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Merry Christmas..   Leave a comment

Before I forget it I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year.


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Where the money flows..   1 comment

Economy in Warhammer is nearly irrelevant. Everyone has enough money for whatever they want to purchase and there is no real need to buy anything as you can get good items from PvE Quests or RvR. Crafting materials  can be get easily, but you have to buy something as you can’t gather everything with one profession what you need for apothecary or talisman making.

There have been some discussion about money sinks and now Mythic introduced a money sink that makes me go grumble and mutter (without getting any healing! ;) ).

Dyeing has got expensive in a way that I don’t dye any armor now for my low-rank chars. I checked it yesterday with Beorom (rank21) and the cheapest color costs 90s for primary and secondary color, the most expensive costs 9g50s. Over 9 gold for a bit of fluff? That’s a bit more than double the value from before and I’m asking myself why? I already didn’t dye the expensive colors before that increase, but with this increase there is only one combination which leads to costs lower than 1g.

Our guild has a preferred color combination so that all guild members have some sort of uniform look, though we have the options to change the color arrangement a bit (changing primary and secondary, adding a third color as our color scheme not only gives primary and secondary color, but also a third one for decoration).. It’s kinda fun to see your guildies in a warband when they have a similar color combination and are visually distinctive from the rest. After increase in dye-costs we stopped this until the char is rank 40 .. which is kinda sad.

So why did the prices change? Is it just to make player-made dyes  more attractive or just to draw money out of our wallets?

If it is to enhance the the attractiveness of player-made dyes than it would be a better solution to give vendors just a small set dyes (maybe something in the range of 6 or up to the value of now which is 12 ..I think) and let players make (visually) better and different dyes. I didn’t test making dyes with apothecary because I don’t have cultivation (a profession I heavily dislike) .. so I can’t really comment on it, but player-made dyes didn’t pop up to my perception browsing through the auction house.

So I will search for them in the auction house and maybe end in not dyeing at all..and I know that I am not the only one who will dye less. Bad move from Mythic imo.

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Version what?   Leave a comment

Seeing patch 1.1 and later patches I wondered about the version numbers.
We all got used to two decimals for minor patches .. e.g. 1.0.6 patch.

1.1 meaning that it is a bigger patch (in terms of change and impact), but why did they now turned to adding letters? Patch 1.1a, 1.1b, 1.1c instead of 1.1.1, 1.1.2 ..
What will come next? Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic letters? Roman numbers or webding-font or a combination of it all?

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Contribution?   1 comment

A funny (?) thing happened yesterday.. Order organized a warband for taking keeps back in T2 and I joined with my Bright Wizard as ranged dps was underrepresented.

So I was involved in the keep siege from the first second on and did some nice damage to enemy players, myself and the keep lord.. and guess what my contribution bonus was 0. Yes.. exactly none. So apparently this seems still not really fixed as I can’t imagine how I could end up so badly contribution-wise. The other option would be that I suck at playing a BW, but at least in scenarios I’m always in the top3 of dmg-dealt… ;)

So let’s all give a warm applause to lunatic-code and move on to the next keep..

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Something that made me go “omg”..   1 comment

Leveling in WAR seemed slow to me, but still at an ok level. Karic is now rank 30 with around 2h per day playing-time (I rarely play him on weekends). I’m an alt-a-holic so my main char doesn’t get as much attention as others give it to their mains, so I have to be somewhat pleased to reach that rank. I play a mix between PvE, scenarios and ORvR.. Nothing feels like a grind (though I grinded in the last days some influence because I was in the mood to just farm stuff.. so no bad feelings involved in grinding it) and I have still some quests to do in chapter 14, but I can see them running out before I reach rank 32. I have to admit that  I’m artificially slowing my leveling speed as I want to reach T4 with Karic solely by questing in the dwarven-greenskin pairing..It still seems possible ;)

Yesterday I was somewhat..well.. shocked when I realized that Huss has an exp-bonus for Order and Destruction. So leveling tempo is 20% increased compared to other servers and I went “omg”… As I said, with this 20% “bonus” leveling speed seemed ok, but I think that it would seem terrible slow if those 20% were not there.

I think that Mythic should adjust leveling speed a bit. There is nothing gained if people run out of quests before reaching a reasonable rank to advance to the next tier or have to jump between pairings, just because they have no fitting quests to their rank in one pairing. The replayability would get better as you can explore other pairings solely with an alt and frustration would get less as it’s always discouraging when rank-progression seem to stop at a solid wall.

With my first char (Karic) it began with rank 16 that I started to feel that wall .. after some ranks it seemed to go smooth again and with rank 26-28 it again started to feel slower than before… With all my alt’s things seem to feel different as I’m not really feeling any slow-downs up to rank 21 (though this might be because Karic didn’t have the exp-bonus all the time, but most of my alts had it from rank13 on). This is something odd as they have to go through all the same stuff as the main char, though they don’t have to do the unnecessary stuff because I learned what is good in terms of exp/hour ratio .. e.g. keep sieges on elven keeps are just.. stupid and no fun. Let those elves kill themselves. It’s better for the rest of the world! Erm.. I’m drifting away.

I still believe that the 20% exp-bonus should be on every server as it enables a better leveling speed which still isn’t ultra-fast and making ranks irrelevant.

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Scenario Quests   1 comment

Scenario’s are fun.. well..most of the time. It gets even more fun if you play different scenarios as the repetitiveness-factor goes down. Therefore Mythic introduced a timeout between scenario starts, so that there is some variety in what scenario pops up. The reason why some scenarios are simple:

  • Easy to get in and have (at least at prime time) immediatly fun
  • Good and fast XP/Renown
  • XP from a simple Quest

The third point bothers me a bit because it just favors imbalance in pop-ups of scenarios as some people sit at the warcamp where the quest-giver for a particular scenario quest is positioned. They just sit there, run only that particular scenario(s) (the s is because in higher tiers you have more than one scenario per race and tier) and not the other ones, because they don’t have the scenario quest for it.

And that is the point where I ask myself why they do that.  This scenario quests are just obsolete as (up to T3) the XP you get from it are easily and faster obtained by killing some mobs. You don’t have to bother sitting there at a warcamp and wait for that particular scenario to pop up. It’s way easier and comfortable to do some PvE and hop into scenario that are fun, rather that are required because of a stupid quest.

Solution is simple.. drop all scenario quests which just want you to participate at a seperate scenario. They aren’t needed in any way. They just keep people rooted to a spot because of the quest (and a weird sense of playing the game ;) ) The quests that send you out killing people also count ORvR kills and are fine imo and should stay.

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10 reasons why to choose a dwarf   2 comments

Back in August I posted a list for Greenskins, but as I’m playing dwarves now..this list has to be added.

So here it is:

10. No harps. It’s drums, trumpets, loud singing and such.. manly music, not sissy-music.

9. Washing is easy. Just drink some beer and everything will be fine.

8. You are stubborn! Don’t even try to discuss why this is a pro ;)

7. There are plenty of entries in your Book of Grudges, so your life has a purpose.

6. Ale!

5. The beard is a good place to store some tools, food, beer .. In general everything you will need outside of the mines. Swiss-Army-Beard so to say ;)

4. You can insult an elf and no one would think of you as being a jerk.

3. Your belly size gives you a low lying center of mass, making it harder to knock you down. Though Syp often lies around… Question remains: Is Syp trying to lower the center of mass even more or is he (would “she” be more appropriate?)  just lazy? ;)

2. Beer in general.

1. You can punch an elf in the face and no one would think of you as being a jerk. ;)

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