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Nerfed Tutorial   2 comments

Ever wanted to code an addon for WAR, but never had a plan how and where to start?

Then you should check the tutorial about addon development from Nerfed.WAR ..

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If I ever had hope…   5 comments

that Mythic is going in the right direction..Kai Schober aka Sterntaler pretty much wiped it away.

Caution..German language incoming (quote from ;)

Sylow schrieb:

In einem Satz zusammengefasst ist die Mythic-Aussage: “Wir wollen es richtig machen, also nicht nur ein Pflaster aufkleben, aber auf keinen Fall werden wir das riesige, schlecht angebrachte und nicht überdachte Pflaster der versteckten Levels über RR80 entfernen.”

Das stimmt so nicht. Die versteckten Level werden zwar nicht entfernt, aber reduziert. Ich finde, man kann nicht alles gleich machen und einen gewissen Bonus sollte man Spielern, die in den Raengen aufsteigen, bieten.

Let me (freely) translate it for you..

Sylow complained/translated the physical mitigation discussion so that Mythic’s statement is “We want to do it right and not just put a band-aid on it, but we don’t want to remove that big, badly attached and designed band-aid that is the hidden levels above RR80.

To this Kai replied, that the hidden levels will not be removed but reduced. He doesn’t believe that everything should be equaled and players should gain certain bonuses if they gain ranks.

Ok.. I tried it..You must believe me that I tried not to rant on every post I make here, but Mythic is just giving me so much opportunities that I just can’t resist ;)

This hidden level crap is so wrong on so many levels that I just can’t believe it that anyone trying to play a competetive game is really thinking that this is the right way for a diverse community as WAR has to actually have fun fights around.

In T1-T3 you gain a buff if your rank is below a certain rank.. in T4 you don’t need such crap and earned the right to be one-shotted by someone who has just enough spare-time to grind RR. What a fun..yep.. that’s why we are playing. To experience a rank-difference at the end.. scenarios are boring as hell because it ends on either one of the camps.. RvDoor is actual as ever..and boring as ever. But hey..people gain RR and that must be enough. Edit as Ilanaya reminded me on something I wrote on before it got deleted: Remove the RvR bolster in lower tiers, because people should have advantages for having more ranks..

Why has progression end with “power”? If people at Mythic realize that there is more to progression than only increasing stats, i.e. damage, healing, etc.. then..maybe then we can have a game that has the possibility to be more active about fighting and not maximizing renown ranks. You guys design a RvR game.. fighting should be the fun.. In a PvE game you can put in some of those disparities between ranks, because it doesn’t matter realm wise..but not in a RvR game. There such rank disparity is killing the game.  So stop thinking like you are designing a PvE game.

I have a dream.. A dream where people fight each other (sorry for that ;) ) because it’s fun and a challenge.. not because it only gives renown and gear.

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Thought of the day (03/17/2011)   1 comment

From someone claiming that you only need an assist-train (and a little bit of coordination*) to kill a rr90+ premade (while having only rr80- in your group) (freely quoted):

WAR is casual get everything and have only to invest some time.

That is the opposite of casual friendly ;) Casual friendly is NOT to have invest a lot of time for something, but rather invest .. I dare not so say it.. skill. WAR is ..well..was casual friendly, because you could hop right into the action.. of course you are more effective if you form a group/warband and coordinate via voice chat etc..  Dying your RR up to RR90+ and then killing folks because of your advantage in RR and gear is..  not casual friendly, but stupid ;)

No wonder there are people around who think that it’s ok if gear matters over skill.. over and out.


* yep..assisting might double the damage from 15 to 30 dmg/gcd..while still getting hit for 1k+ in return. Go figure out who will win ;)

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Re-Post: A new movement   Leave a comment

I just wanted to repost something from 09 that never gets old.. my hate for elves ;)

So here it is and yes..I know that I promised a proper post.. :

Arbitrary’s post on Fantasy Racism could be the start of a new movement. Well..maybe not new, but some sort of unification process might start?! ;)


So..all you elf haters.. Unite! Kill elves in every game you see them! Let your anger loose (use the dark forces if you like) and go on slaughter them.. They deserve it ;)

Maybe start a merchandise brand and produce T-shirts, if fighting is nothing for you:


Start a club … Tell everyone in region-chat, that it doesn’t matter what sort of Elf you kill as long as it’s an Elf. Do it like me and greet the warband you just joined with “Hello Fighters and Elves” ..

Is this (fantasy) racism? Of course, but hey.. the started it by cutting some dwarves beards (just as one Warhammer related example..there are plenty more in every fantasy story).. Grudges don’t go away so fast ;)


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Same slot..different Archetypes   Leave a comment

Just a short one.. I hope that a proper post will come later this week ;)

I wonder why everyone complains that physical rdps is too weak.. I think that Choppas, Marauders, White Lions, DoK’s and Slayers hit hard enough ;) Not to mention KotBS and Chosen.. and all those witchy thingies..

The remaining physical dps are ..statistical errors concerning the overall power of rdps careers.

I know that it’s not funny, but this is somehow how I think about the melee range ;)

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qed   3 comments

You dear reader..know that I’m currently in a mood for ranting about WAR and what Mythic is doing to this game..

To be more precise..what they are not doing. ;) I miss any real direction or new ideas coming from the Dev’s.

If you need any proof look at this. Imo there’s not much to add to this post.. the whole focus is the keep door and with that focus there will be still a static (aka boring) keep fight. It’s the same concept for RvDoor Mythic tried to get rid of with patch 1.4.. not a hint of new idea behind it.

Oh well.. I keep this post short. I don’t want to steal too much from your time ;)

Oh..there’s one info to add ;).. Again another of my ..spooky titles. For information about it look here.

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Soul   5 comments

Well.. I’m nearly done with WAR.. that has several reasons.. (prepare for a rant ;) )

Abstract for those of you who don’t want to read the whole wall of text:

Mythic can’t handle their game and I don’t think that they will make this game (again) to some real PvP/RvR game anymore.. it’s gear, gear, gear..combined with an inability to fix the responsiveness of the game itself. It’s RvE.. RvR with PvE-philosophy.

The first one is the lack of ideas from the side of Mythic. Since Marc Jacobs left I can’t remember of any idea/concept that was new in this game and was fun. The new posts from James in the forums asking what can be changed in the ORvR campaign or scenarios is just an indicator for the lack of ideas on side of Mythic. They have no idea where to go and stand right in front of the ruins of the game that used to be Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and degraded to Warhammer Online: Age of grinding..Age of waiting..Age of standing around. Actually.. Mythic can’t handle their own game.

What went so fundamentally wrong? It may sound stupid..but imo they listened too much on the players. One thing MJ did right is having his own ideas and bringing them to live. He was quiet stubborn and adjusted them not fast enough, but in general this is a good way of creating and keeping a game that has a soul. In the last couple of months the game got too much impact by the PvE philosophy, even though the remaining vocal players demand not to have PvE in the game…their philosophy about the game is centered around PvE-games.

The PvE philosophy.. What is it? Well.. quiet simple.. it’s the elitism that comes from farming items that are more powerful than other stuff… aka. vertical progression. Skill is determined not by actual skill of the player, but by investment of time and earning more powerful items by it. In a PvE environment it’s ok, because you live side by side and don’t care what the other guy next to you wears. In a PvP game this is the totally wrong way because this uber gear is felt by the weaker enemies in every situation. The enemies are weak not because of lack of skill, but because they can’t or don’t want to spent that much time in the game. A vertical progression is causing waaaaay more problems in a PvP game than in a PvE game for that reason. It’s a fine line between giving an advantage and predetermining the result of a fight just purely on gear and extra-stuff like additional ranks.

A PvP game should be about horizontal expansion.. giving the players more options to make their character more unique, give them gear to better fit their playstyle or spec..and not to replace one sort of gear with a more powerful one, e.g. warpforged and doomflayer, they are prime example of a set that has absolutely no character. WF is just DF with higher numbers. The worn-set is the same stuff. It’s lacking ..a soul. But the problem lies not only in the set itself..

Mythic tests those sets only against each other..which is another sign for their lack of understanding their own game. On the day to day basis you happen to face enemies with quiet a range of RR and therefore most of the time quiet different gear. I know I repeat myself, but those fights just must not be determined by the gear alone. I want to respect those enemies who are of a higher RR, but I know that some of them are just that strong because of the gear and RR and not because of their skill..and that is just frustrating. Before patch 1.4 was the eye-opener for me.. as a cloth-healer you happen to be a prime target and often I died..getting more RR and better gear I just got more stable (even though I was not slotting armor or something like that). It was just ridiculous because I didn’t need to detaunt a melee-dps .. Now I still don’t need to detaunt, because the enemy is <RR84 and doesn’t hurt me or is RR85+ and I die in one gcd. Funnily the combat log just shows damage for 2k..but I die ;)

Scenarios are another story for their own.. I would be happy if they start with 12vs12..and not one side filling up after the fight is already going on for 3mins. At that stage the fight is mostly done…This is a long time problem in WAR and Mythic is still not fixing it…

But I’m not done with the gear story.. Making (too) powerful and soulless gear is one thing.. breaking the whole game by the sets is another thing. Imo the def-sets broke the game .. with def-sov the dps lost their drawback of being fragile, but it was not so bad, because they lost a good amount of damage-dealing capabilites.. with DF/WF everything just..broke and even though Mythic reduced the values of the bonuses, the ..idea..behind the set is just wrong. A dps character should be vulnarable.. a tank should be stable and no dps’er.. a healer should heal..not make more damage than careers that are designed as dps careers.. This whole rock-paper-scissor-lizard-spock thing went wrong.. and is now totally broken. It’s one thing to have an advantage with higher RR, it’s a totally different story to be nearly unkillable while literally one-hitting your enemies.
Well..I could rant all day..about melee-range being close to the range of grenades from an Engineer..immunities making Engineers obsolete.. Melee careers hitting you for 3s ..according to combat log, but you were just able to see them for one global cooldown.. oh..and one of my highlights of the last week was a Witch killing my while not even facing me for 90% of the fight..

One last thing.. it’s something my guild mates hat to endure during the last week every day..because it’s true. Last week I was hit at Handball right in the face.. and I was not nearly as upset as after 2 mins of game time in WAR ;) I know that it’s part of RvR to get stomped into the ground.. but there should be at least a glimpse of hope that you can compensate some stuff with actual playing and not only grinding.

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