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It’s been a long..loooong time since I wrote something here.

A lot has happened since, but it’s nothing that I would blog about..basically this boils down to being a fresh dad and other RL stuff and therefore not having a lot of…spare time. ;)

So what can you expect here in the future? Well… to be honest, not a lot. I’ve quit WAR, because it was too time consuming and couldn’t entertain me enough for the little time I’ve got. I’m still gaming though…it’s still MWO, but even for this I’m not having enough time and so I’m basically pugging most of time and don’t run with a proper (4 or 8 Mech) group. Which is a shame as this game relies heavily on communication and team work and fighting in a premade versus another premade is a lot more fun.

Nevertheless MWO is still my choice of online game right now.

Am I planning to return to WAR? Most likely not. Most of the time I have quit a game I didn’t get back to check it. I don’t see any plans for WAR in the future which might get me interested again.

Is there anything else I’m looking forward too? Hum.. not Elder Scrolls Online, but Mark Jacobs .. CSE … is having my interest in Camelot Unchained. Turning more old school as I get older ;)

My only problem is that old school MMO’s demand time, but I’m definitely interested in the project and what they plan, which is still a bit blury, but the general direction of design seems interesting.

So what now? Well.. to be honest. I don’t have a clue. Maybe this blog turns into a MWO or CU blog..or I forget about this specific game blogging and write about games I play or that I’m interested in, which I’m already doing as you can read right now. The term doomdiver fits my playing style in any game ;)

Another option would be to close this blog and move on..  I’ll keep you updated.–

Karic/Nathrach (


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with a lot of pictures and not so much text ;)

From time to time I just stop for a moment and appreciate the artwork in WAR. This time it’s the Engineer. It’s one of the coolest looking careers in the game if you’d ask me. Here are some screenshots from my Engineer with some Worn Sovereign and Warlord equipment..oh and of course the sentinel helmet and the pistol used in the appearance slots ;)

Playing an Engineer is a lot of fun, though the career is one of the..not so powerful ones. It’s just a matter of style..oh the grenades, explosions..and the beer are also quiet nice ;)

Sometimes though strange stuff happens..this time it’s this:

-19 overhealed… So the Brew sucked my life out? must be the work of Chaos..or Elves or I am a really bad healer as an Engineer as beer can’t be such a bad thing for a dwarf ;)


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Is there any escape?   4 comments

No matter what you do.. the zerg is always there.

When Drakenwald was closed I went to Karak Norn, because I’ve heard that 6vs6 fights were often found there.. It took not long for me to find out that this is sadly not the case on that server. 12 seems like the minimum for groups in be fair this holds for both realms. So in the last weeks I’ve experienced some zerg stuff in the RvR lakes. Particularly Monday seemed to establish as the zerg day.

But this isn’t a post about the zerg on the server.. What I thought of is the fear of many folks out there to die in a RvR/PvP game. Damaz Kron statistics and renown grind is more important than a good fight. Which is also not the real starting point for this post..I’m writing in reverse order here ;)

All those stuff comes up, because I think that the patch 1.4.6 for WAR will change the balance in T4 a little bit. It will be nothing dramatic, but it will lessen the power gap between a fully equipped RR100 and someone entering T4. I can’t stress enough how much I like this as imo a gear/power gap is nothing that should decide the outcome of a fight in such a game. As I already mentioned in a previous post..I don’t think that it will dramatically shift power balance as the fully equipped RR100 premades are still stronger, but not by such a large margin. It will be just a bit more difficult to hide lack of skill now..

.. and that could be a problem. That statistics thing now kicks in.. people don’t want to die. It ruins the numbers.. If there would be not such a zerg-heavy gaming style in WAR I would therefore expect even more zerging when the balance gets better. The Zerg protects..the Zerg makes nice numbers.

What I’m beginning to ask myself is if there can be any game with a large community where the game is really good balanced, not zergy..not grind-orientated (renown, other purple numbers, etc..)… Is there a place in the MMO landscape where people seek a fight, because it’s a nice beating on each other and that is enough*? Can there be such a place? Is the current gaming community interested in something like this?

On the other hand..people play Diablo.. so much for the interest and fun in grinding… ;)

One last note. Though the patch for WAR doesn’t seem spectacular it’s (at least in theory) a good patch..even though I would have hoped that such bug/balance fixing would be made on a higher pace. Letting bugs be exploited for months and more was imo not good for the pop numbers…

Oh.. now the really last note..I promise. I have no clue how the city siege will  turn out to be, but as the zerg slows things down I didn’t experience a city siege in quiet a while and will not comment on the new mechanic other that I’m curious how it will be in the live game.

*As I mentioned once in voice chat.. “I don’t care about renown as long as some elves die”.


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Impact?   1 comment

Patch 1.4.6 is nearing … and I’m curious on how it will affect the game.

It’s no big deal patch with flashy stuff, but imo it will have some significant impact. Even if it’s just for two things..

The changes to Thanquol’s Incursion and fixing typos in the Tome of Knowledge… uh wait.. not those two things. What I meant are of course the..

  • RvR Bolster to r45

Every player will welcome this as this lessens the power gap in t4 and gives you more competition in fights. At least those who like the fights and not only chase those little purple numbers..or just want to bully someone.

Will this change the overall landscape of fighting in RvR lakes? Of course not (especially not the zerg stuff going on on Karak Norn). What it will do is emphasize the player skill a bit more and lessen the impact of the gear/rank disparity for the outcome of a fight. Good players will remain good and will win the fights, but bad players might get exposed which they could cover up to the patch with rr and gear. I’m curious what will be the next reason why some players win and others don’t… I think it’s time for Nerfed Buttons again.

A little note: Hopefully the bolster will be fixed prior to release as it seems that rr100 players get bolstered by 5 ranks too.. which would defeat the purpose of the bolster ;)

  • the respawn locations change; if you die in the RvR lake you will respawn in the warcamp and if you die in keep range you will respawn in the keep

Again not a huge change, but I think that it’s nice as I don’t like this “die to defend the keep” tactics.. This makes it a bit trickier to defend, but opens a new front as reinforcement is trying to break through the attackers line to reach the keep. More widespread fighting during a fight at the keep is just better.

One thing where I have no clue on how it will turn out is the change to the city siege mechanics.. just one instance seems..strange. My first reaction to this was just a raised eyebrow, because I had no idea how this affects premade warbands and pugs. Does this mean that 60 vs 60 are fighting in a city siege instance? This seems strange..  I’m still not sure if I should like it or not, but I’m sure that I will have even more difficulties than now to get the sov-gear for my alts.

One final note.. Elves are still not a separate dwarves will still have to be “allied” to some of them.

Yeah..I’m too lazy to look up and link to the patch notes which Keaven posted in the official forums, but you will most likely know them already as I am not fast here with new posts.

Karic (


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Decisions   1 comment

Though i’m tempted to write about Mark Jacobs report of the Preview Weekend, i will not. I think that the problems during that weekend will be covered by some other blogs where people played at the PW. I’m not in beta or played the PW, so i could just reproduce the experience from others which makes no sense..

Today i write more or less solely for myself, because i recently started to think about career/realm selection. It’s some kind of brainstorming ;)

After leaving WoW i was 100% confident that i don’t want to play at a faction meant to be “the good guys”. Back in the days where i played some RvR-kind of MUDs and in WoW i always had problems with many people who chose that side. I’m not sure why, but most of the time i had more fun being at the side known as “the bad guys”.

So i planned to play Destruction.. I like to play healers and the Shaman mechanic seems very attractive to me. I like that mixing of ranged dps and healing. Furthermore the Goblins are small.. which for some unknown reason i always like. I play Dwarves since my first pen&paper RPG. This makes LARPs terrible for me. I’m 1,96m tall in real life and no one believes that you are a dwarf ;)

There happened two things which made me rethink my plans..

  • Destruction seems very popular.
  • The first video i saw with a Runepriest (Reinforced by Arbitrary)

Both are really important for me. I don’t like playing a popular faction. I have no clue why. Maybe i just like the challenge when being at a weaker side. I know that the current polls are not significant, but this tendency makes me think about the choice at which realm i will play.

The first time i saw a Runepriest cast a spell and saw a rune appear, i went “”. Rune magic is exactly what i like as being cast by dwarves! It seems to fit extremely well. Secondly.. if given the chance i always play dwarf, even if it’s heavily underpowered. I like playing them as RP chars.. It’s just fun.

So..summing up. I have no clue what i want to play. Both the Runepriest and the Shaman seem very attractive to me. I will most likely reserve the names on two RP servers, but i don’t know yet what will be my main char.

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Iain C from GOA posted today at WHA forums:

A couple of things to bear in mind. The information you are looking for is, for the most part, going to be major announcements that will be co-ordinated along with Mythic – stuff like open beta start dates, headstart info etc. We can’t give you that info until it’s time to release it. It’s all big news and we need to make sure that it’s handled properly.

We aren’t hiding anything, we’re not hoping you’ll forget. Quite the opposite, we want everyone to stay excited about WAR and to build up to the final launch day frenzy. We’ve already told you that the EU pre-order program will be starting on the 28th August and that there will be more details on that when it launches. We’ve also made it very clear that the account pages will be ready in plenty of time for the open beta start and that our schedule is going to be identical to Mythic’s in that regard.

I know you’re all waiting anxiously for info and it will come but for now, please trust me when I say there is nothing to get worried about. There are a lot of exciting announcements lined up for the next couple of weeks and all of your concerns will be answered in plenty of time.

Iain ‘Requiel’ Compton – English Community Manager
European Warhammer: Age of Reckoning team

So actually it’s still no solid news, but to me the date 28th August is new. The pre-order program starts at this date, so this is at least the date for OB.

I’m quiet happy even with this little information, also i wished there were more infos about the timetable. The only problem is that it’s not clear what SE and CE pre-orders exactly get. We’ll have to wait at least 2 more weeks for it, but personally i think that the announcement will be before 28th August.

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10 reasons why to choose a Greenskin   1 comment

This list was compiled by Inomi (my GF ;) ) and me..and is only a small list of reasons as all of you know that there are several hundreds of reasons for playing a Greenskin.

10. The challenge: As Kermit sings: It’s not easy being green…

9. There is no better way to stun a stunty

8. They’ve got high hopes.. we’ve got high flying goblins!

7. Spores rule sperm!

6. We’ve got the biggest…..tank

5. Nobody wants to pet your pet.

4. Gork’n’Mork rhyme and nothing goes with Sigmar.

3. Because you have never have to worry if you are good in bed.

2. No one wants to borrow your toothbrush.

and the number one is.. *drum-roll*


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