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I couldn’t believe they really existed..   Leave a comment

I tried out a Slayer this week (yes..I’m one of those who don’t complete live events..I just can’t do it.. ;))..and finally I discovered a Plunger of the World.

It’s now my 7th dwarf and it’s the first time I stumbled over it.. I better check out the rest of Ekrund or at least play with more open eyes for those things. ;)

Side Note: I will be silent for the next week as I’m at a conference and I don’t think that I will be able to play WAR or blog there. Twitter is no option as I not really like the idea behind it.. It makes congressmen twitter instead of listen to important stuff.

So Hopefully my feed-reader won’t explode when I return and we will see us in a week ;)


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Mohawk Rock   Leave a comment

Just stumbled upon it on my rare visits on the Mythic Warhammer Online page.

Kiss my axe (while I drink my beer), a song for and about Slayers can be found here

Music by Eric Bloom, Richie Castellano, Brad Derrick and Josh Drescher.

Lyrics by Paul Barnett.

I just wonder what Josh played..

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Rez Plz .. aka. .did you know that?   1 comment

This is again a short one ..Busy work week, but I hope that it helps.

This one might be interesting for healers. Everyone had this situation.. A Rez-request from someone outside of the warband or group and you have no idea where to go, because most of the time people forget, that they are not the center of the universe (though the cam-perspective in an MMO suggests that ;) ) and forget to mention where they lie.

My easy way to do this is not to ask them in chat, but to use the /target command. If you know the name of the to-be-rezzed target, e.g. Fluffy, you just type /target fluffy and the target marker under your feet shows the direction where you have to go and if you already have a valid line of sight you can directly start to rez.

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Short and irrelevant   Leave a comment

This one’s just short.. It’s about the open group UI changes.

I really like the new interface, though it seems not fully accepted and bug-free at the moment. I can’t really find groups if I search for them worldwide, i.e. I see a group in the local region as being open and doing some RvR and as soon I search for all open groups doing RvR in that tier no group can be found. Search routines I love them in WAR. Now I have two search options (open groups and auction house) and both work not really smooth.

What I really like about the new open group UI is the fact that you see when there are some special people in that group, i.e. friends, guild-mates, alliance members or someone from the ignore list. The latter is especially important for me.

One thing that bothers me with the ignore-feature.. If I accidentally happen to be in the same group or scenario as someone from my ignore-list, I can see what they are writing/saying in warband-chat. So no total ignore makes a sad gobbo/dwarf.

The last irrelevant note:
This is post no. 111 .. ;)

I wanted to see what I reach faster.. 111 posts or 100 comments. The comments lost with 111:92 .. Close race.

I want to thank everyone who sacrifices his/hers precious time and reads  my babbling here;)

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Did you know that? (Week11)   Leave a comment

Another round for Did you know that?.

This time it’s about two scenarios…which have something in common.

Khaine’s Embrace: I like this scenario and patch 1.2 brought a nasty change to it. Did you ever wonder who the enemy could lock down the flags so fast? It was easy, because the walls near the flags blocked Khaine’s blast-wave. So as soon as it was announced you hide behind the wall and were in a second after the blast at the flag. This changed as with patch 1.2 the walls now no longer block it.. So you better hurry to get to a safe distance before everything blows up.

Twisting Tower: This one is about feature I have seen just once. In general the scenario goes as this: Destruction zergs from downwards up..and order from the top to bottom and now and then some side locks both flags. After a few seconds things start again…repeat until scenario finished. Actually, the scenario has something up in it’s sleeve ;) When both flags are locked..go to the top of the scenario. You will notice that there the blue light is clickable. Click it and bring doom to all inhabitants of the tower! ;)


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Two WAR hightlights for me in week 10   Leave a comment

They have nothing to do with the Live event.

I’ve already posted that I’m not the fan of much zerg stuff in T4 and I’m not alone.

One day we formed a small group of four last week and did some ORvR. As there were both order and destruction zergs running through Kadrin valley we decided to do something silly and take a keep in the elf pairing. The group consisted of one Ironbreaker, one Engineer and two Rune Priests and we had fun at the keep. We waited for a destruction warband to fall into our backs, but only two defenders showed up. 4vs2 .. rarely seen in keep fights in T4 if you ask me ;) Well actually it got 5vs2 after we opened the first gate, because a Bright Wizard was sent to check who’s fighting there. The Zerg wants to know everything…better said.. the Brain-Bug of the Zerglings…

We took the keep and it all went really smooth. I even got a set-item I needed, though I can’t wear it atm…

Second nice ORvR action was when we put together a dwarven only warband.. No Isha or Sigmar babbling.. Just Ale and killing elves! The warband consisted of three groups and we did the diversion attacks on BO’s and such. It’s fun if you are able to get the attention of the enemies zerg.

The only problem were performance/lag issues. After patch 1.2 the framerate in RvR is lousy. Speaking of problems.. At the weekend I was not in the mood for ORvR because the Dwarf-Greenskin pairing is buggy. Keep and BO Lords aren’t attackable and this lead to Destruction “dominating” and contesting the Fortress. The Fortress is now for 2 days under attack and still no end in sight.

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GOA announced new server transfer options and I’m glad they did.

For my chars this meant that I can play two chars which I already abandoned, but now could be moved to the two servers I am playing on.

What is more important, hopefully this will lead to more population on Huss. The new thing on this server transfer is, that chars for transfer are not restricted based on the ruleset of the server they are currently on. Something I wanted for some time now. So people from an ORvR-(RP) and normal server can join Huss, which is now the only RP-Core server out there for German speakers.

For some reason people believe that RP and RvR don’t fit and this leads to a population problem on Huss. Currently there is approx. zero action in ORvR at T1-T3 on Huss and this is because destruction can’t put some forces together. Everytime they set a foot in a RvR-lake rvr-hungry order players put easily a warband together. In the past weeks this went so far that the order warband stood there and had nothing to do. All keeps were taken, BO’s and zones too.. and all enemies slain.

I hope that this server transfers revive the ORvR action on Huss otherwise I think that the server will slowly die, because players leave for more populated servers to get the action.. or even quit the game.

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