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First thought about the wild hunt..   Leave a comment

When I have read the newsletter about the next Live event  I immediately started to think “oh.. why the elves?”…

Do I want to honor any god with pointy ears? I’m no hunter.. maybe a miner, master brewer, goldsmith.. but I usually don’t hunt .. Even if I was a hunter, I couldn’t care less about a elven god.

For some unknown reason I made a list in my head..

  • Elves have Lost Vale and now the stuff for the live event..
  • Humans have Altdorf and the instances in it..
  • Dwarves have.. erm.. Thunder mountain with all of its lava?

I’m waiting for some big dwarven stuff, besides something like Kegend where they just put some gobbos to slaughter and beer to drink.

RvR wise I’m also not happy about the locations where the fights will be.. Of all the three pairings I dislike the elven one the most. All the RvR lakes there just aren’t much fun to me.. It’s not only because it’s way too green. I just don’t like the flow of battle there..too narrow RvR lakes and such.


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Questions of the day (29/07/09)   Leave a comment

I just started wondering, why patch 1.3.0b has the letter b in it.

Back in 1.1.something Mythic started the minor patches  with the letter a… So where did patch 1.3.0a got lost? ;)

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Hardly discussed but interesting (patch 1.3.0b)   Leave a comment

The patch 1.3.0b was mostly about Combat and Career changes, i.e. CC stuff and AE fixing with a little bit of RvR stuff.

I noticed one thing that seems quiet interesting for imbalanced servers:

Fortress timers will now decrease by 15 minutes for each time the corresponding city has been contested in the past three days. The timer cannot go below 15 minutes total. For example, if Altdorf has been pushed into contested twice in the past three days, and Destruction pushes the campaign into Stonewatch, the time Destruction has to defeat the Fortress lord will be 30 minutes.

Seems like an interesting mechanic to reduce the farming of capital cities. I have no idea if it will work, but killing a fortress lord in less then 15 minutes seems like a hard task even on imbalanced servers. At least defenders have a chance to hold off an attack …

On Drakenwald this will most likely play no role as capital city attacks are rare.. the curse of somewhat balanced realms. ;)

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Still there..   Leave a comment

Sorry for the lack of posts lately..but I took some days off and enjoyed some days on Amrum again.. North sea.. lots of beach and sun.

Now patch 1.3.0b is there. They did it again. Combat and career changes don’t seem important enough to allow a version 1.3.1, instead we have again just a letter added.

I will play today and look how the changes are. Just looking at the patch notes (I was again not able to log onto the PTS) I’m sceptical about the CC-changes. I know many complained about the CC in WAR (even I did it at the beginning), but playing soft targets, i.e. Engineer and Runepriest, I appreciate the ability to CC enemies to increase my survivability. I expect now larges waves of melee dps and bombing groups to run around… hardly stoppable, because they are immune to CC. Especially my Engineer will suffer from the changes I think, because he just threw away lots of AE-dmg, but not for killing, just annoying people. AE-dmg from Sorc/BW was insane, but the 300-500 tick-dmg from engineers is just laughable, though I get quiet high in the dmg-charts in Scenarios my Engineer hardly kills anyone, especially in 1vs1. They have to be so kind to run right into the napalm field…or I need the right terrain and CC to be able to kill a melee char (though this is very unlikely).

I think Mythic didn’t attack the problems, just swung the big nerf-bat getting some careers to a reasonable level, while making others nearly worthless. Career changes and balancing aren’t easy.. but this changes just don’t seem right. Well.. I will see it later when I log on.

I like the challenge of playing inferior classes, but I need at least a small chance to make any impact on the battlefield ;)

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Slightly off-topic   2 comments

I wanted to write some rant about the population on Drakenwald, especially the so called order, but that will have to wait… As everyone who is frustrated with something in an MMPO I’m looking around for other MMOs. What could be alternatives or new “homes”?

But first, a state of the game for WAR:

I still like the game, though is has many design flaws and I’m having real performance issues sometimes. Strangely the latter seems to depend on the moon calendar or something like that, because sometimes the lag is horrible, sometimes it’s ok. Our guild has some high and low-activity phases since it exists and atm it’s been in a low activity one, because of the release of blood bowl which some guys play. Others are frustrated about patch 1.3. This low activity lessened my interest in WAR (but there is another reason which I will explain later)..

My biggest complaint goes to the order guys on Drakenwald. Yesterday I just turned off regional chat because they just made me angry.

So..are there alternatives or new shiny things on the horizon?


At the first moment I saw a video of the gameplay I saw that it’s definitely not my kind of game. Wings, Anime-style..etc.. no way. I will follow some stuff about it, but it’s mostly because I am interested in how the hype-thing will evolve. I think that there will be no game which can survive the hype that’s been build up in the gaming community before release..

Which brings me to..

Star Wars: The old Republic

I really, really liked KoToR.. I think Bioware can make real good games, but.. I am not sure how well this all plays out in an MMO. It’s just not fun if too many force using chars are out there and I’m not sure how there will be in a MMO a story where I am the real hero… Too much epic stuff for too many people at the same time and place. I don’t think that this can be handled.. So I’m interested but heavily skeptical.. If I could request one thing, than I just want to rename all characters I ignore to Jaja.

The list is short, but there are still some entries..

Champions Online

Short answer..I want to be a hero.. not a super-hero.. ;)


As it turns to f2p I’m not sure if I will visit it. I like the D&D worlds, but I heavily dislike the ruleset. I’m a bit undetermined what I should think about the favor-unlocked 32-points build, because the first character I play in an MMO is still something special to me, even though I’m an alt-a-holic..

Star Trek Online

Still some time to go for this title, but it’s atm a definite “I will try this one”. All the stuff I’ve read and heard at the moment is in the category “Oh..that’s interesting”. I think the exploration-way is simpler and better to implement into a game than the story-driven way that Bioware is trying in SWTOR. STO just sounds more like an MMO than a single-player game, where the latter  is something I always think when I hear/read something about TOR.

Thinking about this paragraph I just realized that it’s for me most of the time a STO vs TOR. This are the two MMO titles I’m most interested in..STO wins for me as it seems something different to the current MMO’s and not just a better version of them…

..but for the next couple of weeks I’m playing the game of  “write a PhD thesis”.. more time-consuming..some kind of grind, but hey.. it rewards a title and maybe another tome unlock ;)

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Most wanted   1 comment

Again just a short post..but it’s better than nothing. I’m quiet busy in RL so posts are atm most likely very short one.

In WAR we have the statues in the capitols for chars who earn most renown in the week (though sometimes I get the feeling that the update schedule is much faster).

I think it would be neat to have some sort of “Most Wanted” Posters for enemies who earn the most renown. Nothing too spectacular, just a poster.  Some bounty or renown bonus when killing them would be nice, but not necessary. It’s just showing your enemy who’s the best killer..not only your own realm.

I think I’ve played too much Duke Nukem back in the days when it was actually played.. I’ve just started to think about the “Hail to the King!” sound-sample … but that would just break the “Most Wanted”-stuff.

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