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Order won on Huss.   1 comment

No..we didn’t invade IC.. We actually won on all fronts. The enemy is down.
Yesterday evening Order owned every T4 keep and BO on Huss. We just didn’t claimed every keep because a fortress attack would be just lost time.  Sad but true City attacks aren’t possible with the population on Huss. You have to organize such things long beforehand. No spontaneous fortress attacks.

It looks atm as if  Order is owning everything on weekdays and on weekends destruction puts some forces together and manages to start attacks on some forts. Actually Huss has still not seen any City attack (not even phase 1) because of the low pop. The attacking forces on both sides are not strong enough to overcome organized defense, though at patch 1.2 Order  (yes..BW’s and such) somehow humiliated Destruction by defending the inner fortress door so that they didn’t manage to knock it bellow 85%. When Order pushes (even after patch 1.2.1) we usually at least get to the lord, but the best attempt I attended was just around 80% and then we wiped. Sometimes the Fort Lords die, but I’m not around when this happens.

I must say that the best attempt by Order involved an all fronts assault. We managed to attack two fortresses simultaneously and having the third pairing close to a lock. Great work in planning and execution… reminding the population issues.

The future on Huss doesn’t look so bright. GOA made a poll in the forums about the future of Huss and it looks like most of the folks want to move to a more populated (though non RP) server. You can see the death of the last German RP server at the horizon .. and it’s approaching fast.


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When..When I’ll be famous..   Leave a comment

WAR has the statues in the capital cities for those who want to brag about how cool, badass, etc.. they are. I personally think that you are more famous when a whole warband is going to pick you to kill, even though there are tactically more important targets.

Such a famous character on Huss is Aizea (hopefully spelled correct as most of the time I have no time to read the name and hear it just on voice chat). Tip on the hat to her (I’m not sure about the gender of the player, so I refer it to the char).

I have no idea if Aizea is a nice person, but as a Witch Elf she’s just deadly. In small scale fights (which are most common on Huss…) I am just dead if she pops up beside me. Takes here not more than (felt) 2s to kill my Rune Priest, but that’s ok as she’s an exception there. I’ve met several Witch Elves, but non as deadly as Aizea.

In larger scale fights (for most of the well populated servers they would still count as small scale) most people seek to kill Aizea, but she is still able to take some with her.. and yesterday when I was with a PUG in a Dungeon in Altdorf they even talked about her on voice chat.

She is famous (at least on Huss)! Will I ever be…no, as I think that healers will never become important as an individual. Some will be good in 1vs1, but nothing like stealth or high-dps classes. Healers and Tanks are by definition more team players than dps-career and so are just able to become famous as a team.. DPS-careers, especially something like stealth-careers, are able to stand out in RvR because they kill stuff. Hardly any DPS career would think in the middle of the fight:

  • Wow, what a great tank, he just debuffed 3/4 of the enemy warband, so that I can more easily kill them.
  • Nice healing.. I don’t have to care about the enemy. I just can slaughter them.

It’s more a:

  • What is this buff? G-U-A-R-D ? .. what the hell. I am king (queen) and will be the uber killer here. every other gaming session, I will try to stay a bad-to-spot target with my healer and just leech the renown those dps-careers get ;)

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New movement?   2 comments

Arbitrary’s post on Fantasy Racism could be the start of a new movement. Well..maybe not new, but some sort of unification process might start?! ;)

earSo..all you elf haters.. Unite! Kill elves in every game you see them! Let your anger loose (use the dark forces if you like) and go on slaughter them.. They deserve it ;)

Maybe start a merchandise brand and produce T-shirts, if fighting is nothing for you:

t-shirt2Start a club … Tell everyone in region-chat, that it doesn’t matter what sort of Elf you kill as long as it’s an Elf. Do it like me and greet the warband you just joined with “Hello Fighters and Elves” ..

Is this (fantasy) racism? Of course, but hey.. the started it by cutting some dwarves beards (just as one Warhammer related example..there are plenty more in every fantasy story).. Grudges don’t go away so fast ;)

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Not the big things in 1.2.1, but noteworthy..   Leave a comment

No big things (RvR token system, Keep Upgrades, etc..) that caught my eyes, better said the big things are already covered elsewhere ;)

These are just some minor things that hopefully will be as announced. You never know if the patch brings what it says in the patch notes ;)

Players that are occupying a Keep of the opposite realm when a Tier 4 campaign resets will now be teleported back to their warcamp.

This is a nice change, as it seems to has got a common practice that you just wait at the lord room of the keeps in Praag/Thunder Mountain/Elven-stuff (is it Dragonwake? *shrug* No idea about elven lands ;) ) when you are sure that the fortress attack fail.

“TargetNearest Enemy” will no longer target deadplayers or objects, and instead opt for a live opponent.

Woohoo.. I’ve been writing tickets about this for some weeks (months) now. It’s just frustrating when you stand in a crowd and TargetNearest Enemy selects you a dead target.

Players willonly open the PQ Loot window when clicking on the PQ Tracker itself, not in the invisible space around it.

Made me bite something since the game released ;) The PQ tracker seemed to occupy a really large portion of the screen and when I wanted to target someone after I’ve finished a PQ I often accidentally opened the PQ tracker..Really annoying in scenarios ;)

There are also no big changes to Rune Priests.. So nothing to report on that front..

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Moaning and whinging   Leave a comment

It’s not really new or hidden info, but I recommend you to see Paul Barnett talking about Career Balance on It’s a nice little video with some points I totally agree.

He makes a point which is really often seen when people discuss career balance in forums. At least the attitude is like this:

Everyone I kill is not as good as me and everyone who kills me must be cheating.

When I read some blogs and catch up some posts in forums it’s often this attitude I see. It’s really rare that there is  an objective discussion in public forums about career balance. It’s more often pointing at the other side and saying: Look, this career is OP! Fix it! or let me translate: Make them weaker than us!

Order used to whine about Witch elves (where some still kill me instantly ..but that’s ok as most of the time they are good players and the few who are not so good have a hard time trying to kill me.) and now Destruction whines about Bright Wizards. I don’t say that the careers are perfect now (some are far from that), but there is rarely a complaint about the overpowered careers when they are on your side. It’s too easy to point towards the others and say that they are all cheating or overpowered.

Are Bright Wizards overpowered? Of course!.. Partly because of the career and partly because of AoE-philosophy in WAR. There will be something done about this..e.g. non-stacking of some AoE. Also Slayers and Choppas will get some love, as afaik the AoE attacks from them are getting cone-damage and not 360° effects, which is is nice change imo.

A good sign that something is going really wrong is when both sides complain about something. This seems to be the case of AoE. In general I agree with the complains there. AoE-stuff is (especially in large scale fights) far superior to single-target stuff, be it damage or healing. Even in Dungeons it’s easier (and more effective) to AoE heal than work really hard and try to heal everyone with single target heals.

I hope that the general balance will come soon as I like to have the option to choose whether I want to do single target stuff or AoE. When I have a single target heal with which I heal one target for 1.7k and a group-heal healing around 1.4k (conservative guessings) on every group member the costs in terms of time/AP and such are easily calculated, with single target heals having no chance. Afaik Dok’s and WP’s don’t even have a great single target heal, but are still the best healers in game? This could be related to the fact the the SE/RF-regain on the books more or less turns off their mechanics and they can happily spam heals.. but that is just a guess.

So.. stubborn as dwarves are, I will re-spec today from Grimnir (AE) to Valaya (hot/dot) despite the fact that the path is underpowered compared to Grimnir! ;) AoE spam is just not my type of play.

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Probing and you..   1 comment

Jennifer over from Girl IRL threw out some probing questions and as I currently need a little break from correcting some tests I want to answer them ;)

Syp has been probed, too. Read his answers at BioBreak.

1.  What is your current main character’s name (or names, if you play multiple games)?  Explain how you chose the name.

Karic. This name is an accident. A friend of mine told me of a MUD which I tested and created a dwarf called Karoc. I thought that this was a good (rock)solid dwarven name. I deleted him, because the game didn’t catch me back then and re-created a dwarf a couple of month later, but it was late and I typed Karic instead of Karoc. So the name is just a typo ;)

I got used to the name and started to like it more and more.

2.  What was the name of your very first character in an MMO?  Explain how you chose that name.

Do MUDs count as MMO? Then it would be Karoc as stated above.

If it’s just graphical than it’s *thinks hard* either Karic or Marogrimm in WoW. Karic is the name of my Priest and Marogrimm was a Hunter. I’m not sure which one is older. I took Karic, because I like the name and other people knew me by that name. Marogrimm is just a name I thought would fit to a dwarf, no special history to it.

3.  Have you kept a specific name through various games, or do you tend to change your naming habits based on the individual game?

I have a set of names which I like to use, e.g. Karic, Wahagrimm, Nathrach, but I adapt them to the game. So there will be no human, pirate, superhero, etc.. with the name Karic. There will also be no variation of Karic so that the name fits to the world.

4.  Do you ever reserve names, planning to use them for characters that you might play later?  If so, what are they and why do you hold on to them?

Short answer.. No. I don’t reserve names.

5.  Of the three common archetypes in MMOs — tank, healer, DPS — which is your current main character?

Healer. I started (Pen&Paper, MUD,..) as a Warrior type, so tank, but now I always start with a healer and make tank and dps alts. Healer is and will always be the main. I just like the teamplay and decisions which are necessary as a healer. Though WAR currently undermines this by high efficiency of AoE-stuff.

6.  What archetype was your very first character in an MMO?  Why did you choose it?

Again… Is a MUD an MMO? (I tend to count it as an MMO, but I’m not sure if this is common sense).. In the MUD Karic was a kind of Warrior. I like the plate-wearing, axe-wielding dwarves. Gimme’ Ale and turn me towards the enemy-frenzy-attitude.

Graphical? Marogrimm was a Hunter, so RDPS. I like to differentiate there, because it’s a different feeling playing ranged rather than melee DPS. I like support-kind of chars and such chars as hunters (or better Engineers in WAR) are quiet fun in that role. When roling dps-chars I tend to start with Ranged careers and role melee only if I’m bored.

7.  Are you usually attracted to one archetype over another, or do you play them equally?  Why?

Healers always catch my eye. Therefore they are the first option when I test a new game. I like the teamplay and dedication (read: frustration-tolerance) it takes to be a healer. You care about your team and not only about a dps-meter. Same goes for tank, therefore I tend to make rather fast a tank-alt. Shortly followed by dps-chars, which I play if I don’t want to care for anything (suicide-missions! ;) ) or which is rather painless if I have to leave a warband/group.

8.  What is your favorite feature from an MMO you no longer play?

I really liked the 40-man (sorry for not being political correct, but atm I don’t know a better naming for this) raids in WoW. Felt quiet relaxed but needed a good amount of concentration.. It was imo a good mix. 25-raids never catched me.

9.  Is there an MMO that you would play if it was free?  Which and why?

Probably EVE Online. I tested and liked it, but thought that they charge too much. Didn’t feel right in terms of time-played/money-invested ratio. It seems like a vast universe with capitalistic sharks swimming there. No moral just rule of the ones with greatest power. So different to our world ..especially the now socialistic USA. *cough* Sorry, but I couldn’t resist ;)

10.  How do you measure the success of a character in an MMO (total kills, titles accumulated, wealth, rare items collected, level reached, etc.)?

Hum.. No objective scale there.

In terms of my own chars: Have I seen end-game content and how do I compete against others (with better equipment)? Am I able to adapt to the end-game content or stress-situations? That are total subjective measures and in no way static, at least I hope that I master all the chars I get to the end-game. ;) Success means also that I have fun playing that char. No Ranking or equipment can be a substitute or measure for fun, which is the reason I play this games.

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The cape of doom   5 comments

In the latest fortress sieges I participated in everyone was asked to turn off the display of the cloak.  It’s been said that the lag should get decreased without the cloak.. and I just scratched my head and wondered if the cloak would make such a great difference..

I tested it once and I was really surprised. Not only did the fps in a fortress fight increase dramatically (from slide show to moving pictures, so that I was able to do more things than just spam ae-heal), but also when I run around solo. I had problems in terms of fps in some zones (e.g. High Pass) without any other players around. I just thought that the lightning and particle effects were the cause for this. Maybe they are, but now when I turn the cloak off I don’t see any drop in fps..Everything is going smooth.

So, one of the first things I do now when I log in and want to do some RvR, I turn off the cloak as I otherwise run into the risk of (fps)lag.. I’m just bored off being targeted..having lag..and then only see the respawn-screen, without the option to do anything.

One thing I also do, which helps me in large scale fights is turning of the combat log via a macro. It’s irrelevant for dungeons and such, but it helps a bit on massive fights. This reduces the before-dead-lag. I noticed this some times when I was being focus fired down. In the moment I realize that there are multiple damage-sources coming in I get lag and then die (because of focus fire of course).

Both this things are quiet disturbing for me. Normally I don’t say “this is easy..fix it” as often things turn out to be more tricky, but I’m quiet bored of the performance issues in WAR. Drop down of fps and cast-lag is just a fun-killer for me. It’s annoying enough to wait a second (or two) before any of your actions are really activated, but such issues as combatlog or cloak-lag killing your fps  makes me think about logging out every time they occur.

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