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About a dwarf and his oath   2 comments

Before I continue with my series “What WoH can not deliver compared to WAR (or a proper MMO)”.. I write about a thing that’s affecting me currently in WAR.

In September (shortly after the WoH announcement) our guild suffered from a drop in membership. At first people just didn’t log in (as frequently as before) and then some subs ran out and weren’t renewed. This was emphasized because of the queasiness the stat-buffing pets caused.

This led to the guild being ..well..dead. We are currently only three active members, of whom two are only active at prime time ..and one of us two is in a premade from a different guild (which I can’t blame him for). So I’m more or less just soloing (and alting on Drakenwald or Badlands) or getting some invites from some friends to join their groups. As I’m just a fill-in I can’t rely on getting invites and so it happens quiet often that I’m running around solo for my whole gaming-session.  And believe me … Drakenwald is not a server you would like to solo. Maybe WH’s and WE’s are an exception here ;)

After some weeks now I came to the decision that I have to change something. I will change the guild (at least with my main char) in the next days. This is something that I’m not doing often.

I know of several people who change quiet frequently the guild, because of several (valid) reasons. I was never that kind of person and I’m not even sure why. If I choose a guild then I stick with it for as long as it’s possible..If I remember correctly this is in 13 years of online gaming just the second time that I leave a guild..and both times it was because of the guild being dead and not because the game shut down.

Sometimes I think that IRL I’m more dwarf than my appearance might suggest.. I can grumble a lot, I’m often dealing with several sorts of noble metals.. and beer…I have a beard.. and if i join a guild I stay with it, no matter what it costs (ok ..that is not real life, but you know what I mean ;) ). But even though the guild is dead now I have some unpleasant feeling when I will leave the guild. Some sort of bad conscience even though there is no reason for it. We stay in contact through our guild forum and the folks even wondered why I’m still in the guild.

This is strange and there is no real explanation for’s just my personality. Maybe I will understand it better in the next couple of maybe there is a follow-up post on this topic.

Do you stick always to the same guild for as long as possible or are you switching more easily?

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I had reasons for the silence   1 comment

Yes yes..I promised that I’ll be more active and I honestly meant it that way, but I couldn’t know back then that I will get ill shortly after posting.. So there were two weeks in bed with just short bursts of WAR time for me. Most of the time I just played a bit on Badlands (with nore more focus on Drakenwald again) and enjoyed kiting with a Shaman. Ridiculous powerful in lower tiers ;)

Now..after catching up at work..I have a little bit more time to write again and there are some things I want to write about.. even though Mythic is silent as a studio can be. If there weren’t bloggers writing about it you could not even tell if there was something like Mythic even existent. ;)

This post is just a short.. I’m really back now.. and to give you something to giggle..and the members of the “No Elves Club” to is the bestest screenshot you can take in WAR


Well.. the gobbo is of course cool .. that’s my shaman btw, but the cloud around the elves head should be a standard feature in this game! ;)

It was never better to be grouped with elves .. and it will never be as good again.

At the course of my alt-ing I made some least in my opinion.. nice screenshots. Maybe I will make them into a mini-series called Karic’s picture book of WAR. That’s it for today..more to follow. I promise ;)

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