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Behind my schedule   1 comment

Well..  Yesterday I made it to 80 with Karic. It’s only about 2 months behind my schedule, but you can’t force it when there is so much to do in RL.

I  didn’t plan anything special nor did I do anything special. But when I saw fighting in Thunder Mountain I thought, well..this is fitting. A dwarf gets 80 while attacking a Greenskin Keep ;) I’m still roaming around solo because my gaming schedule is quiet irregular and I’m often too tired to engage in real fights, i.e. 6vs6. So I’m pugging some Scenarios or run around solo in the RvR lakes. It’s still earning me some renown and as long some elves die I’m happy ;)

The downside of this is that I’m now RR80, but still haven’t got the Sov. breastpiece… Atm. there is not one city siege going on during prime-time (or at least when I log on ;) ).  Nevertheless my interest in a City siege is .. nearly absent. Too much sieges in the past made me burned out on that part of the game. So I will have to grind somehow those approx. 130 king crests.

There is one thing atm. that is quiet disturbing for me. It’s the increase in damage output. Either there are not that much high-RR healers around or the damage-peak-numbers are too high (I guess the latter), but it’s quiet ridiculous how fast people die and I think that this will get more prominent with more RR-disparity around. There are some folks out there who are leveling quiet fast. Afaik RR100 means additional 4 ranks (compared to <RR80), which is one of the..not so well thought out ideas I’ve heard of.  That’s a lot of power-increase. I’m keeping an eye on that topic and don’t want to complain too soon.. at least for now ;)

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Cough..anyone reading this?   2 comments

I’m back ..sort of.. Well, the first big stress is over, but it’s not all done yet with my moving to the new city. The new job is fine, but it leaves atm. very little time to play. Nevertheless I had the chance to run around a bit and kill some elves. Nothing’s better than killing some elves  ;)

My first impression of the RvR Pack is.. not overly enthusiastic. First of all I think that the overall performance of the game increased, but this might be because I now play on a different computer and let me tell you.. a notebook with an i3 cpu >> desktop pentium d ;) But I had the impression that it even ran on my old computer a lot smoother.

But it seems that there are some severe problems with the game now.. well that’s nothing new, but the flavor changes from time to time. I think that DPS is quiet ridiculous. It’s insane what people deliver and I think that the RR80+ and RR80- discrepancy in power is too big. I hope that this will level out by time.. but I’m sceptical as I don’t see Mythic handling those balancing stuff in a reasonable way (I’m writing on the WP/DoK-stuff in the next days after I’ve seen them in action).

ORvR is..confuse. Mildly spoken. The positive aspect of this is that the whole RvR lake is active and you can easily find fights (this is something that GutterRunners and WE/WH are loving).. but overall most of the region talk is quiet. Many premades now grind their renown in scenarios and idle the rest of the time at the entrance of the warcamp..and the rest of the realm is running around and doesn’t talk that much. It seems that on the day to day basis most tactical aspects of ORvR are gone. It’s just frequent tapping of the BO or killing of the resource carrier and the rest of the time you are at the keep… even when there is bigger, organized action it’s from my experience not that much a matter of tactics/strategy. So the action is paid by tactical depth.. tricky calculation if you ask me, but overall still on the positive side as it’s better to have more fights than more tactical depth. Maybe I’m just wrong there and I should run around more with warbands to check if there is a tactical element left and not just solo-roam. *shrugs*

I hadn’t had the time to check on Thanquol’s incursion or a city siege after the patch, because I’m too tired to run around in an organized warband for an extended time, so I don’t comment on that stuff, but anyways warband-related stuff is nothing that I’m too interested in.

This is my short grumbling for now.. Hopefully I will be able to post in a more regular way now.

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