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Where the money flows..   1 comment

Economy in Warhammer is nearly irrelevant. Everyone has enough money for whatever they want to purchase and there is no real need to buy anything as you can get good items from PvE Quests or RvR. Crafting materials  can be get easily, but you have to buy something as you can’t gather everything with one profession what you need for apothecary or talisman making.

There have been some discussion about money sinks and now Mythic introduced a money sink that makes me go grumble and mutter (without getting any healing! ;) ).

Dyeing has got expensive in a way that I don’t dye any armor now for my low-rank chars. I checked it yesterday with Beorom (rank21) and the cheapest color costs 90s for primary and secondary color, the most expensive costs 9g50s. Over 9 gold for a bit of fluff? That’s a bit more than double the value from before and I’m asking myself why? I already didn’t dye the expensive colors before that increase, but with this increase there is only one combination which leads to costs lower than 1g.

Our guild has a preferred color combination so that all guild members have some sort of uniform look, though we have the options to change the color arrangement a bit (changing primary and secondary, adding a third color as our color scheme not only gives primary and secondary color, but also a third one for decoration).. It’s kinda fun to see your guildies in a warband when they have a similar color combination and are visually distinctive from the rest. After increase in dye-costs we stopped this until the char is rank 40 .. which is kinda sad.

So why did the prices change? Is it just to make player-made dyes  more attractive or just to draw money out of our wallets?

If it is to enhance the the attractiveness of player-made dyes than it would be a better solution to give vendors just a small set dyes (maybe something in the range of 6 or up to the value of now which is 12 ..I think) and let players make (visually) better and different dyes. I didn’t test making dyes with apothecary because I don’t have cultivation (a profession I heavily dislike) .. so I can’t really comment on it, but player-made dyes didn’t pop up to my perception browsing through the auction house.

So I will search for them in the auction house and maybe end in not dyeing at all..and I know that I am not the only one who will dye less. Bad move from Mythic imo.


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