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WAR is not moving fast there is not much to talk about it, but life is moving fast I neglect this blog a bit even though I have some ideas for stuff to write about…

As Diablo3 has sucked some of the players out of WAR, the premade I ran with dissolved and now I’m soloing the game..which was never good and will never be the ideal way to play the game. Well..nevertheless  I’m actually enjoying it, playing solo or just with a handful of friends. Just as long I evade T4 that is ;)

In the last couple of days I took my Engineer and ran through some T2.. scenarios, i.e. RR16-69. It’s a totally unorganized frenzy, but somehow still fun as there are really few premades dominating anything. So it’s still possible to have fun when you queue solo for it.

That’s one of the nice things from the last patch to WAR. 1.4.6 revived the lower tier scenario pop ups and that just adds (well..brings back) scenarios to low ranked players, which is a nice distraction from all the zerging that now dominates WAR. It’s atm quiet impossible to do any small scale fighting in WAR as I have not encountered any groups, just solo-ers and Warbands. That’s the downside of bringing some balance to the game.. many people fear a bad killing statistics and therefore huddle/hide in a warband…  When power levels don’t differ too much, the number of participants gets more important for the fight. So you have to decide what you want..balance or zerging. It’s a kind of Sophie’s choice. With the current playerbase it doesn’t seem that there is any other choice available than those two, but I don’t want to rant about it ..again.

What I want to point out is that the power levels now feel much better than they did from 1.4 to 1.4.5. The last patch leveled the battlefield imho quiet nicely, even though I didn’t test T4 to a great extent in the past two weeks. The fights I experienced there before my vacation were fun as no one seemed invincible, i.e. indestructible while one-shotting everyone. Better coordinated/skilled groups dominated fights and that’s the way it should be.

My only gripe was that I couldn’t join friends in T4 scenarios with my Engineer as he was sub-rr70 and therefore in another bracket. Imho it should be allowed for r40 chars to participate in such scenarios when they are in a party doing scenarios. How this can be done technically is another topic…

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Is there any escape?   4 comments

No matter what you do.. the zerg is always there.

When Drakenwald was closed I went to Karak Norn, because I’ve heard that 6vs6 fights were often found there.. It took not long for me to find out that this is sadly not the case on that server. 12 seems like the minimum for groups in be fair this holds for both realms. So in the last weeks I’ve experienced some zerg stuff in the RvR lakes. Particularly Monday seemed to establish as the zerg day.

But this isn’t a post about the zerg on the server.. What I thought of is the fear of many folks out there to die in a RvR/PvP game. Damaz Kron statistics and renown grind is more important than a good fight. Which is also not the real starting point for this post..I’m writing in reverse order here ;)

All those stuff comes up, because I think that the patch 1.4.6 for WAR will change the balance in T4 a little bit. It will be nothing dramatic, but it will lessen the power gap between a fully equipped RR100 and someone entering T4. I can’t stress enough how much I like this as imo a gear/power gap is nothing that should decide the outcome of a fight in such a game. As I already mentioned in a previous post..I don’t think that it will dramatically shift power balance as the fully equipped RR100 premades are still stronger, but not by such a large margin. It will be just a bit more difficult to hide lack of skill now..

.. and that could be a problem. That statistics thing now kicks in.. people don’t want to die. It ruins the numbers.. If there would be not such a zerg-heavy gaming style in WAR I would therefore expect even more zerging when the balance gets better. The Zerg protects..the Zerg makes nice numbers.

What I’m beginning to ask myself is if there can be any game with a large community where the game is really good balanced, not zergy..not grind-orientated (renown, other purple numbers, etc..)… Is there a place in the MMO landscape where people seek a fight, because it’s a nice beating on each other and that is enough*? Can there be such a place? Is the current gaming community interested in something like this?

On the other hand..people play Diablo.. so much for the interest and fun in grinding… ;)

One last note. Though the patch for WAR doesn’t seem spectacular it’s (at least in theory) a good patch..even though I would have hoped that such bug/balance fixing would be made on a higher pace. Letting bugs be exploited for months and more was imo not good for the pop numbers…

Oh.. now the really last note..I promise. I have no clue how the city siege will  turn out to be, but as the zerg slows things down I didn’t experience a city siege in quiet a while and will not comment on the new mechanic other that I’m curious how it will be in the live game.

*As I mentioned once in voice chat.. “I don’t care about renown as long as some elves die”.


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Impact?   1 comment

Patch 1.4.6 is nearing … and I’m curious on how it will affect the game.

It’s no big deal patch with flashy stuff, but imo it will have some significant impact. Even if it’s just for two things..

The changes to Thanquol’s Incursion and fixing typos in the Tome of Knowledge… uh wait.. not those two things. What I meant are of course the..

  • RvR Bolster to r45

Every player will welcome this as this lessens the power gap in t4 and gives you more competition in fights. At least those who like the fights and not only chase those little purple numbers..or just want to bully someone.

Will this change the overall landscape of fighting in RvR lakes? Of course not (especially not the zerg stuff going on on Karak Norn). What it will do is emphasize the player skill a bit more and lessen the impact of the gear/rank disparity for the outcome of a fight. Good players will remain good and will win the fights, but bad players might get exposed which they could cover up to the patch with rr and gear. I’m curious what will be the next reason why some players win and others don’t… I think it’s time for Nerfed Buttons again.

A little note: Hopefully the bolster will be fixed prior to release as it seems that rr100 players get bolstered by 5 ranks too.. which would defeat the purpose of the bolster ;)

  • the respawn locations change; if you die in the RvR lake you will respawn in the warcamp and if you die in keep range you will respawn in the keep

Again not a huge change, but I think that it’s nice as I don’t like this “die to defend the keep” tactics.. This makes it a bit trickier to defend, but opens a new front as reinforcement is trying to break through the attackers line to reach the keep. More widespread fighting during a fight at the keep is just better.

One thing where I have no clue on how it will turn out is the change to the city siege mechanics.. just one instance seems..strange. My first reaction to this was just a raised eyebrow, because I had no idea how this affects premade warbands and pugs. Does this mean that 60 vs 60 are fighting in a city siege instance? This seems strange..  I’m still not sure if I should like it or not, but I’m sure that I will have even more difficulties than now to get the sov-gear for my alts.

One final note.. Elves are still not a separate dwarves will still have to be “allied” to some of them.

Yeah..I’m too lazy to look up and link to the patch notes which Keaven posted in the official forums, but you will most likely know them already as I am not fast here with new posts.

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Some babbling about Ironbreakers..   1 comment

As I’ve already mentioned lately I play often my Ironbreaker.

He’s just rr70, so weak in most aspects of t4 fighting. Still I don’t think that I’m useless and still contribute to the fight even with my 2-handed specc… here it is.

I terms of distribution of mastery points there is no real alternative for me. In terms of choosing tactics..there are a lot more options  ;) IB’s are a career where I wished that there would be more tactics slots available ;)

Nevertheless I’m often surprised how sturdy this build is…even when I’m just wearing worn sov equipment (with armor, crit and mini-odjira)  and an old axe from Lost Vale. The stability comes from the speccing into brotherhood and the M2. This moral skill helps me overcome  incoming burst damage quiet often, because there is no way to circumvent it and it reduces incoming damage practically to just damage from moral abilities.

Lately I even used this build in zerg situations.. just swapped the equipment to def-worn sov and axe+board. Even without further speccing/choosing equipment to block the IB got 30%+.. I’ve changed the tactics for this fights a bit:  The Greatweapon mastery tactic is changed to Seasoned Veteran (reduction of incoming damage to 85% after blocking an attack), the rest remains.  Somewhat surprisingly this is enough to make me useful even when warbands collide.

I thought about changing the Ironbreaker to being a real tank again.. being an unbreakable Ninja-turtle.. something like this build… which I discarded quiet fast, because this build loses too much crowd control abilities. A little bit more useful seems this build, but than again it didn’t seem like a real def-tank as many points had to be taken out of the “def”-mastery tree. What’s the point in a tank that’s no threat to anyone and also doesn’t have the tools to help his teammates. Ok..with RR70 my little IB is no threat either, but he can be really annoying ;)

My conclusion is that tanks in WAR have not only to be tough to kill, but have to bring more stuff like debuffs, crowd control and at least a little amount of damage to the table. The combination of this requirements is in the best way provided by the spec I’m currently using (or a spec which is a lot like this. My understanding of the game is not perfect, so there are certainly a lot more tricks and different ways to build a char than I know and provided here. Just a note: I’m not really using any/a lot lotd stuff on my alts and didn’t include that in my evaluation of the usefulness of a build. It’s just a  general form of my understanding of the game..but’s my blog and I’m allowed to write the most silly stuff here .. feel free to comment though)

Just derailing again.. I think this requirements are valid for any PvP game. A class has to be more than just the narrow tank, dps or healer slot, but it has to contribute to the fight in a multitude of ways..which is something that makes PvP more engaging than PvE and distinguishes good from bad PvP games, but that’s a different story which is to be told at some other time ;)

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Just a short update before the weekend begins   Leave a comment

I have arrived on Karak Norn. We had some decent fights with our group, but also some strange stuff going on.. fleeing order (while having more people in the zone) and the old “we don’t really defend the keep, but like to farm the renown there”-types of keep fights.

Funny thing to note is that we meet a lot of fellow guys from Drakenwald (both order and destruction) in scenarios who just seem to have reactivated their chars. Nevertheless it’s quiet nice that scenarios are popping so fast. The balance of the fights is not so nice..thanks to the power gap good players with high ranked chars are ridiculously more powerful than it’s good for balance…but that is nothing new and I won’t bore you to death with a whining-post about it ;)

There are some careers which don’t feel the power gap so badly… most of these careers are tanks. At least I made the experience with my RR68 Ironbreaker. Even though he is quiet low in renown rank it’s possible to contribute to the fight in a meaningful way. In a zerg situation I die instantly playing him, but that is ..foreseeable and ok, as I skilled him more into offense. Other careers suffer more due to the power gap.. mostly squishy melee dps, as they don’t have enough stat points or/and gear to be tough and still dish out some damage (Marauders are an exception there, because of the career design).

So the adjustment time is still a bit rough, but I see potential in getting some nice fights. There is a lot going on which is very nice compared to the dead Drakenwald server.

There’s also a nice greeting post at WHA welcoming all those who transfered from Drakenwald to Karak Norn.

Now some just need to learn proper English (still some German abbreviations and talk on the public channels.. more than I can ignore or add to my ignore-list ;)) and everything will be fine …well there are a lot more prerequisites, but we don’t want to be too picky when the weekend is around, do we? ;)

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New home or graveyard?   1 comment is the day.. Free character transfers from Drakenwald to Karak Norn or Badlands will be enabled.

Now comes just a bit of brainstorming why I chose a specific may already  know this and can skip the next two paragraphs without missing anything ;)

I will transfer my characters to Karak Norn as Badlands is believed to be quiet zergy and there is some lag which kills positioning and other crucial things in a fight. Both things were tested by me when I played my Destruction alts on Badlands. The server is fun from time to time, but the overall quality of fights is.. not enough to make it a fun trip.

Karak Norn on the other hand is more small scale fight oriented..sources say. The problem here is that it’s a bit too competitive .. I don’t want to go 100% all the time. I’m old and lazy and sometimes just want to beat on something without too much effort. So the perfect server for me would be a mix of both ;) Which is what WAR should be about anyways.. Large scale fightings and intense small scale fights..both options possible and not excluding each other. Because of a huge power gap (gear, effective ranks, …) and the way renown is  gained in the most efficient way it seems impossible to combine both styles to play the game. ..

So.. this may be the last character transfer I will do in WAR. I expect GW2 to have a big impact on WAR’s server population and I’m not sure if this min/max-ing small scale fighting will keep me happy enough for a longer time. Which is quiet odd as I don’t like to zerg, but I’ve grown tired of “cc+kill in 2s-fights”.. I’ve grown tired of seeing people use every single allowed and illegal option in a fight..hell.. there are high-rr groups out there who don’t want to fight, but are scared that they might die and get a bad kills/death-ratio. In the past couple of years, especially after the 1.4 patch, the focus shifted more towards stats, purple numbers and E-Peen (ok..latter being always out there, it just got emphasized as there are several people out there thinking that they are cool because they “one-shotted” some low-rr enemy ;) ).. there are just a handful of people who constantly push for a fight no matter what the opposition is. *tip to the hat to those out there*

War is everywhere?

The next few weeks might still get interesting as there are many more new enemies… I still expect a rough adjustment time and I’m not sure if I’m really willing to adjust. So time will tell if Karak Norn will be my new home in WAR or the graveyard for my Order chars.

There is a silver lining at the horizon though.. it’s not about WAR, but the open beta of MWO starting in the summer ;)

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Can’t check it..but it’s intrueging nevertheless   2 comments

Yesterday I heard that the Account-Center for Warhammer will be down today.. (forgot to check it yesterday and can’t do it right now..sorry for that).

What does it mean? Well.. not much, but it raised the hope that the free character transfer away from Drakenwald will be enabled. This are actually good news for the remaining players left on Drakenwald.

The server is right now not a lot of’s “active” only between 20:00 and 22:00 ..and even then scenarios are not popping up well (99% just the 6 vs. 6 ones and even they just once a hour). In open RvR you hardly find anyone. This lack of competition not only leads to low renown gained per hour numbers, but also to a decline in quality of the fights. It’s just not fun and engaging to fight against a door or outnumbered opponents.

The folks of Drakenwald tried to push for a free server transfer for some time and now it will finally happen.. so everybody is happy?! Well.. some didn’t want to wait for 3 month and so payed the money for a paid transfer. The announcement that only transfers from Drakenwald to Karak Norn are available was not well responded, because some went to Badlands and their chars may now get divided on two servers.  I was stubborn and didn’t want to pay, so I get free transfers now to Norn, which is anyways my preferred destination.

What do I expect? At first more enemies..therefore more fighting going on. This is good as RvR needs fighting and lots of enemies… so do scenarios. So this will be nice!?

I do have some concerns though as I’ve heard that many rr100 premade groups are roaming on Norn, which is quiet bad, because right now there is still some heavy power gap between rr100 and below and I don’t want to get steamrolled all the time.  I would like to have a good mix of easy and really hard enemies… just variety and not always the same fights. I don’t need new maps or other content in a PvP game..just a variety of fighting and therefore different enemies with different tactics, etc..

Well.. I still have the hope that the RvR bolster in the next patch will level the playing field so that rr100 is an advantage, but not the real decisive factor in a fight. I am allowed to dream, right? ;)

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