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At last.. Mythic will allow free character transfers for Drakenwald. Atm. it’s only allowed to Karak Norn, but it was the server I wanted to transfer anyways. Hum….First I should explain all the why’s and what’s..

So let’s head back in time. Since December ..well…you could expand it to October.. the population numbers on Drakenwald became a problem and since the start of SWTOR it became really ugly. 3 scenario pop-ups in 4h gaming time (at prime time)-type of ugly.. and in 99% of the cases the scenario was a 6vs6, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but shows how many people actually queue for a scenario. Sadly this numbers can’t be excused by the  folks running around in the RvR lakes instead of scenarios..there were way too many evenings when you just saw the same faces.

How did the remaining population of Drakenwald reacted to this issue, in another way than just quitting the game?.. Many have used paid character transfers to Badlands or Karak Norn. Some, me included, just didn’t want to pay money for this service.. moral and dwarven stubbornness may be a reason for me as I don’t want Mythic to make money of this issue.. another one could be the amount of alt’s I have ;) Instead of just sitting around the remaining folks on Drakenwald wrote a lot of appeals to CSR, used the feedback system and conquered the official forums begging for a free character transfer.

Now we got the confirmation that the transfers to Karak Norn will be allowed at no cost..just a date wasn’t announced yet.

Some still complain, because they want to transfer to Badlands, but frankly..I don’t think that this will be done. Karak Norn will be the last EU Server after the transfers from Drakenwald and if in any way possible Mythic will try to bring all the EU players to that server. Afaik it has anyways a smaller pop than Badlands and therefore it’s even more important to bring some fresh blood to Karak Norn.

As I already said, I preferred Norn anyways, because I have some Destruction alt’s on Badlands and I don’t want to cross-realm. You may call it principle.. well..that’s again the dwarf in me ;)

There are already rumors going on that Norn is the more competitive server. To be honest I don’t like such categorizations in the first place, but I already got a bit concerned about the “lots of RR100 premades” rumors. With time going on WAR got rid of that “let’s just hit something for fun”’s min-maxing all the way (*) and therefore not as relaxed as I sometimes want it to be. Competition is good and often fun, but there are times when you just want to watch  those pixels doing funny stuff and don’t want the need to use absolutely every glitch, item, skill this game is offering you. After all it’s just a game..

(*) The reasons for this are quiet diverse and deserve a designated post on it.

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Just a short-ish info on me being so quiet here.

RL has been a bi…t busy in the last couple of weeks. So there was not much time to write something. WAR isn’t offering too much stuff to write about anyways as the fortresses have little impact on the situation on Drakenwald atm (I will write more on this later this week).

Oh yes.. Before you ask, I still play WAR. Still beating up elves. After I’ve changed the guild I was invited to a “premade” so my gaming time in WAR has changed and I want to write a bit about it in the future. Recently (*cough* read couple of weeks) I’ve hit RR90 with Karic and that is all that I wanted, because now I’m more or less competitive again (except that I just don’t stand a chance against 2 special Witch Elves. They hit me for 200-300 and I can’t outheal it *shrug*). Lately I’ve been playing also some alts again, namely the IB and the Slayer..just filling up what the group needs. Being low ranked can be fun sometimes.. Got 35k renown in a scenario in the week with the renown bonus ;) WAR can still be a great fun when equal enemies fight..If not..then it’s not really fun, for no side.

Gaming wise I’m also enjoying the F2P release of Star Trek Online. I’m not sure how Cryptic is generating money from it, but you get a lot in the free version. It’s so entertaining that I already think about purchasing some stuff, just to thank for that f2p-experience. Even in PvP i can contribute to some extent. I’m loving the ship combat in STO, the ground combat..not so much. Playing a support career can be really frustrating because of the long cooldowns on the abilities.

STO is a nice diversion from the “I just want RvR”-experience that WAR is focusing on. I just finished the Klingon Episode (just turned Cpt. yesterday, let’s not start talking about leveling and the Episode ;)) and I’ve enjoyed it. The story of and the quests are nice. The generic/automatically generated quests in STO are..generic, but still ok, btw.  it’s better to turn off the localization in this game (read: it’s poorly translated and if you are reading 2/3 of the dialogs in English instead of the selected language, you can turn everything to English and at least have a consistent language selection).

Oh..and as you already know, I can’t wait for MWO to be released. There is no gameplay video/info available other than the dev stuff on the official webpage, but the concept is nice for group PvP action..woohoo. I should start to search for a “guild” there, because I assume that it’s getting pretty ugly when you are a lone wolf (read: pug’s get beaten a lot). The game relies on information to be shared and roles in a lance to be distributed.  I’m not sure how much the game will provide to level the battlefield between pug’s and premade groups with voice chat, but fighting for House Kurita and claiming planets for it..wooohoo… again ;)

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