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Let it explode.   2 comments

I’m just wondering if anyone has actually seen the new mounts which come with the “RvR”  Personality pack.

My greatest fear atm. is that Mythic adds some more horses. I’m a true believer that no dwarf should sit on a horse. It looks quiet ridiculous when you see some dwarf on a horse  the art department rolled a critical error in that case ;) ).

Dwarfs needs something that is fueled by some exploding or burning stuff.. not carrots! I’m not sure where, but I think that I’ve seen dark elf mounts somewhere associated to the personality pack. Hopefully the dwarves get their copter or something similar. Otherwise I have to die more often in RvR, because I refuse to buy a horse for my dwarves.. Those 5-10% speed increase would be nice, but no horses for me ;)






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It’s an addiction   1 comment

You, who read my ramblings here know how often I like to rant and grumble about WAR, but at the end of the day..I like this game very much. I’m often frustrated because of technical difficulties, people in the game behaving quiet stupid ..or design stuff where I think Mythic is going the wrong way, but the beating of elves is just fun ;)

In the last couple of weeks I changed my gaming habit in WAR and this improved my fun playing it… Up until last week though I was on the verge to quitting it when 1.4 goes online, but now I’ve changed my mind.

For some reason our guild has an October low. Like last year, October was very low on activity and with the quitting of some members I don’t see much future in the guild as the few remainders now have found new groups to kill some destruction. Well ..most of the time we are anyways only three members online (and one elf). This doesn’t enable us to do any guild only stuff, so it’s quiet reasonable to search for others groups. I’ve roamed solo through RvR lakes, joined warbands and groups and found a good way for me to have some fun . This is one of the most important factors to stay in the game.

Second point is the pricing of the RvR packs.. 15$ for both seems like a fair deal. Not much to add to this..

Third point.. Skaven..and the lore wise explanation of the them still sucks, but I will try to ignore this whole stuff. Maybe I will visit the dungeon, but I have not the least amount of desire to play as a Skaven when playing on the side of Order.

One last thing.. The changed ORvR mechanic seems like a good way of giving options to warbands and smaller groups. It’s just a matter of coordination..which is something where Order will suck on Drakenwald, but at least it’s worth a try ;)

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