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I played pen&paper RPG’s for about 15 years.  I started with “Das Schwarze Auge”, but at the university i switched to to Runequest. This is the RPG i started playing as a Gamemaster enjoying it more then as a player.  I made some excursions to D&D, Shadowrun (2.x and 3.x), Cyberpunk (with heavy house rule modifications), GURPS and Plüsch, Power& Plunder.

I play computer games for now over 20 years. Started with a C116 (just 16kb RAM..woohoo) with a tape deck. After that it was the glorious time for the C64 (already with floppy disk) and after that came the Amiga 500 from Commodore. The first experience with an window-based OS. Then switched to PC.

For the last couple of years i started playing online games more intensivly. My first MMO experience is a MUD (MultiUserDungeon) called Morgengrauen. It’s one of the biggest MUDs in Germany. I started it 1997. I switched after a couple of years to a pvp-oriented MUD called holymission. It was a terrible programming work, as there where many bugs and unbalanced classes..but the theme was one of the best i’ve ever played. It was based on AD&D lore and it was two realms fighting against each other. Brutal to the end..but as you have much to loose, you also had much to win. It’s one thing to get beaten (and maybe even eaten) by a troll and losing all your stuff to him. Very much thrill, but also very much motivation for cheaters.. The game crippled therefore.

After some time i started with WoW.. nothing spectacular happened there. Beforce TBC i had 3 lvl60 (dwarf priest, dwarf warrior, gnome warlock) alliance chars on one server and a lvl60 horde char (undead priest) on another server. After TBC i leveled the alliance chars to 70 and raided with my dwarf priest. It got boring and so i quit WoW.


Posted August 6, 2008 by Karic

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