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Version what?   Leave a comment

Seeing patch 1.1 and later patches I wondered about the version numbers.
We all got used to two decimals for minor patches .. e.g. 1.0.6 patch.

1.1 meaning that it is a bigger patch (in terms of change and impact), but why did they now turned to adding letters? Patch 1.1a, 1.1b, 1.1c instead of 1.1.1, 1.1.2 ..
What will come next? Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic letters? Roman numbers or webding-font or a combination of it all?


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Question of the day (11/25/08)   3 comments

Is it better to take someones soul rather than his blood?

(Just popped up in my mind as I was thinking about the pre-launch discussion about soul and blood essence. As most of you know, some people here in germany have a problem when games contain too much blood and such.. So there was the problem with the DoK… he drains blood essence and afaik it’s called soul essence now, just to not have to use the word blood.)

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Question of the day.. (07/11/08)   3 comments

Does RP-server mean that it’s an Runepriest only server?

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New item for CE? ;)   1 comment

Looking around at the forums (e.g. responses to IainC’s post at WHA) i got an idea for an extra item for CE.

A Warhammer Anti-Stress ball to help people with their anger management ;) People showed zero tolerance for any failures and reacted quiet harsh. Everyone was disappointed because yesterday (up to even now) showed that GOA failed on many things for OB, but things in the forums are getting ridiculous. There are even physical threats out there; petitions to Mythic to disengage with GOA and that EA should cover the marketing. Those people really believe that you can change such a huge system in one week and get the game running smoothly?

Now IainC did a summary of yesterday and apologized for the lack of service yesterday. I can accept his apology (it’s more diplomatic than Magnus’ from yesterday, but Iain got the advantage of having time to react).

There is one sentence which causes some heavy responses:

If having delayed access to a beta test really drives you to such depths of anger and fury that you felt compelled to make the death threats, racial slurs and other deeply unpleasant posts then – and there is no polite way to put this – there is something wrong with you.

And frankly I can understand this..but I seem to be in the minority as at least on WHA the responses are not understandable to me. There is some oversimplification as some people already interpret this as a general statement towards the whole playerbase and as a repeated (?!) insult from GOA towards the community. There is so much tension out there.. Is this what it means to be hardcore? To define himself by a game?

This is a bad start for a game/open beta, but is it the end of days? No, it’s still just a game.. a hobby. Hopefully this is my last post about that OB-disaster and the account system gets up until this evening..

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One thing i love about the new cinematic Trailer..   Leave a comment


I think everyone agrees that the second cinematic Trailer about WAR is awesome!

There is one little detail that i discovered at the second viewing..where i laughed out loud.

The forces of Destruction retreat from the city to let the demon get in. The forces of Order gather and watch what will come through that gate. The only one who looks somewhat relaxed is the dwarven engineer. He takes a sip out of the beer mug. Beer is more important than any chaos demon!

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Da keep siege again..   Leave a comment

You’ve roasted some elf and it was delicious?

Fine! But to do during a keep defense? Well.. Elves are multipurpose food. ;)

Today on the list:

Recipe: Deep fried Elf ears

Preparation: Take those elves you needed for the grill and cut of the ears. Use some sun flower oil and heat it up. If you have no sun flower oil to hand then the oil you are supposed to pour on the keep attackers will do. If the oil is hot than throw the Elf ears into it and deep fry it for 2 minutes. Fish it out with some handy tool or force some slave/prisoner to get it out without any tool. Depends on your kind of humor.  So you don’t have a good snack for keep sieges but also some home entertainment during halted sieges. After the ears are ready just spice them with some salt.

Preparation time: 2 minutes + 1 minute for cutting the ears of the elf. Maybe add a minute if you want someone else to get out those ears.

Variations: You could add some other spices then just salt; e.g. Chili, vinegar..  Some people prefer the ears to have bread crumb coating.

Difficulty: Again a very easy dish. It’s intended to be a snack.

I planned to “release” this recipe later that week but i stumbled upon this and had to post the recipe now ;)

Posted August 11, 2008 by Karic in WAR

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