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There it is   3 comments

Patch 1.3.6 is going live now.. Full patch notes are as always found at the herald.

Well.. The patch has some good and some bad stuff..

Just what pops up in my mind..


Choppa lose their armor debuff and get a heal debuff instead. Funnily the heal-debuff will not do as much damage as the armor debuff ;)


Resistance reduction by their aura is getting..reduced.


Runepriest (and Zelot changes..whereas I agree that the harbinger/transference had to be changed). Overall this “buff” will nerf both careers in funneling them into a defined role without giving them anything as a benefit. No.. making Conquerer/Invader now useful when you are trying to heal is not good. It’s just bad itemization. At least as a Runepriest I think that career is heavily dependent on equipment and switching stances won’t make that bad equipment into something uber..It’s a improvement to being just crap instead of totally f**** crap ;)


Armor debuff for White Lions..  This will boost the damage from that career by a huuuuge amount. I’m waiting for the QQ-posts .. ;) This debuff is too much.

I’m taking some days off and go to Amrum. Some fresh sea air might help me with the allergy which is really bad this year..and maybe the bugs/problems after the patch are solved when I’m back.

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PTS Q&A 8/6/10.. just two points   1 comment

Thanks to Garrawarr for transcribing the PTS Q&A from friday.
The information is tiny, but there is something new.. First.. something that show me that Mythic has no clue of the actual role/gameplay of a Runepriest (and Zelot).

Q –  Do you have plans to address the possible issues with the new Zealot/Rune Priest mechanic and their ability to use CC with it?

Nate – It’s a concern, but right now we don’t think it’s really going to be as bad as a lot of the theory-crafting and panic about it makes it sound like it is.  When we tested it internally before it went to the PTS, it was actually pretty minimal and you do always have the option, because your flip-ability is off the Global Cool Down, to flip, use the CC and then flip back.  It certainly makes the Careers a little more involved to play, but that’s not really a bad thing.  If it does turn out to be too impactful to the point where the Careers can’t perform, then we do have some ideas as to how we might change that in the future.

The stagger has a 20s cooldown..the rune of binding has a 30s cooldown. This alone doesn’t fit at all, but what is making me grind my teeth is the second highlighted part.. More involved to play. ..yep.. having to press one more key to get the same utility is great.. erm..let me think about it. Actually that’s not good.

So some RP/Zelots will now have to configure NerfedButtons or their macros on the keyboard to make that stance-dance..(I’m not using any of those, so I don’t have to build new macros ..woohoo ;) ).

I’m now quiet  sure that noone from the Mythic team plays one of those careers on a live server. If they would, they would know that sometimes you have only minimal time for reacting to a threat. Having to switch a stance for surviving is making that utility just worthless, because you are then already dead. No matter if that rune is on gcd or not, just one more keystroke/click and you’re dead. It’s that simple..because all our defense tools can be cleansed. This just gets strengthened when you consider the lag/latency issues on live servers.

Another point is the role of a RP/Zelot on the battlefield.’s a healing career and at least many RP just play healbot, but.. there are some out there who heal and support the offense.  At least my silence and stagger are most of the time on cooldown.

This stance mechanic is confining the flexibility of RP/Zelot without giving something in exchange. That’s sad, because I actually like the career, but now..I’m not sure what to do.

Q – Why can the other Realm not see appearance changes?

Carrie – That was done intentionally so that people didn’t just use the system to appear in rags to everybody and hide.  There’s a good suggestion that was brought up in the forums which was to allow a person to say “I would like to see the enemy’s appearance state” but that’s probably something we won’t have for 1.3.6.

I want to end with something positive.. I feared that some folks might abuse that appearance system, but as it’s only visible to your realm I think it’s ok. No disguise and tricks there.

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Well..not now..   Leave a comment

The reactions to The next try were not really numerous..and as I’m away for the weekend (and it would a lot of work to patch the computer I could access) it’s best if the date for this weekend  is canceled..

Maybe more preparation/advertisement is needed, as I think that there is in general some interest for such a meeting.

I like the idea Blaq mentioned, that we could also beat up each other after the photo ;) Some 1vs1 or maybe 6vs6 action..

The first Blogger-Waaagh-Championship trophy ;)

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The next try   3 comments

I’m thinking about if we should make a further attempt on a Blogger group photo.

The last try was not..well organized by me and I’m thinking about improving (meeting in a voice chat, IRC-channel) this. The problem is that I’m quiet busy right now and I’m not sure if I organize it in a way that would bring more Bloggers to Warpstone.  I’m not sure if this can be done so spontaneously as I thought in the first place, but I would like to give it another try.

I think that the date on the weekend (most likely a saturday) is the best choice and that 0:oo (CET, i.e. gmt+1) is still a good time for EU and US players. Shall we make another attempt this saturday? *ponders*

I’m looking forward to ideas and suggestions ;)

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