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Talking about fotm   1 comment

No big comment..just look at the career distribution and think for yourself. Maybe I’ll add my comment on this..but right now I think that the screenshots tell enough..

Please note: I’m aware that there are several characters appearing twice and this has no real value in terms of population.. but I just had to laugh at this distribution of careers..


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Spelling lesson   1 comment

Betrayal is spelled:


– Saying in the camps found near Karak Karag, original source unknown.

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Convinced? No.   Leave a comment

Another dev diary..this one’s about the new scenario structure.

I’m still not convinced that this change will do the game any good. Not even to a small amount. This dev diary is not even trying to sound in any way enthusiastic.. it’s more or less a “we are trying our best..don’t punch us *searches for cover*” dev diary.

Less scenarios.. still no scenarios during contested state of a city siege. Most of the remaining scenarios are zerg-able and require no great tactics or strategy  some of the folks on Drakenwald are lacking the understanding of strategy anyways). I’m also disappointed about the weekend warfront.

This is more a personal than a general complaint..I am not always playing on weekends. Most of the time I don’t play on weekends because I have better things to do. So the possibility that I will see another scenario than the standard ones is quiet small.. and I’m getting even more punished because these weekend warfronts offer some rewards.

Besides that.. it just feels wrong, because those weekend warfronts are decoupled from the campaign, but I start to repeat myself..

I’ll have to adopt to the changes if I continue to play WAR… if I like them or not.

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The next patch..   Leave a comment

It’s something that came into my attention months ago..It’s the “the next patch will save the game”-attitude from Mythic and the folks who play WAR.

Now with patch 1.3.4 coming near the discussion and reasoning on things that are wrong already goes to patch 1.3.5 and what it will fix. It’s about urgently needed fixes or career changes that aren’t implemented in 1.3.4, e.g. changes for weapon dps to contribute to healing etc..

I’m just wondering for how long you can wait on that patch, that pokes the game in the right direction. Mythic has changed many things in the right way, but there are some really horrible decisions among the wrong ones. Those announcements of patches that are weeks/month away is just irritating.

On the other hand.. people like to complain about stuff (I’m not different there ;))..and they adopt to the changes. If the changes are the right ones is still debatable..e.g. fortress changes.. scenario-restructuring.. but people learn to live with them… or quit playing the game.

So lets see what the future..and the next patch that saves the world..brings.

Zizlak (

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There are so many things..   Leave a comment

that need to be fixed in WAR. The scenario structure would have not been on the top of the list least for me.

One thing I’d liked to be ..polished, fixed or somewhat changed is the purging mechanism in the tomb of the vulture lord.

The basic idea behind that concept is imo quiet fun. You can enter an instance and surprise the enemy when they want to do some PvE…or get surprised/infiltrated.

But no idea survives contact with the player..until you force them to do it like you want it to be done. That is the case for infiltration/purging in the tovl. 9/10 purges are not done (mildly guessed, perceived percentage lies around 99.9%). No contact with an enemy.

So what happens? If you are lucky, it’s just one enemy who wants to distract you from the PvE and leaves the instance right away. Lately some destruction players evolved this to mkII and enter as a group (or at least some players), but have no intention of purging the instance. They seem to just kill the quest-NPC who offers the port to the latter bosses and allows some nice progression through the instance.. and this NPC just doesn’t respawn.

This can be easily solved by allowing the NPC to respawn after the quest to survive the purge is finished. No need to be punished longer than necessary for this kind of behavior from the enemy realm. It’s enough punishment if you wait for purging to happen/to end and there is no enemy actually attacking you. You have no way of defending that NPC and that’s just annoying.

Funny thing to note.. you get punished further more .. when you realize that you are not purged and you don’t care about the purple bags from that PQ and you then die, you get ported to the start of the instance like any other death in that instance, but when the PQ-timer finishes you will be ported to Altdorf. No matter if there were enemies or not.

So the enemy has not really much to do to make the live hard for you.. That’s total b****.. If they purge..they have to fight or at least should not be able to annoy in such an easy way.


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So you think that I’m just easy renown?   Leave a comment

Healers tend to be the first target any group choses to kill  and so healers are used to sort of tank in rvr..they are the prey and normally don’t want any attention from the enemy. It’s always stressful if you happen to have some sort of enemy targeting you..

Last week I started to try out an offense oriented spec.. I still have only mediocre equipment as I only have invader and some lotd stuff, resulting in only 840 int buffed. I know that scenarios offer no good measure for a spec, but here are two examples which reflect my overall scenario performance ..

You see, damage is ok, sometimes I even deal more damage than Bright Wizards. I even do some healing, most of the time though this is done by Rune of Fate and Protection of the Ancestors. Very rarely I throw out some real healing.

What I like about this spec.. You are really powerful in 1vs1 fights. I can fight almost every other career. The ap-drain is good in the 1vs1 and against smaller (bombing) groups. A bombing-sorc or Choppa is not bombing any more ;) The combination of snare, ap-drain works out well… Kiting can be really fun and if the enemy gets to with snare.

So my prefered gaming style with fighting in small groups fits to this spec. There this spec shines.

It’s getting less useful in large-scale fights, because the dots are easily healed and Runepriests have no burst-damage. Most of the spells deal damage in the range of 700-1000 ..some of them even have a cast-time. Nothing to be afraid of. Yet I think that this spec has it’s right to exist as you have still a nice utility factor, because you can support the healers with rez-ing or throwing out some instant-heals. So overall the group deals more damage and remains somewhat stable.

Returning to the start of this post.. As a healer I don’t want any attention from the enemy. When there is someone attacking me I don’t die as I can defend myself, but the healing is getting more stressful as it already is.

As a damage dealer I don’t really care if there is someone hitting me, as long as it remains at being only one or two enemies. If it’s just a few of them I just kite and kill. ;)

Which reminds me that  I need a keybinding for  “Come get some!” .. as I had back then playing Duke Nukem.;)

Zizlak (

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The difference between listening and understanding…   4 comments

The revised scenario changes which come with patch 1.3.4 are posted and discussed already..but I wanted to add my point of view, even if it’s late.

I’m a bit puzzled because the changes now got positive response in the forums.. It seems like the biggest concerns was the list of the scenarios, not the new structure. Actually, the first list of scenarios was horrible and the new one is better.. but for how long? If this is the sort of return to the whiteboard..than they must have returned there during a coffee break. Just to change the list of scenarios is no big progression in terms of gaming fun and strategy in enhancing that said fun.

The biggest problems remains. 6 scenarios during the week are just to few to play them over and over..and over..and over again..Adding the weekend warfront will not help much. Re-introducing old content as a weekend event is fun, if it doesn’t happen to often and you have to fight rumors about maintenance mode like WAR is doing. On a personal note.. I won’t see some scenarios, because I do other stuff on weekends than play WAR, but that is irrelevant. ;) I don’t get Andy’s reasoning why 6 scenarios make them pop up faster, but hey.. I’m don’t have to understand everything.

One big problem remains.. This scenarios don’t require much of a team-effort (other than bombing) or tactics..mindless warcamp camping.. doesn’t sound too interesting to me. Sure.. the scenarios will be played a lot..but people would stand still for 2h if you give them shiny new powerful things for it.

It’s imho a big failure to decouple the list of scenarios from the campaign. Either do it like it’s now or decouple them completely. This half-hearted “they are available all the time..woohoo” is just a bad decision, because it kills variety of the scenarios that pop up. I liked it that when e.g. I was playing Battle for Praag I contributed to the campaign in Praag..and not Thunder Valley.

The problem with decoupling scenarios is that.. it converts RvR again to PvP.. Realm pride has never made it really to WAR.. and it’s getting further watered down. Maybe I’m too idealistic there, but playing in a dwarf-only guild just requires some sort of realm pride ,)

I don’t want Arenas..I don’t want eSports.. I want RvR. Scenarios were a nice addition for diversion if you did some quests when leveling up..but lately they are just mindless bombing and the side with more pugs loses.

What I really would like to hear would be a mentioning of improving the queuing mechanism, because I just hate it when one side starts with e.g. 8 members and the others have in the worst case 2 premade groups there.. (thanks to the QQ-addon dev *eyeroll*) This scenarios are just not fun, no matter if you are on the winning or losing side. Of course you can’t force anyone to join the scenarios if the message pops up for him, but it remains frustrating if you are in that underpopulated scenario.

What I would hoped for hearing is that they enable to split the queues for solo/pugs and premade. As you may have noticed ..I want fights..I want hard fights where I have to do something to win, not just spam one button or stand around. So some 6vs6 maps where you queue with only full groups or separate queues for premades and pugs would be fun. And I don’t want any possibility for coordinating queues, if you fight as a face only pugs. Maybe reward premade scenarios with more renown/token than pugs..I don’t care, but if fightings pugs wouldn’t be rewarded for premades that would be fine.. but that would not be Warhammer. Lately my impression got more proof that it’s better rewarded to fight if the odds are anyways for you, e.g. fight pugs, zerg one zone, etc..than to actually do something for your renown. This I will discuss in a future post .. so stay tuned ;)


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