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Just a thought..   1 comment

We bloggers (forum posters) are on the fortunate site that we can speculate, make improvement suggestions and have great ideas how a game would be a great game, without facing the need to form that thoughts into something playable and fun for many players, not only ourselves.

Long sentence.. but that just popped up my mind during my morning coffee ;)

On the other side.. the devs are getting paid for delivering those games and no one said that it’s an easy task..


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Niche markets   Leave a comment

After he left Mythic Mark Jacobs reactivated his blog over at online games are a niche market.

Head over to it and read his stuff.. Today he thanks Games Workshop and by reading it you can get a glimpse of how he must feel at the moment…

It must be a tough time for him..

Though I don’t agree with some of the basic design decisions he made in Warhammer Online I want to thank him here for making a game I really like and wish him the best of luck for the future.

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Vampire’s, Interviews and Elves..   Leave a comment

Well.. a quiet misleading headline, but not a total lie ;)

Yitu did an interview with a Vampire… book author. To be precise, he interviewed Steven Savile who wrote the Warhammer novels about the Vampires.

You can find that interview here.  Go ahead.. don’t be afraid. It’s a german blog, but an english interview ;)

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Gimme the gold   1 comment

Since Mythic implemented the quest for defending keeps, I’m not happy with it. It is no major issue, but from time to time it annoys me a bit ;)

In patch 1.3 they added medals as quest reward, but still I don’t like the principle there. I think it’s a good idea to reward fighting, but if I am at a keep it’s really rare that I do that quest because of two reasons.

a) If the fight is on the outer part, e.g. the first gate, it’s too far away from the quest giver for me to stop healing and get that money and the medal. It just doesn’t feel right for me as a healer to run away from my group just to get that reward. Even if it’s upgraded with the medal I just can’t run away from the fight.

b) If the fight is in the inner part of the keep it is more likely that I will turn in the quest, but often enough it’s just too hectic because there is a Choppa hitting me and in that situation I just don’t want to talk to the keep lord ;)

What could be the solution?

The quest giver should be more easily accessible, i.e. not only the keep lord, maybe a officer at the gate or something similar could be standing around.

Alternatively the quest should be completely turned off . You are getting a reward for defending the keep anyways (one medal and renown). Maybe  some money and medals could be awarded automatically for killing enemies while defending the keep (or battlefield objective) without a quest.  The reward doesn’t have to be as big as it is now or the kill number could be increased, but as it stands now I have to leave the fight..leave my group behind and be selfish like an elf.. That’s not dwarfish. That’s the reason why I don’t like the current quest method for keep defense reward..

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The quest for the patch   Leave a comment

Patch 1.3 arrives today and for two days we were able to download the pre-patch stuff..

Were we? I couldn’t download the pre-patch, because for some unknown reason the download program couldn’t connect to the GOA servers and refused to tell me why. Well.. It told me that it can’t connect and I should check my connection settings. So it’s a typical FAQ answer ;)

When I get an error with an error message which tells me exactly nothing I get frustrated and angry.

Then again I wonder why the pre-patch download was enabled so shortly before the patch itself. 1-2 days is obviously not enough time for preparing a patch-download or react if something goes wrong.. I thought that most of the online gaming companies got that by now. So instead of playing the game today evening I will watch the blockbuster  “The download” brought to me by Mythic and GOA ;)

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OpenZerg   1 comment

Right now I’m in the mood to rant about some stuff in WAR, but will hold it back for least I will try to ;)

I just got aware that I wasn’t in ORvR for the past 2-3 weeks and I thought about the reasons why. Lack of activity on my side was not the reason. I still like WAR, have fun playing it and log on quiet often, but.. yes there is always a but when a sentence starts with this phrase..

ORvR is atm quite dead for me. There are always fights going on and always some warbands out there, but I just don’t want to join them. The design of ORvR is so that there is the possibility to jump into a warband and out without any effects on the outcome.. Casual-friendly is the term you could use for that. Player accumulate to warbands and roam through the RvR lakes. As a consequence of this, ORvR doesn’t matter to me because an individual have no impact on anything. This is emphasized by the AoE stuff going on and I’m not sure if this changes with the C&C changes after patch 1.3.

Roaming Zergs are not epic in any other aspect than in producing lag. On Drakenwald it gets even worse when most of the warband-members don’t even do the stuff they should do, e.g. follow orders from warband leaders..

Quiet often I ask myself if they use their brain. Instead of evading the enemy Zerg who is camping at the Warcamp entrance they just run into the enemy, get slaughtered and then start to whine, because the entrance is camped. To take a route through PvE area and enter the RvR lake on a different spot is not on their radar..

The same goes for the really rare 1vs1 fights. Two handed sword wielding chosen, witch elves, … running away from a Runepriest or Engineer. If the ratio is not 2:1 for your side only very few people fight.. It’s just frustrating.

I ranted just a bit.. Next time I will talk about the zerg effect on playing scenarios.

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I want to be color blind   6 comments

Dyeing can be a lot of fun..and a lot of frustration in WAR.

Some weeks ago I got most of the Sentinel Set and I was totally frustrated when looking at the colors. This is how Karic..(actually his new name is Carik) now looks like


The blue tone is quiet nice, but it’s not our guild color scheme. Why I run around in blue and not in our guild colors? If I dye the grey/brown  tones they all look more like green/brown than grey/brown.  Therefore I will stay in the blue color scheme. That’s the original color and it looks ok. Fowyr, our guild leader, has not complained that I don’t run around in the guild colors ;)

The reason why I want to be color blind when looking at my char is something different.. it’s the pink runes at the bottom of the robe. Someone gotta tell the guys at Mythic that pink is no dwarven color! In no world, no game, nowhere… not even dwarven females wear pink stuff. Of course you can’t dye them in another color. So I will have to keep the pink runes until I upgrade the Set..

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