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Silent screams   2 comments

I was planning to write this post for several days now..and posts in different blogs (e.g. Bootae and Werit just to name two..but several others mentioned similar concerns. Sorry for being too lazy to search for the posts) show me that I’m not alone with the topic..
It’s the silence from Mythic we are experiencing for some weeks now. It’s quiet disturbing, but I’m not really surprised because of the recent development in communication skills (i.e. silence) from Mythic’s side we’ve experienced in the last couple of months.

Since the release of LotD we’ve always heard from a (different) dev that the changes they make in the next patch will be great etc..Well that’s not really surprising as every dev in every MMO tries to sell some crappy features with marking them as new.

Since WAR added  some official forums some time ago there is a nice platform for  forum trolls. That’s also nothing new, but I think that it changed the way Mythic communicates to the community. Gone are the times were blog’s were involved or some sort of viral marketing was tested. The communication from Mythic degenerated to some sticky forum posts and a Producer’s letter every half year (which didn’t state anything really new anyways). It seems that..the remaining.. Mythic team is fed up with communicating with the community, be it because of trolling (and always trying to stay calm) or because they just can’t sell the new features anymore.

The other alternative is that there are no new things to communicate and Mythic has no idea in which direction they should head with WAR. Sadly this seems a viable reason why Mythic is so silent. Let’s look back.. do you see any design direction which heads the game into a new direction? It’s more or less just fixing/removing of old design decisions which didn’t work in the first place. This is reflected by the RvR packs. Mythic avoided the use of the word “Expansion”.. and they were right, because the RvR Packs weren’t worth being called so. They just added some more grind and put the game in a more pronounced gear race were in RvR gear matters more than skill…

The problem here is that a great number of player saw this Packs as a Expansion. I’m not belonging to the group, but if you look at the  responses after the introduction of the RvR packs you will find often a great amount of disappointed folks.

Imho Myhtic’s silence is costing them a great amount of players (= money), because know the interwebs.. Things derail and there has to be an official statement to “keep the waves at a reasonable height”. But the problems don’t stop with the frustrated quitters’s also causing problems to those who still play the game. They are left alone and have no idea if the problems of the game will be changed (there are a lot of problems who need to be addressed) or what the game is going to be in the future. It feels like walking in foggy woods with sharp stones on the way. You have no idea if there will a smooth path ahead or at least a treasure at the end of it… or if all the pain is just futile.

Maybe WAR is just fool’s gold..

What this game needs is a direction (other than bigger and better..and grindier).. Mythic has to state what they plan to do (if they plan anything).. There is this unpleasant feeling that Mythic has no idea what they are doing with the game and where they want “to go” or that they may have some nice ideas, but don’t have the personnel to implement it. Both not really nice ..options.

One last thing.. How often did you read “Nice idea, but bad implementation” with regard to WAR? I can’t count that anymore ,)




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Happy new year and small survey   2 comments

First of all..happy new year ;)

Mine started not so good as I started this year with a cold.. (Damn you Nurgle *raises his fist* ;) ), but I hope that you had a better start.

I wanted to say something about the patch 1.4 and the RvR packs, but decided that I want to do it in a small survey-form. Feel free to fill it out in the comment section or your own blog. It’s not a complete survey of all the details concerning the patch 1.4 or the RvR Packs. It’s just a very short list of things that come to my mind when I think about it. Feel free to extent the list of questions to your liking.

So here is my short list:

1: Overall Rating of Patch 1.4 and the RvR packs
[ ] The game needed this patch, [ ] Good, [ ] Meh, but I can live with it,

[  ] The patch broke the game, [x] Mythic added just more grind and there is nothing to be excited about that Patch/RvR Pack, [ ] Undecided

2: Which Archetype did profit most of the patch?

Melee-DPS. Survivability increased by a great amount, while the damage/dps stay constant or even increased (in most cases).

3: What Career did profit most from the patch and why?

This is close one.. I think that the Witch Elves/Hunters profit quiet a bit. They belong to Melee-DPS and so they profit by the overall damage increase, but they also got more prey to find in the lakes or/and (with last stand) can even farm afk-people at the warcamps and gain easy renown. Because of their burst damage capability they can kill so much folks, that it easily pays off to die once.

4: Did the patch changed anything for you?

[ ] Yes, I had a RR80 and play him now again, [ ] No I play my alts anyways,  [x] Same old story after the patch/Nothing has changed

5: What feature of 1.4/RvR Pack is the most important to you?

[ ] RR100 and new more powerful items, [ ] Pets and new colors, [ ] Faster mounts, which don’t have huge wings,

[ ] Playable Skaven, [ ] Skaven dungeon, [ ] Changed ORvR mechanic,

[x] I don’t care. I just want to beat somebody to bloody pieces or blow somebody into smoking remains. (In case you play a healer “I want to prevent that my teammates get beaten to bloody pieces or blown into smoking remains.”)

6: Did the RvR Packs were worth the money?

[ ] Yes, [ ] No, [x ] They were cheap, so I don’t care

I’m sure that many of you disagree or want to add something.. So feel free to comment ;)

Let’s see..maybe I’ll write a proper post in the near future. There are some things I want to say about the game, but atm there’s not much time for writing..

Karic (

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