The family

I am an alt-a-holic and therefore play more than just one char. This is the list of my Chars:

Karak Norn (EU):

  • Karick, R40RR91 Rune Priest. The old, grumpy healer who saves your day.
  • Marogrimm, R40RR68 Engineer. What is this button for?… BUMM
  • Wahagrimm, R40RR72 Ironbreaker. Drinking, loud and ugly dwarf who causes distress to the enemy casters.
  • Halgart, R40RR70 Slayer,WWAWDD (Whirlwind, axe-wielding, drunken Dwarf).

Badlands (US):

  • Zizlak, R40RR61, Shaman. Woot heal?
  • Graank, R18RR21 Blackorc. Get o’a ’ere. I’ll punch punch you git
  • Iziel, R14RR18, Magus. Blinded but blessed from the Raven god.
  • Warges, R18RR23, Marauder. It slices, it does everything in the kitchen.

There are also some other chars, but I don’t list them as they are not really played


Posted October 22, 2008 by Karic

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