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MWO: Raven   Leave a comment

Piranha Games presented the next Mech design for MWO.. it’s the Raven.

This is good news in several ways.. The Raven is a Mech packed full with electronic gadgets, ECM and such. This can be really fun when you have in mind that scouting will play a significant role in this game.

In the tabletop game I like this Mech as it is quiet robust for it’s weight. It also features a nice weapon loadout and the electronics..are just marvelous. 35t is on the upper end for pure scout Mechs, but this Mech provides good scouting and target marking in the tabletop game and will surely do this in the online game too.

My only gripe is the design of the concept art.. I’m not totally hyped about all the previous designs and this one is no exception.. to be honest it’s one of my least favorite overhauled designs.  It differs quiet heavily from the original design as the new one is more slim and long..not so much resembling the look of a raven like the old one…but maybe I’m just used to the old models and too old for something new ;)



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Some babbling about Ironbreakers..   1 comment

As I’ve already mentioned lately I play often my Ironbreaker.

He’s just rr70, so weak in most aspects of t4 fighting. Still I don’t think that I’m useless and still contribute to the fight even with my 2-handed specc… here it is.

I terms of distribution of mastery points there is no real alternative for me. In terms of choosing tactics..there are a lot more options  ;) IB’s are a career where I wished that there would be more tactics slots available ;)

Nevertheless I’m often surprised how sturdy this build is…even when I’m just wearing worn sov equipment (with armor, crit and mini-odjira)  and an old axe from Lost Vale. The stability comes from the speccing into brotherhood and the M2. This moral skill helps me overcome  incoming burst damage quiet often, because there is no way to circumvent it and it reduces incoming damage practically to just damage from moral abilities.

Lately I even used this build in zerg situations.. just swapped the equipment to def-worn sov and axe+board. Even without further speccing/choosing equipment to block the IB got 30%+.. I’ve changed the tactics for this fights a bit:  The Greatweapon mastery tactic is changed to Seasoned Veteran (reduction of incoming damage to 85% after blocking an attack), the rest remains.  Somewhat surprisingly this is enough to make me useful even when warbands collide.

I thought about changing the Ironbreaker to being a real tank again.. being an unbreakable Ninja-turtle.. something like this build… which I discarded quiet fast, because this build loses too much crowd control abilities. A little bit more useful seems this build, but than again it didn’t seem like a real def-tank as many points had to be taken out of the “def”-mastery tree. What’s the point in a tank that’s no threat to anyone and also doesn’t have the tools to help his teammates. Ok..with RR70 my little IB is no threat either, but he can be really annoying ;)

My conclusion is that tanks in WAR have not only to be tough to kill, but have to bring more stuff like debuffs, crowd control and at least a little amount of damage to the table. The combination of this requirements is in the best way provided by the spec I’m currently using (or a spec which is a lot like this. My understanding of the game is not perfect, so there are certainly a lot more tricks and different ways to build a char than I know and provided here. Just a note: I’m not really using any/a lot lotd stuff on my alts and didn’t include that in my evaluation of the usefulness of a build. It’s just a  general form of my understanding of the game..but’s my blog and I’m allowed to write the most silly stuff here .. feel free to comment though)

Just derailing again.. I think this requirements are valid for any PvP game. A class has to be more than just the narrow tank, dps or healer slot, but it has to contribute to the fight in a multitude of ways..which is something that makes PvP more engaging than PvE and distinguishes good from bad PvP games, but that’s a different story which is to be told at some other time ;)

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Just an update and some thoughts about WoH   1 comment

At the moment I don’t have much time or interest in posting often as my gaming time is rather..monotonous.

There is a rhythm playing WAR which is ok, but not that exciting that it’s worth a dedicated post about it, though I have a light rant in preparation ;) Just a note.. I’m playing more often my Ironbreaker and have to neglect my Runepriest as our group lacks a tank and has often two healers online when I log in. It’s nothing bad as I don’t care what dwarf I play as long as I can play a dwarf and elves around me die ;)

In the last two weeks I logged two times into WOH..promptly logging off after one scenario with a “meh”-feeling. I know that is still a beta, but this is open beta and it will be more or less the finished product. I also know that I’m not aware of all the features of the game, but rather just hopped in and looked at what was presented to me..and what I’ve got teached by tooltips or tutorials.

Before I rant a bit I just want to point to some good stuff in this game. The UI is clean (though the store stuff can be annoying) and the performance of the game is good.

So as I’ve finished with the good stuff.. now the bad stuff. The scenarios take too long to finish… that’s rather funny as there is a lot going on, but the time just doesn’t fly by. This is a bad sign as this points out that the fights are not engaging enough. After a few kills I just wanted to do something different…and WoH isn’t offering that to me.

Currently there were 3 Heroes playable for free.. three dps Heroes. Anything with healing capabilities has to be bought. Speaking off.. I think that the buyable stuff is not handled right, but that can be still a bug as even the free heroes have to bought to be able to distribute mastery points.

This whole mastery stuff is ..meh too. It’s just as complicated as the 5 abilities you can use in a fight (not counting the few extra stuff). Overall this system is just not my kind of.. customization or/and doesn’t have the grade of complexity I seek in a game.

My first impression on the buyable stuff (I don’t look up the store, but rather looked at the chests Werit has shown and base my opinion on the fights in a scenario I had yesterday) is that it’s too strong (I remember some tactic which decreases incoming damage to 40% while being under 40% hp..this can’t be serious and my mind may trick me, but if this is true..than it’s just ridiculous). Ok can buy almost everything with gold, but gold income is imo too small (don’t need another grinding game), but this may be just related to the small sample size of me not playing the game that much…but why should I when it’s not engaging and I’m feeling handcuffed all the time?

Yeah..I’m getting better roles when I log in everyday, but again..why should I when the fights are not engaging and feel unbalanced.. This game has improved from the beginnings of the beta to the state now, but it’s still lacking a lot of stuff to be fun for me.

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MWO: What is better than one PPC?   Leave a comment

Yeah..two PPCs. You know what’s even better than that..well..supposed that you can handle the heat…it’s three other words.. Piranha released info on another Mech. It’s the Awesome. Yeah..I’m awfully late with this post, but it’s one of my favorite Mechs in the tabletop game and therefore you have to suffer ;)

Usually I prefer Heavy Mechs, but some Assault ones are also nice. This is such a Mech, simple in design, but yet effective when handled right. Just put three PPCs into a well armored Mech and add some Heat Sinks and the day will be fine or so they say ;)

Most reactions on the concept art are positive. As will all the new design for MWO I’m not one of those cheering how great the design is. The Awesome is quiet nice and not so much different from the original design like the Hunchback. This whole thing is a matter of taste and so I don’t want to pick so much on the artwork.

As I said..I’m old and sometimes I want the old design to stay. Go me conservative.

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