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Click..again?   5 comments

I know..I was a bit silent this week. Hay fever is currently ruining my nights, so I’m too busy in getting at day to get my work done on my PhD thesis and have no time for writing other stuff here.

It’s a little late, but there were no additional replies on my proposed date for making the group photo of the WAR-Bloggers, which means that we will be not really many Bloggers (6 was the last count) for this picture, but it’s a start ;) Maybe we can arrange another meeting with more Bloggers participating.

So Saturday I will be on Warpstone at 0:00 (central european time). This should be GMT+1 and 18:00 US East coast time (GMT-6). I will wait in the Chaoswastes at the south-west BO, which is the statue if I remember right. This should be easily reachable by anyone.

If we want a friendlier environment we could also move to Eataine, maybe between the middle BO and east-keep. This can be decided when we took the first picture and see how many Bloggers we have.

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You never get a second chance..   Leave a comment

to make a first impression.
I just checked out the new WAR forums at the Bioware social network. First impression..horrible. I don’t like the layout, fonts, etc.. Maybe I just have to get used to it, but as I said … this is just a first impression ;)

Maybe I’m just a bit angry because the whole login/registration process got screwed up, because I had an old Bioware account which I forgot, because it’s 5 years old..

It can only get better now I think that at least this registration/login problems are sorted out..and I hope that I will start to get along with that layout-stuff in the near future ;)

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The resonance on my suggestion for a group photo was small, but positive..

I thought about the possibilities to make such a photo. At the beginning I had a regular server in mind for such a photo, but this would mean that some bloggers couldn’t attend with their main chars. This is somehow sub-optimal.. ;)

A better server for such a photo would be Warpstone as every Blogger could transfer/copy to it. It’s now open for patch 1.3.6 and so everyone should be able to log onto it.

Edit: Arrgh.. I just saw that there are no character copies available, just templates… *grumbles*

There is just this date-problem.. It has to be a weekend so that this event doesn’t interfere too much with RL. This weekend would be too soon, but what about the weekend after this one. On a Saturday maybe..

The general time I would aim for would be around 18:00 Eastern Time (US, i.e. UTC -6), which should be 0:00 CET (i.e. UTC+1). So the EU-Bloggers won’t have to stay awake too long and the US-ones won’t have to set an alarm clock ;).

Up to now I have received answers by 6 Bloggers (including those comments here)..It’s not much so I ask you to make some advertisement on your Blogs, so that we get more Bloggers for that picture.


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Da patch 1.3.6   3 comments

Patch notes for 1.3.6 are out.. I won’t comment to much on them, but two things stood out to me.

Mod Support
* The “/assist” command is no longer accessible by 3rd Party Add-ons.
I hope that this will give healers a chance to react to assist-trains and will lessen the 1s-kills. I like it that automated stuff like auto-assist are getting some attention.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed various tooltip issues.
That’s all.. no buff/nerf.. Strange as I think that Sorcerer and Bright Wizards still deal too much damage. Bright Wizards aren’t even mentioned. Maybe the balancing is getting done by increasing the damage-output from every other rdps-career, but I’m not sure if more damage is that what this game needs. Well.. let’s see..
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Just a saying?   Leave a comment

I’ve read the Herald and was a bit surprised when I saw this.

BioWare Mythic would like to thank our European community for their continued support during this transition and look forward to many more years with you all on the battlefield!

Maybe it’s just a set phrase, but that “many more years” stood out to me. Is it an indicator that the game is running well? Maybe..maybe not. Is it an indicator that the game is getting shut down in a year or so? Maybe..maybe not…. it’s just a phrase, but for some reason I like to interpret it in the form, that the game is still making some profit and there is no intention to letting it bleed out aka running in maintenance mode or a shutdown.

With a gaming running many more year Bootae might get his eagerly wanted expansion ;)

Oh boy.. looks like I am starting to get an optimist..bah. *grumbles and gets some coffee*

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Fireworks and Keeps   6 comments

I’m used to that US-games tend to only celebrate US holidays..but Mythic surprised me now.

Today on the 14th of July Mythic.. and WAR celebrate the French national holiday (Bastille Day). I have no idea if only fireworks now drop more often or if anything really happens, but to mention that day is surprising enough for me. ;)

*thumbs up for Mythic*

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Group Photo   4 comments

As the EU Players can access the US servers. and I think it works the other way around..I was wondering if we could try to take a WAAAAGH Group Photo from all WAR Bloggers.

As you might know me I see some difficulties like different times zones, main characters spread over all the servers, etc.. but it might be possible if we gather enough Bloggers.

Is there anyone remotely interested in?

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