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Endless silence   1 comment

Hum..I’ve been quiet..again. To be honest..there was just nothing to write about. Mythic has gone silent..well..afked the game like some folks did it in WAR during scenarios.

Since the premade I ran with dissolved, because of Diablo and general WAR-burnout, I just played my Engineer a bit and basically pugged/soloed the game. Even when I was in a group it rarely was a complete one. The last week I just logged in once. Though it was not bad there is something missing when you can’t compete or have too few familiar “faces” around..

It’s no wonder that this month has another decline in playerbase (at least as far as I could experience it) which will be even steeper with the release of GW2. I personally will not touch GW2, but most of the players seeking RvR/PvP will at least check it out. This will be the last drop in playerbase that WAR can withstand. It’s no wonder as this game is practically on a decline starting with release.. there is a huge number of bad decisions from Mythic accompanying the path of WAR and there is no sign that the dev’s are able or have the power to get any positive vibe into this game anymore. As much as I like the changes brought with patch 1.4.6… they are just too late (too little some might add, but not me)… and nothing happened afterwards…a three year patch cycle is just too slow ;)

I didn’t want to moan, grumble or throw out curses at anyone..  it’s just that I wanted to say, that I am still there, but WAR is not giving me something to write about.

I could grumble at GW2 ..but that’s just too easy (just one point: There are no dwarves! Go to He….) and I will leave it to the folks playing the game to criticize or/and enjoy it. It’s just not my game and there is no point in discussing GW2 when I don’t want to play it anyway.

There is a silver lining on the horizon though.. I can’t wait for MWO to be released. :D My pilot name is reserved and I will start looking for a guild there in the next few days..  The url of my blog would still fit as I am a bit suicidal in games and doomdiving seems to be my kind of play…always pushing.

Does this mean that I will stop playing WAR? This might be the case, but it primarily depends on other guild members and their activities. Soloing WAR is not an option for a longer period of time… and WoH will never be.

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Just an update and some thoughts about WoH   1 comment

At the moment I don’t have much time or interest in posting often as my gaming time is rather..monotonous.

There is a rhythm playing WAR which is ok, but not that exciting that it’s worth a dedicated post about it, though I have a light rant in preparation ;) Just a note.. I’m playing more often my Ironbreaker and have to neglect my Runepriest as our group lacks a tank and has often two healers online when I log in. It’s nothing bad as I don’t care what dwarf I play as long as I can play a dwarf and elves around me die ;)

In the last two weeks I logged two times into WOH..promptly logging off after one scenario with a “meh”-feeling. I know that is still a beta, but this is open beta and it will be more or less the finished product. I also know that I’m not aware of all the features of the game, but rather just hopped in and looked at what was presented to me..and what I’ve got teached by tooltips or tutorials.

Before I rant a bit I just want to point to some good stuff in this game. The UI is clean (though the store stuff can be annoying) and the performance of the game is good.

So as I’ve finished with the good stuff.. now the bad stuff. The scenarios take too long to finish… that’s rather funny as there is a lot going on, but the time just doesn’t fly by. This is a bad sign as this points out that the fights are not engaging enough. After a few kills I just wanted to do something different…and WoH isn’t offering that to me.

Currently there were 3 Heroes playable for free.. three dps Heroes. Anything with healing capabilities has to be bought. Speaking off.. I think that the buyable stuff is not handled right, but that can be still a bug as even the free heroes have to bought to be able to distribute mastery points.

This whole mastery stuff is ..meh too. It’s just as complicated as the 5 abilities you can use in a fight (not counting the few extra stuff). Overall this system is just not my kind of.. customization or/and doesn’t have the grade of complexity I seek in a game.

My first impression on the buyable stuff (I don’t look up the store, but rather looked at the chests Werit has shown and base my opinion on the fights in a scenario I had yesterday) is that it’s too strong (I remember some tactic which decreases incoming damage to 40% while being under 40% hp..this can’t be serious and my mind may trick me, but if this is true..than it’s just ridiculous). Ok can buy almost everything with gold, but gold income is imo too small (don’t need another grinding game), but this may be just related to the small sample size of me not playing the game that much…but why should I when it’s not engaging and I’m feeling handcuffed all the time?

Yeah..I’m getting better roles when I log in everyday, but again..why should I when the fights are not engaging and feel unbalanced.. This game has improved from the beginnings of the beta to the state now, but it’s still lacking a lot of stuff to be fun for me.

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Just… scenery (Part 1)   3 comments

At first I wanted to call the title for this post..or posts.. “It’s not you, it’s me”. I wanted to explain why a MOBA is no real alternative for me for playing a real MMO. I could have started with so many points, but it’s not about saying that MOBA’s are bad. Ach..I’m starting to write about stuff I didn’t really wanted to head in the first place ;)

Just to keep it short.. focusing on WoH. In my eyes one of the aims is to deliver a game which actually doesn’t involve a lot of commitment to it. You are not tied to any character, don’t have to invest stupid amounts of time. You just hop in and play. There are many valid reasons why this is a good thing, but there is some stuff I would miss if this would be my only online game and/or I would play it for a whole evening. Actually I would miss this stuff that much that I most likely wouldn’t do online gaming any longer. (Just to make it clear.. I will try out WoH and play it besides WAR and never instead of WAR. You might understand me after this little series of posts)

The first part of things I need in an online game is the scenery .. and having time to enjoy it. WAR has a lot of great places which I actually enjoy to watch and where I often find new spots to look at. Sometimes I’m running through deserted zones (and RvR lakes looking for enemies) and it’s just fun to explore some stuff. In WoH there will be similar places like in WAR, but much more enclosed..and you won’t have the time to watch them.

There are lots of more nice places in WAR.. (and a lot more screenshots in my screenshot-folder) ;). It just takes sometimes a bit of a not-so-active-phase in a game to be able to realize it’s beauties..

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Lot’s of WoH   1 comment

As some Bloggers already prepared stuff prior to the official announcement of WoH, there is a lot of activity in the blogosphere around..let’s call them classical WAR-Blogs.

Of course everyone is showing you the official announcement trailer. Or some nice PR-pics like this

Shameless as I am I just generate traffic without posting much on my own now ;)

So check out what Mykiel has to say about the announcement and how Mourkain temple works in WoH.

Gaarawarr writes about his experience while playing the game during the Bloggerinvasion. He’s also showing some of the skills some heroes had (it’s not finished yet and so everything is not fixed), but it’s not all WoH. He also has to say something about WAR of course.

Bruglir isn’t decided on what he should think about WoH.

On the “German Front” Gromson and Njnel are quiet sure what they should think about WoH….

Of course there are Werit and Bootae writing about it, as well as there’s a discussion on Werit is more writing about his experience playing the alpha while Bootae prepared an interview.

I will write my own thought on this game later.. there are some points made in the overall discussion which makes me think over some stuff. There is one thing that surprises me though..well two things.

The first one is the overall reactions..I had expected a bigger rage-storm, but maybe people are just fed-up with how Mythic is handling stuff  and they just don’t care anymore- Move on to another game and so on…

The second stuff that surprised me.. even (a not really WAR-friendly site) is posting about WoH, even though their post shows that they have absolutely no clue on a game outside of WoW ;) Because of all that re-branding stuff Mythic is no longer connected to the Warhammer Online game and especially with least the pc-gaming websites cited the announcement to be made by Bioware (which isn’t false, but somehow it’s strange) and not Mythic.

Darn..I thought that I could get away without new stuff from me ;) Well..I kept it to a minimum… for now *ta da daaaaaaa (imagine a dramatic music here)*

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WoH: Interview with Graham Bennett   4 comments

Shortly after the Skype/Bloggerinvasion I had the opportunity to ask a Graham Bennett, dev at Mythic, about the upcoming Warhammer Online:Wrath of Heroes (WoH). Here are just a few questions I could ask (in bold letters) and the answer from Graham Benett. Thanks to Kai and Graham for their time.

There is a lot I wanted to ask more, but I wanted to keep it short and solid facts to ask for weren’t simply there or I had no clue about them. I still hope that you enjoy it anyways. ;)


Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your role in development of WoH.

My name is Graham Bennett and I’ve been working on games for nearly a decade, most recently as the Lead Designer on WoH. I joined Mythic last year when they tempted me away from rainy England with promises of sun and burgers (though they neglected to mention the tornados). I’ve been a long time fan of all things Warhammer so getting the chance to work on WoH was fantastic, and even better I got to be in from day one.

What is WoH about?

WoH is all about fast, furious fun. The raw entertainment of WAR Scenarios combined with the excitement and tension of 3 teams competing for the same goal. That’s right, Mythic is bringing 3 team combat to Warhammer0!

What can be bought by real money and what “unlocked” in the game?

One of our goals was to avoid selling “power”. WAR, and indeed Mythic, has a great tradition of strong competitive gaming and that’s not something we want to sacrifice. Instead you’ll be unlocking new options, both tactical and cosmetic. Most things will be available using the currency you earn just playing games, and there will be accelerators if you just want to save some time.

Many people demanded WAR to go f2p. Why did you go with a separate game?

It was looked at, several times, and every time the conclusion was that the WAR experience wouldn’t survive the transition. Subscription games and micro-transaction games are very different beasts, relying on different drivers for players. WAR would have become a game very different to the one so many of you are dedicated too, and that wasn’t acceptable to us.

At the Skype presentation and Blogger invasion (Impressions from that and stuff about Fortresses) you told us, that WAR will benefit from WoH. Many naysayers will now call WAR to be doomed (ok, they will do it anyway ;) ) and declare that most casual players will leave the game. In fact you even said that WAR is for the competitive type of gamer and WoH to be more of a casual game. In what way is WAR having benefits because of WoH?

At the feature level it’s all about compatibility. WoH is being built using the same engine and tools as WAR and that makes it easy for us to move things around. So any work, particularly visuals, which are developed for WoH have the potential to be used in WAR. We already have a boatload of new armors which I’m sure the WAR team will want to talk more about. Another of our goals with WoH was to develop Champions which aren’t currently playable in WAR. We have quite a few of these lined up, from Vampires and Ogres to IP characters you’ll recognize from Warhammer. If you can play it in WoH then it’s a theoretically possible for it be a play-as-monster option for WAR, simple as that.

How can the experiences gained from WoH be transfered to WAR? Both have scenarios, but the setup is totally different (12vs12 vs 6v6v6).  Do you think that there will be anything done to improve the scenario pop up time in WAR for T2 and T3? Right now there doesn’t pop up a scenario at all and with this development it seems that WAR is tending to focus solely on the RvR part and further neglecting the scenarios.

The WAR and WoH teams are very close and there’s constant knowledge and experience sharing. As to whether we’ll see a specific WoH scenario in WAR? That’s definitely a question for the WAR team :)

Last one – Döner Kebap or Currywurst with Fries? (At first I wanted to ask Pirate or Ninja, but then I remembered the Döner ;)).

What’s wrong with just Fish & Chips? I really miss Fish & Chips … I checked with Kai and unless he’s trying to trick me Currywurst sounds pretty good, certainly preferable to the suspicious Kebap! (Ninja all the way!)

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WoH: Wrath of Heroes announced   Leave a comment

So..the big announcement is made. Mythic is bringing out a new game..Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes (WoH).

Shortly after the announcement a Producer’s Letter from James Casey has been released which adresses the effect this will have on WAR.

Also Werit and Bootae wrote something about it. For those german speaking..visit for the discussion.

What is WoH about? very short words the essence can be describe as: it’s f2p and 6v6v6.. 3 teams beating each other up ;)

Well. I know that it’s not something many people expected..and wished for.. and even I am not sure if this is something I want, but I will give it a try. I will post on my thoughts in the near future.

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