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I ask myself if I should spice thinks up here, too ;)

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Dwarfathlon   3 comments

Just in a silly mood today and had an idea for a discipline for a Dwarfathlon (think of it as a dwarven art of decathlon ;) ):

First discipline would be keg-throw:

Rules are quiet simple, as all disciplines in Dwarfathlon must have simple rules because of the amount of alcohol that is included in every discipline ;)

After a proper warm-up (*) you

  1. go to the bar, get a beer,
  2. quaff the beer as fast as you can
  3. get to a mark (line)
  4. throw the empty keg as far as you can

Step 1-4 are repeated as long as the ..let’s call him/her..athlete can stand without any assistance (be it person or object).

The thrown distances are added. The athlete with the biggest thrown distance is declared the winner. If two athletes happen to have the exact same distance, the time in step 2 is compared. The fastest athlete then wins. If there is still no winner after this, then they have a shoot-out.


One further round (step 1-4), as both participants had some time to regenerate and should easily be able to make at least one round . Oh.. the name is on purpose ..guess why ;)  This is repeated until one of the winning conditions is fulfilled.

So.. one discipline is there.. there is room for 9 other. Feel free to add a discipline.

(*) which exact form is still under discussion

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Sometimes the healer forums are great   Leave a comment

Just had to laugh about this post on the US-forums.

You want healz? You can’t handle the healz!

Now I need Jack Nicholson to scream that to those who complain about healing and healers.

Posted May 20, 2010 by Karic in Healer, humor

Gobbos are sick!   2 comments

It’s been a busy week and so the activity here is rather..low.

I just wanted to show what those people who only roam through RvR-lakes and scenarios or level their toons in the Land of the Dead what they miss by leaving out the “normal” PvE Quest-Chains.

Gobbos who disguise themselves by wearing fake-beards. It’s strange, but I laughed really heard when I did that quest. It’s a really nice scripted event to a quest in T2 Greenskin area.

It’s just one point to show that the world in WAR is more detailed than most of the RvR-centric folks see, but often they are overseen because you are busy at killing Elves (hopefully). There are many more examples and I often stumble over them when I play an alt. It’s sad that it’s quiet unlikely that you happen to see them often while leveling up.

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Spelling lesson   1 comment

Betrayal is spelled:


– Saying in the camps found near Karak Karag, original source unknown.

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That made me laugh   1 comment

You maybe know, that one of my alts is an Engineer.. one reaction to the patch notes for 1.3.4 in the official forum made me laugh..

Im glad they nerfed tangling wire, that ability was op as waffle.  I could sometimes get ticks of over 22 damage! thats like 130 damage all together!

My thanks go to Zepidel ;)

Actually..the only thing you can do as an Engineer is laugh ;) This class doesn’t get any love at all in the last couple of months (maybe no love at all)..It’s a wonder that they are still being played.

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Invading IC   Leave a comment

Order on Drakenwald has to invade the Inevitable City more often..

During the last city siege there, I had far less fps-issues than in Altdorf ;)

In Altdorf there are some places where my screen just freezes for 2-5s, without anyone being near or action going on. In IC everything went smooth..even if all the players were on one spot and fighting the boss from the PQ..

Posted August 11, 2009 by Karic in humor