What’s this blog all about

So is there need for yet another Blog about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning ?

I think yes! Quiet obvious that answer. ;)

So let me explain to you why i think that is.

In the last couple of weeks I read many things in forums and blog about Warhammer Online which made me think about certain things. There were always some things bothering me and i had the feeling that a forum post isn’t the right form to present my thoughts. So i thought that it might be a good idea to present my thoughts in a blog as I (of course) want some feedback to it.

What can you expect from a doomdiver?

As being high over the battlefield..hopefully.. I will try to cover a wide range of aspects of the game. As my interest is focused around greenskins and dwarves they may get more attention than other races. I just write what pops up in my mind. As i am no native English speaker my formulations may be sloppy for which i already apologize.  I may not be objective as this is a blog and there is no claim of objective journalism. If you don’t share my opinion you are invited to post it in the comments section. You are also invited to post there if you share my opinion! ;) In any case i ask you to be polite and constructive in response.

This is the text I wrote at the start of this blog back in 2008. Much has happened since then and this blog evolved and includes now different games which pop up to my attention. Nevertheless the focus is on Warhammer Online.


Posted August 6, 2008 by Karic

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