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Just a short update before the weekend begins   Leave a comment

I have arrived on Karak Norn. We had some decent fights with our group, but also some strange stuff going on.. fleeing order (while having more people in the zone) and the old “we don’t really defend the keep, but like to farm the renown there”-types of keep fights.

Funny thing to note is that we meet a lot of fellow guys from Drakenwald (both order and destruction) in scenarios who just seem to have reactivated their chars. Nevertheless it’s quiet nice that scenarios are popping so fast. The balance of the fights is not so nice..thanks to the power gap good players with high ranked chars are ridiculously more powerful than it’s good for balance…but that is nothing new and I won’t bore you to death with a whining-post about it ;)

There are some careers which don’t feel the power gap so badly… most of these careers are tanks. At least I made the experience with my RR68 Ironbreaker. Even though he is quiet low in renown rank it’s possible to contribute to the fight in a meaningful way. In a zerg situation I die instantly playing him, but that is ..foreseeable and ok, as I skilled him more into offense. Other careers suffer more due to the power gap.. mostly squishy melee dps, as they don’t have enough stat points or/and gear to be tough and still dish out some damage (Marauders are an exception there, because of the career design).

So the adjustment time is still a bit rough, but I see potential in getting some nice fights. There is a lot going on which is very nice compared to the dead Drakenwald server.

There’s also a nice greeting post at WHA welcoming all those who transfered from Drakenwald to Karak Norn.

Now some just need to learn proper English (still some German abbreviations and talk on the public channels.. more than I can ignore or add to my ignore-list ;)) and everything will be fine …well there are a lot more prerequisites, but we don’t want to be too picky when the weekend is around, do we? ;)

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Me and my short term memory   1 comment

You may have wondered why my post yesterday wasn’t all that new..It’s because my writing style is more of a brainstorming and not well structured. Now who would have guessed that? ;)

What I actually wanted to write about is not only about the expectations for Karak Norn, but also about some sort of concern I have about Grimnirs Zorn (my previous) guild lying dead on the remainders of Drakenwald. If you follow this blog on a regular basis you know that the guild is actually dead (only 2 active, one very rarely and I have changed with two of my four dwarves to Erengrads Nachtwache). Nevertheless it’s the guild I’ve joined back in 2008 and I don’t want it to be left on Drakenwald.

Luckily Rubnim, the other active member and now guild leader is also not willing to let the guild die and so we will try to transfer the guild to Karak Norn. Not that anyone would care about or notice, but it’s nice to have at least a glimmer of life in the guild.

Too bad that I have not only a bad writing structure, but also sometimes a really bad short term memory.. It struck me after I have transfered my last character from Drakenwald, that I should have cleared the guild bank.. and that I wanted my blog post of yesterday to go into a totally different direction. I’m getting old and now you have to suffer ;) It’s not too late, because the guild is not yet transfered, but it could have gone more easily…well..that’s life.

Oh..another note. I had to change names. I wondered at first, because the names of my alts were all free and I didn’t have to change that much, but as I got to Karic.. yes.. my main-char.. the name was taken. *curses*  So I had to rename him.  Kharic was my first choice, but was taken as well ..and Karik was not only taken, but I didn’t like iz so that is not soo bad. Now he’s named Karick, which I don’t like that much either, but is still similar to the original name. me Rick ;)

I’m still wondering why those other choices were taken..but I should not wonder as much as why people like to play elves.  *shrug*

Oh..speaking of elves.. I felt getting back to 2009 as there were lots of DoK’s and Sorceresses ( that the right form? ) on Karak Norn. The folks of Drakenwald are definitely not prepared to fight against Sorceresses, as Melee was the favored dps form on Drakenwald and I wondered why some of the Sorc’s get so much kills as it’s a quiet easy to counter career..

Let’s see how long the adjustment phase will take.. and if they keep getting so much easy kills in the future.

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New home or graveyard?   1 comment is the day.. Free character transfers from Drakenwald to Karak Norn or Badlands will be enabled.

Now comes just a bit of brainstorming why I chose a specific may already  know this and can skip the next two paragraphs without missing anything ;)

I will transfer my characters to Karak Norn as Badlands is believed to be quiet zergy and there is some lag which kills positioning and other crucial things in a fight. Both things were tested by me when I played my Destruction alts on Badlands. The server is fun from time to time, but the overall quality of fights is.. not enough to make it a fun trip.

Karak Norn on the other hand is more small scale fight oriented..sources say. The problem here is that it’s a bit too competitive .. I don’t want to go 100% all the time. I’m old and lazy and sometimes just want to beat on something without too much effort. So the perfect server for me would be a mix of both ;) Which is what WAR should be about anyways.. Large scale fightings and intense small scale fights..both options possible and not excluding each other. Because of a huge power gap (gear, effective ranks, …) and the way renown is  gained in the most efficient way it seems impossible to combine both styles to play the game. ..

So.. this may be the last character transfer I will do in WAR. I expect GW2 to have a big impact on WAR’s server population and I’m not sure if this min/max-ing small scale fighting will keep me happy enough for a longer time. Which is quiet odd as I don’t like to zerg, but I’ve grown tired of “cc+kill in 2s-fights”.. I’ve grown tired of seeing people use every single allowed and illegal option in a fight..hell.. there are high-rr groups out there who don’t want to fight, but are scared that they might die and get a bad kills/death-ratio. In the past couple of years, especially after the 1.4 patch, the focus shifted more towards stats, purple numbers and E-Peen (ok..latter being always out there, it just got emphasized as there are several people out there thinking that they are cool because they “one-shotted” some low-rr enemy ;) ).. there are just a handful of people who constantly push for a fight no matter what the opposition is. *tip to the hat to those out there*

War is everywhere?

The next few weeks might still get interesting as there are many more new enemies… I still expect a rough adjustment time and I’m not sure if I’m really willing to adjust. So time will tell if Karak Norn will be my new home in WAR or the graveyard for my Order chars.

There is a silver lining at the horizon though.. it’s not about WAR, but the open beta of MWO starting in the summer ;)

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MWO: Q&A 5   Leave a comment

There’s another Q&A with the devs of Mechwarrior Online. You can find it here.

It’s a good read and there are some nice infos about the game and the approach Piranha Games is taking on overcoming the flaws of previous Mechwarrior titles… Leg-shooting anyone? ;)

I find this part quiet interesting

What, if any, mechanic will be in place to prevent a large group of single-type weapons from devastating a single location, a problem that has plagued just about every incarnation of MW to date? –Thomas Hogarth

[DAVID] We’ve got a few systems in place to handle that problem. One is having weapons such as lasers do damage over time so that, in order to deliver full damage to a single location, you have to hold your fire on the location, which can be difficult when you and/or your target are moving.

Another consideration is the separate arm and torso aim reticles. They will naturally line up with each other but, whenever you aim, you’ll lead with your arms while the torso catches up. This means that, if you want weapons in both locations to hit the same spot, you’ll have to hold your shot until they all aim at the same point. An additional aspect of our aiming system is weapon convergence. I touched on this in a post I made in reply to Dev Blog 5, but some of you may have missed it so I’ll copy it over here: Basically, your targeting systems are always trying to adjust the angle of your weapons so that they converge or focus at a distance of whatever your aiming reticles are pointing at. So, if you fire at a target very far away, your lasers (or whatever else) may fire nearly parallel to each other; firing at a target up close will angle the shots inwards. However, the adjustment of these angles is not instant. For instance, if you were facing a building, while taking cover right up against it, your convergence would adjust to hit just a short distance in front of you (the distance to the building). When you step out from around that building and fire on an enemy in the distance, your convergence point would automatically begin to adjust, but not instantly. If you shoot too soon, your first shots may converge and cross a short distance in front of you and completely miss the enemy as they pass on either side of him. Or perhaps you were aiming for the centre torso and hit his arms instead, as your aim adjusts towards his centre.

Basically this means.. every focused damage takes time, good aiming skills by the player and to some extent not much movement by the enemy, respectively not much terrain blocking los. So circle-strafing is an option..but you won’t necessarily be able to aim that well. I expect this system to be a nightmare against light Mechs. A lance of Jenner circling around you will be just a nightmare like in the tabletop game. Maybe I get this all convergence thing wrong though and it’s not so dramatic as it won’t be effective when moving around…

This one is also interesting, but won’t be commented by me

Will the ranges of the BattleMechs’ weapons – and the relationships between them – be more similar to those from the BattleTech tabletop game (including, perhaps, some implementation of any of the minimum, short, medium, long, and extreme range brackets), or those from the previous MechWarrior computer games? –Strum Wealh

[DAVID] With minimum ranges, it depends on how justified we can be in putting them into the game without them being silly. For PPCs, there’s mentions in the lore about they don’t reach a full charge at close ranges so as not to damage the attacker’s own electronic systems. LRMs, being meant for long range, do not necessarily arm before they clear a certain distance. But it’s harder to justify why you can’t accurately fire an Autocannon/2 or Autocannon/5 up close, other than it was a balance to their long range in the tabletop game, so they won’t be affected by any sort of minimum range. The tabletop long ranges, on the other hand, we’re interpreting as the maximum effective range. Lasers, AC slugs, and whatnot will travel past this range, but will begin to do less and less damage, and the effects of gravity on any sort of physical projectile will make it harder to hit your target. Missiles reaching the limits of their range will automatically detonate. ;

And I’m sure that there will be some nice tactics with hiding in a shutdown Mech.

Will we be able to power down our Mechs voluntarily and hide from certain radar and/or targeting? –Silent

[DAVID] Yes, yes you will.

This game seems to head in a good direction..there are still a lot of things in “discussion”, but the more I read about the design of the game the more I want to play it ;)



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Can’t check it..but it’s intrueging nevertheless   2 comments

Yesterday I heard that the Account-Center for Warhammer will be down today.. (forgot to check it yesterday and can’t do it right now..sorry for that).

What does it mean? Well.. not much, but it raised the hope that the free character transfer away from Drakenwald will be enabled. This are actually good news for the remaining players left on Drakenwald.

The server is right now not a lot of’s “active” only between 20:00 and 22:00 ..and even then scenarios are not popping up well (99% just the 6 vs. 6 ones and even they just once a hour). In open RvR you hardly find anyone. This lack of competition not only leads to low renown gained per hour numbers, but also to a decline in quality of the fights. It’s just not fun and engaging to fight against a door or outnumbered opponents.

The folks of Drakenwald tried to push for a free server transfer for some time and now it will finally happen.. so everybody is happy?! Well.. some didn’t want to wait for 3 month and so payed the money for a paid transfer. The announcement that only transfers from Drakenwald to Karak Norn are available was not well responded, because some went to Badlands and their chars may now get divided on two servers.  I was stubborn and didn’t want to pay, so I get free transfers now to Norn, which is anyways my preferred destination.

What do I expect? At first more enemies..therefore more fighting going on. This is good as RvR needs fighting and lots of enemies… so do scenarios. So this will be nice!?

I do have some concerns though as I’ve heard that many rr100 premade groups are roaming on Norn, which is quiet bad, because right now there is still some heavy power gap between rr100 and below and I don’t want to get steamrolled all the time.  I would like to have a good mix of easy and really hard enemies… just variety and not always the same fights. I don’t need new maps or other content in a PvP game..just a variety of fighting and therefore different enemies with different tactics, etc..

Well.. I still have the hope that the RvR bolster in the next patch will level the playing field so that rr100 is an advantage, but not the real decisive factor in a fight. I am allowed to dream, right? ;)

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MWO: First gameplay and more info..yeah I’m slow   Leave a comment

uh..I’m lagging behind the new stuff. Thanks to Bootae I saw this MWO-Gameplay Video.

It’s not only a first game play video, but also features some information from a dev.

First to the game play stuff.. Looks familiar, but has some nice new stuff (HUD and some movement stuff) going. Makes me really want to play the game ;) Especially the new HUD seems nice.. the weapons arrangement seems customizable enough and the light Mechs seem to be reaaaallly fast. I will stick to a heavy one though… 70t for ever ;)

Not much new information about the game from the dev if you follow the development on, but that’s ok in this early stage of a game. It seems to me that MWO is under the Radar of many gamers out there..even the Battletech/Mechwarrior fanatics and so the basic features have to be explained..

I’m looking forward to this game, because a) it’s Mechwarrior with some really nice new features b) the devs seem to understand the IP and c) the devs seem to understand what a (f2p) game needs (needs to be proven though) ..oh.. and d) it’s team based PvP with guild/corp action ;)

The only new info to me was that the open beta is starting in the summer no info on the actual release date, but at least I have an idea when I can get my hands on that game. ;)

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