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This are actually two things in one post.. This thread in the official forums is the main reason this time..

The post started about big renown numbers some Healers get in scenarios. The reason is simple.. They are a**holes. Why? Because they go out of group to get more renown and not try to be 100% effective, because this is a loss in renown. In a group you can get buffs, use group heal, etc.. So going out of the group you lose this abilities and though you might top the healing throw away a big part of you effectiveness because you are a selfish *****. There is no excuse for it. These guys make me angry..if you could not notice that by now ;) If someone is not fulfilling his role with 100%’s just frustrating and I think that I am losing some time when trying to fight against strong premade groups.

Second point..Some of those healers argue that they don’t get guard and therefore go out of group, because the tanks don’t support them. That’s also bs. The reason is simple. If you need guard as a healer..something is going wrong. The tanks should guard mdps or the bombs. Healers stay way back from the front and should work on their position so that the enemy doesn’t see/target them. Just don’t stay on the open field for too long or otherwise you will get killed and no guard will safe you from that.

Tanks and MDPS should push the frontline to the enemy, i.e. healers/ranged dps. Staying back there is most of the time a waste of time for tanks. Break the enemy lines and push the front to the healers.. That simple. Therefore I tend to curse in Mumble when I see that Order (especially MDPS and Tanks) in Nordenwatch don’t cross the bridge to the fortress, because there are enemies waiting on the other side.  ;)

Just for videos ;)


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Things this patch will not change for me   4 comments

There is one thing that this patch 1.3.5 will not change for me..

City sieges will not feel epic and I am still not interested in it. This comes from the frequency of city sieges. After the removal of the fortresses the frequency is way to high. This will afaik not change with the patch as it changes the way the siege works, but not the way the locking of the campaign does.

So.. what is the problem with zone locking. It’s too fast and therefore you have constantly city sieges.. which kills the epic character a city siege should have. It’s more an inconvenience than an epic struggle to defend your home. By the time the city is reached most of the time you are anyways depressed/frustrated because you are run over and over by the enemy zerg. The other problem is.. If there is no resistance, zone locking is utterly boring. You stand there and hope for some red names to show up, so that you get some vp for killing them.

I understand that it’s really tricky to design such a campaign, but there should be something changed on the way the campaign works.

So..what could be done? I’m not sure.. but the list will  include several things that are wanted for some time, e.g. a different RvR lake design. It’s not a lake.. it more like a garden pond..or tube.

The RvR areas should be made bigger. With the increase of the lake size the objectives should be spread out more, too. So a zerg has to divide up and it’s not so easy for a single zerg to just steamroll every opposition. This should increase the possibility to at least try to defend the zone with a small task force.

What the campaign really needs are dynamic speed bumps.. like the fortresses were. Without opposition the fortress lord was a more or less easy kill, but when defenders showed up it was a tough fight. With the loss of that speed bump the campaign got really boring and it’s just a waiting for the zone lock or logging off because of the city fights.

Just to be clear.. I don’t like both city fights and because of the speed of the campaign and the resulting frequency of the city fights the new system will get old really fast. I’m not even that much interested in it, because the current frequency of city sieges just killed the wanting to fight for a city. It’s irrelevant which city is being’s just not any more interesting when you see several fights a day.

It’s kinda sad that I can’t get excited about the new city sieges..but the whole campaign just doesn’t feel in any way special, epic..what ever you want to call it.. It’s more or less farming stuff (tokens) or standing around. I don’t think that the new siege system can change this not-wanting to fight for the city.

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Off-Topic: MW4   1 comment

MechCommander2 is free downloadable.. you can even get the source code for it from Microscoft.. and last summer the guys from MekTek announced that there will be a free release for MechWarrior 4 and it’s addons.

After some wait it now seems that the time is near for some PPC-Mayhem ;)

So if you like Battletech and/or Mechwarrior..check MekTek. I think I will play some Mechwarrior with this free release. It’s just a great IP ..and I enjoyed the Tabletop game a lot.

Though I am not sure how fast I will throw Mechwarrior away with those leg-shooting sessions..You know what I mean ;)

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The patch notes for 1.3.5 are online..and they look good.

At least in theory this patch may make this game better.

What stood out  for me (besides the city siege changes) are the changes to the Engineer. I didn’t follow it that much, but it seems that Mythic tries to make Tinkerer again an option to play. No more int-based stuff for Engineers (and strength).. I’m wondering how many Engineers will now spec for electro-magnet. I haven’t played my Engineer in the last couple of weeks, because I wanted to gain some renown ranks with the Runepriest and because the Engineer feels somewhat worthless on the battlefield. All the utility stuff he can bring to the group can be ignored by the enemy and the damage is negligible. I don’t mention the stuff that doesn’t work anyways.. Ever  set a land mine and see no effect? *grumbles*

The changes to Runepriests look good. Grungnis Gift healing for more and costing less ap will make me a more mobile healer. Did anyone notice that most of the changes went to the damage spells? Maybe it’s again time to test a damage-spec with 1.3.5 ;)

Last thing that I liked. AP-drain from Marauders has been looked at.  It’s an over-time effect and will not refresh itself. So it’s still annoying for the victim and an option for Marauders, but not too strong… By the way, never ever try to tell me that Marauders are too weak. If you really think that they don’t do enough damage..then you haven’t seen good Marauders.

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100% +/- some margin of error   1 comment

City siege changes are posted in the US-Forums. You can also check the write-ups of the trip to Mythic HQ by Shadow-War, Mykiel and Werit.

I don’t want to comment too much on them, because I definitely need more coffee today, but some stuff has to be mentioned.

The overall siege looks now more unique and special. No capture the flag, domination-stuff or something you know from scenarios. This is good. You could argue if defending/killing some NPC is 100% RvR Driven.. but with the math I know, I give them 97%+standard this is 100% more or less. In the write-up Mykiel posted the Mythic staff agrees to that.

The only change that will result in a really great uproar is the single-queuing. So no premade warbands now in the city. I don’t run that often into city sieges, but having a correctly setup warband (especially when you get penalized for leaving the instance) is just too important. With single queuing, I hope that there is some cpu-time reserved for putting together some pug-warbands with the right mix of tank, dps and healing. Everyone knows how terrible things get in a scenario, where your setup is screwed, because of too many single-queueing.

One thing I’m really interested to see is the Champion system at the end of the siege. Sounds like fun.

I’m just afraid of the bug-champions..  Reading the write-up of Mykiel, it seems that the city siege content needs much more polish and Mythic already postponed some of the polishing  to patch 1.3.6. Even though this are just cosmetic things they is imo not a good sign.

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Werit posted some of the questions to the Combats&Careers-team he asked on his trip to the Mythic HQ.

One thing stood out to me..

Q: What are your feelings on the current Time to Kill (TTK)?

A: The developers feel that it is too quick at this time.

This is my impression too. The TTK is way too fast. I don’t even talk about assist-trains or something like that, but a good equipped melee-dps in T4 can kill in less than 3s. Some fights are just ridiculous fast.

Yes, you could farm pocket items and get some absorb shields and live longer, but overall the timing of the fights is just not right. (I would say that Mythic has atm some other ..timing-issues *waves at the billing-dept.*, but as I don’t want to comment on this and as they most likely know what terrible mistake they did, I will not say anything ;) )

Though I have to admit that it’s really hard to balance 1vs1, small groups and zerg fights in terms of duration.

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\caption[Molare Suszeptibilität und Inverse Suszeptibilität von EuFe$_2$As$_2$]{Molare Suszeptibilität und Inverse Suszeptibilität von EuFe$_2$As$_2$. Das Inset zeigt 1/$\chi$ als Funktion der Temperatur, nachdem ein Curie-Weiss-Anteil abgezogen wurde. Der Knick zeigt das Öffnen des Spin-Dichte-Wellen Gaps bei 193 K. Die Geraden dienen als Hilfslinien, um den Knick zu verdeutlichen.}%

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Gobbos are sick!   2 comments

It’s been a busy week and so the activity here is rather..low.

I just wanted to show what those people who only roam through RvR-lakes and scenarios or level their toons in the Land of the Dead what they miss by leaving out the “normal” PvE Quest-Chains.

Gobbos who disguise themselves by wearing fake-beards. It’s strange, but I laughed really heard when I did that quest. It’s a really nice scripted event to a quest in T2 Greenskin area.

It’s just one point to show that the world in WAR is more detailed than most of the RvR-centric folks see, but often they are overseen because you are busy at killing Elves (hopefully). There are many more examples and I often stumble over them when I play an alt. It’s sad that it’s quiet unlikely that you happen to see them often while leveling up.

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