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MWO: Operation Inception   Leave a comment

I should check the MWO webpage more often. Some days ago there was an announcement from Piranha Games on Operation Inception.

For you who are too lazy to follow the link here is a summary which is not really shorter than the original text ;)

It’s sorta pre-order-thing even though this is the wrong choice of words as MWO is f2p. You can order 2 different packages from 19th of june and get an early access to the game on july 17th. Furthermore you get a special title. The packages differ only a little.

For 30$ you get the veteran stuff, which includes 1 month of being a premium account (exp+currency boost) and 40$ value of ingame-currency.

For 60$ you get the elite stuff, which includes 2 month of being premium, 80$ of ingame/shop currency and a Mech with C-Bill (i.e. ingame currency) boost.

This would be very interesting..if..there would not be such a little ..clause..

The closed beta and OPERATION INCEPTION assets will enjoy support only in North America.

C’mon.. you really don’t want money from Europe? The perception in the US of the financial crisis in Europe must be that it’s catastrophic here ;) Here is still some money.. and a lot of die hard Battletech/Mechwarrior fans who would love to spent some money for those packages.

If the game is starting like this..I’m not sure how well the overall support for any non North-American Mechpilot will be… but maybe I’m just not understanding it right and/or exaggerate a bit.. maybe.

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Impact?   1 comment

Patch 1.4.6 is nearing … and I’m curious on how it will affect the game.

It’s no big deal patch with flashy stuff, but imo it will have some significant impact. Even if it’s just for two things..

The changes to Thanquol’s Incursion and fixing typos in the Tome of Knowledge… uh wait.. not those two things. What I meant are of course the..

  • RvR Bolster to r45

Every player will welcome this as this lessens the power gap in t4 and gives you more competition in fights. At least those who like the fights and not only chase those little purple numbers..or just want to bully someone.

Will this change the overall landscape of fighting in RvR lakes? Of course not (especially not the zerg stuff going on on Karak Norn). What it will do is emphasize the player skill a bit more and lessen the impact of the gear/rank disparity for the outcome of a fight. Good players will remain good and will win the fights, but bad players might get exposed which they could cover up to the patch with rr and gear. I’m curious what will be the next reason why some players win and others don’t… I think it’s time for Nerfed Buttons again.

A little note: Hopefully the bolster will be fixed prior to release as it seems that rr100 players get bolstered by 5 ranks too.. which would defeat the purpose of the bolster ;)

  • the respawn locations change; if you die in the RvR lake you will respawn in the warcamp and if you die in keep range you will respawn in the keep

Again not a huge change, but I think that it’s nice as I don’t like this “die to defend the keep” tactics.. This makes it a bit trickier to defend, but opens a new front as reinforcement is trying to break through the attackers line to reach the keep. More widespread fighting during a fight at the keep is just better.

One thing where I have no clue on how it will turn out is the change to the city siege mechanics.. just one instance seems..strange. My first reaction to this was just a raised eyebrow, because I had no idea how this affects premade warbands and pugs. Does this mean that 60 vs 60 are fighting in a city siege instance? This seems strange..  I’m still not sure if I should like it or not, but I’m sure that I will have even more difficulties than now to get the sov-gear for my alts.

One final note.. Elves are still not a separate dwarves will still have to be “allied” to some of them.

Yeah..I’m too lazy to look up and link to the patch notes which Keaven posted in the official forums, but you will most likely know them already as I am not fast here with new posts.

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MWO: Some vids   Leave a comment

Most of the folks who follow the game will probably already watched those videos, but anyways.. I stumbled upon them just right now and want to link/show the videos IGN has done together with devs from Piranha introducing some basics facts about Mechs and the gameplay of Mechwarrior Online.

I find it interesting, even though the interviewer is asking some..stuff which is quiet obvious and known since the start of the universe, but the game is to be introduced to new folks so I don’t want to be too mean about it ;) So here are the videos

First a general if you have no clue what I’m babbling about all the time when I talk about this ;)

Some stuff about light Mechs.

Heavy Mechs:

Assault Mech:

and a short walkthrough through the Mechlab:

Looks good so far.. my only problem is that I don’t have a clue what Mech I want to use ;) Light ones seem very interesting..but I always tends to use Heavies in BT… ;)

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