Why I started this blog..

Actually this is just copy and pasted from the old “About me”-page which I did at the beginning of this blog. I just kept it, so everyone can see why I started the blog back in August 08.:

Right now i’m waiting for Warhammer online. My plans for that game:

– Have fun! ;)

As I’m one of those “casual hardcore” players i want to experience the game in many ways: exploring the terrain, PvE (Quests and such), RvR and a wild mixture of them. Just scenarios are a turn-off for me. I always feel like playing a FPS when it gets to scenarios and this i don’t like. If i want to play FPS I’ll play it. I’m more of a RP’er. Some of the time i might just kill time by playing the role some.

– Chars i plan:

I’m not totally undecided..but there is a tradition i’m not sure if i want to break it.
As there are elves on both sides i cannot evade them..*curse* ;) I always played dwarves (most of the time as a healer or a warrior sort of thing), so a dwarven Runepriest would be an option, with an Ironbreaker as alt. On the other hand, as the title of this blog implies, i tend to go for Greenskins this time and play a Goblin shaman. No doomdivers to play *curse again* ;) Shamans will have a similar survivebility out there i think ;) Blackorc would be the alt then.. or a Chaos Magus. This is stuff i’ll sort out during the Open Beta. I will test dwarves and look how they feel. As i am not in a guild right now i’m flexible with testing Order and Destruction.


Posted October 22, 2008 by Karic

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