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It’s been a long..loooong time since I wrote something here.

A lot has happened since, but it’s nothing that I would blog about..basically this boils down to being a fresh dad and other RL stuff and therefore not having a lot of…spare time. ;)

So what can you expect here in the future? Well… to be honest, not a lot. I’ve quit WAR, because it was too time consuming and couldn’t entertain me enough for the little time I’ve got. I’m still gaming though…it’s still MWO, but even for this I’m not having enough time and so I’m basically pugging most of time and don’t run with a proper (4 or 8 Mech) group. Which is a shame as this game relies heavily on communication and team work and fighting in a premade versus another premade is a lot more fun.

Nevertheless MWO is still my choice of online game right now.

Am I planning to return to WAR? Most likely not. Most of the time I have quit a game I didn’t get back to check it. I don’t see any plans for WAR in the future which might get me interested again.

Is there anything else I’m looking forward too? Hum.. not Elder Scrolls Online, but Mark Jacobs .. CSE … is having my interest in Camelot Unchained. Turning more old school as I get older ;)

My only problem is that old school MMO’s demand time, but I’m definitely interested in the project and what they plan, which is still a bit blury, but the general direction of design seems interesting.

So what now? Well.. to be honest. I don’t have a clue. Maybe this blog turns into a MWO or CU blog..or I forget about this specific game blogging and write about games I play or that I’m interested in, which I’m already doing as you can read right now. The term doomdiver fits my playing style in any game ;)

Another option would be to close this blog and move on..  I’ll keep you updated.–

Karic/Nathrach (


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MWO: Q&A 5   Leave a comment

There’s another Q&A with the devs of Mechwarrior Online. You can find it here.

It’s a good read and there are some nice infos about the game and the approach Piranha Games is taking on overcoming the flaws of previous Mechwarrior titles… Leg-shooting anyone? ;)

I find this part quiet interesting

What, if any, mechanic will be in place to prevent a large group of single-type weapons from devastating a single location, a problem that has plagued just about every incarnation of MW to date? –Thomas Hogarth

[DAVID] We’ve got a few systems in place to handle that problem. One is having weapons such as lasers do damage over time so that, in order to deliver full damage to a single location, you have to hold your fire on the location, which can be difficult when you and/or your target are moving.

Another consideration is the separate arm and torso aim reticles. They will naturally line up with each other but, whenever you aim, you’ll lead with your arms while the torso catches up. This means that, if you want weapons in both locations to hit the same spot, you’ll have to hold your shot until they all aim at the same point. An additional aspect of our aiming system is weapon convergence. I touched on this in a post I made in reply to Dev Blog 5, but some of you may have missed it so I’ll copy it over here: Basically, your targeting systems are always trying to adjust the angle of your weapons so that they converge or focus at a distance of whatever your aiming reticles are pointing at. So, if you fire at a target very far away, your lasers (or whatever else) may fire nearly parallel to each other; firing at a target up close will angle the shots inwards. However, the adjustment of these angles is not instant. For instance, if you were facing a building, while taking cover right up against it, your convergence would adjust to hit just a short distance in front of you (the distance to the building). When you step out from around that building and fire on an enemy in the distance, your convergence point would automatically begin to adjust, but not instantly. If you shoot too soon, your first shots may converge and cross a short distance in front of you and completely miss the enemy as they pass on either side of him. Or perhaps you were aiming for the centre torso and hit his arms instead, as your aim adjusts towards his centre.

Basically this means.. every focused damage takes time, good aiming skills by the player and to some extent not much movement by the enemy, respectively not much terrain blocking los. So circle-strafing is an option..but you won’t necessarily be able to aim that well. I expect this system to be a nightmare against light Mechs. A lance of Jenner circling around you will be just a nightmare like in the tabletop game. Maybe I get this all convergence thing wrong though and it’s not so dramatic as it won’t be effective when moving around…

This one is also interesting, but won’t be commented by me

Will the ranges of the BattleMechs’ weapons – and the relationships between them – be more similar to those from the BattleTech tabletop game (including, perhaps, some implementation of any of the minimum, short, medium, long, and extreme range brackets), or those from the previous MechWarrior computer games? –Strum Wealh

[DAVID] With minimum ranges, it depends on how justified we can be in putting them into the game without them being silly. For PPCs, there’s mentions in the lore about they don’t reach a full charge at close ranges so as not to damage the attacker’s own electronic systems. LRMs, being meant for long range, do not necessarily arm before they clear a certain distance. But it’s harder to justify why you can’t accurately fire an Autocannon/2 or Autocannon/5 up close, other than it was a balance to their long range in the tabletop game, so they won’t be affected by any sort of minimum range. The tabletop long ranges, on the other hand, we’re interpreting as the maximum effective range. Lasers, AC slugs, and whatnot will travel past this range, but will begin to do less and less damage, and the effects of gravity on any sort of physical projectile will make it harder to hit your target. Missiles reaching the limits of their range will automatically detonate. ;

And I’m sure that there will be some nice tactics with hiding in a shutdown Mech.

Will we be able to power down our Mechs voluntarily and hide from certain radar and/or targeting? –Silent

[DAVID] Yes, yes you will.

This game seems to head in a good direction..there are still a lot of things in “discussion”, but the more I read about the design of the game the more I want to play it ;)



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