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That time of the year again..   Leave a comment

It’s the time of the year where I’m surprised of having two weeks off. Vacation always sneaks up from behind and than I’m gone without internet before you could say “ugh…. is this elf ugly”. I was so silent because there is not much to write about in WAR and I had better things to do.. this for example ;)

So before I took a nap..or two..ok..more naps at the beach I forgot to mention some stuff and now quiet late right with it, but will post it nevertheless.

So here are just some links about MWO which I wanted to present you before my vacation..follow them or follow my example and take a nap. It’s your decision ;)

There was some clarification on Operation Inception..called Operation Clarification. It was made clear that also non North-America residents are allowed to participate in the Founder program, which has already started. The support and times when servers are active can only be guaranteed for NA only, not for the rest of the world. Check the founder link out if you are interested in MWO.

And there was one silly thing which afaik no f2p game has.. a controller from Razer for the game..

More info on this can be found at the Razer page. I’m still not believing this, but this controller is

This is the stuff I wanted to post before my the next post will be about the stuff from after the vacation and it won’t take two weeks to write. I promise!

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Is there any escape?   4 comments

No matter what you do.. the zerg is always there.

When Drakenwald was closed I went to Karak Norn, because I’ve heard that 6vs6 fights were often found there.. It took not long for me to find out that this is sadly not the case on that server. 12 seems like the minimum for groups in be fair this holds for both realms. So in the last weeks I’ve experienced some zerg stuff in the RvR lakes. Particularly Monday seemed to establish as the zerg day.

But this isn’t a post about the zerg on the server.. What I thought of is the fear of many folks out there to die in a RvR/PvP game. Damaz Kron statistics and renown grind is more important than a good fight. Which is also not the real starting point for this post..I’m writing in reverse order here ;)

All those stuff comes up, because I think that the patch 1.4.6 for WAR will change the balance in T4 a little bit. It will be nothing dramatic, but it will lessen the power gap between a fully equipped RR100 and someone entering T4. I can’t stress enough how much I like this as imo a gear/power gap is nothing that should decide the outcome of a fight in such a game. As I already mentioned in a previous post..I don’t think that it will dramatically shift power balance as the fully equipped RR100 premades are still stronger, but not by such a large margin. It will be just a bit more difficult to hide lack of skill now..

.. and that could be a problem. That statistics thing now kicks in.. people don’t want to die. It ruins the numbers.. If there would be not such a zerg-heavy gaming style in WAR I would therefore expect even more zerging when the balance gets better. The Zerg protects..the Zerg makes nice numbers.

What I’m beginning to ask myself is if there can be any game with a large community where the game is really good balanced, not zergy..not grind-orientated (renown, other purple numbers, etc..)… Is there a place in the MMO landscape where people seek a fight, because it’s a nice beating on each other and that is enough*? Can there be such a place? Is the current gaming community interested in something like this?

On the other hand..people play Diablo.. so much for the interest and fun in grinding… ;)

One last note. Though the patch for WAR doesn’t seem spectacular it’s (at least in theory) a good patch..even though I would have hoped that such bug/balance fixing would be made on a higher pace. Letting bugs be exploited for months and more was imo not good for the pop numbers…

Oh.. now the really last note..I promise. I have no clue how the city siege will  turn out to be, but as the zerg slows things down I didn’t experience a city siege in quiet a while and will not comment on the new mechanic other that I’m curious how it will be in the live game.

*As I mentioned once in voice chat.. “I don’t care about renown as long as some elves die”.


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