makes this game to linear and I like options. Hopefully the tweaking doesn’t make PvE mandatory, but just give the game a new twist.

Love for the Magus and Engineer..Yes! ;)

I’m also ok with the premise that they want to (re-)use as much old stuff as possible.. there is so much really good stuff in the PvE zones which is totally unused..bringing that back to the table is definitely not a bad thing as most of the folks who play this game didn’t see this stuff in the first place anyways. So no ones is being hurt by recycling ;) Just bringing some PvE to the zones could also work.. as long as there is room for it. I’m looking at you Caledor! ;)

The reactions I saw at Bootaes blog and are the reactions that I did expect..but I will write about that stuff tommorrow. Just wanted to say now that it was nice to meet the people at Mythic and I got several interesting informations of some I am not allowed to talk at the moment..but you know me..I still can get wordy :D

Oh..another secret.. they have a good BBQ-Sauce there.. that’s the bad part. Werit and Co did get not! ;)

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What will it be?   1 comment

So… Today I will finish work earlier, because of the Skype session to which EA/Mythic invited me.

The schedule for the session seems simple. 30 mins presentation, 60 min Q&A, followed by another 30 min presentation.

But since I saw this for the first time I had to scratch my head, because I have no clue why there is another 30 mins presentation. It leaves the impression that there will be stuff announced which is too..well..either not worth of talking about it, nearly set in stone or where Mythic dev’s themselves aren’t sure how to handle it and fear tricky questions (lore-stuff just as an example ;) ..but in defense for the dev’s, I’m not the one to know large parts of the lore very well anyways, so I’m not the one to throw the first stone, just the second.). Sadly there is no Q&A for the second part, so hopefully the second presentation won’t leave a itch to ask stuff.

As I have no idea what this first presentation is all about, I have absolutely no questions prepared, just some general stuff I would always ask, where I don’t expect any meaningful answers anyways. I will have to be spontaneous and react to the first presentation.

To save the ears of the others in Skype I will mute my mic most of the time anyways, because my parrots will be sitting on my shoulders during the presentations and afaik Skype doesn’t have push-to-talk-functionality built in. ;)

Oh..last note.. I don’t think that Mythic will announce that WAR is going f2p..not sure why, but I just don’t think that they will do it in the near future. What they will announce instead? No idea..will see it in less than 4 hours ;)

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