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It’s been a long..loooong time since I wrote something here.

A lot has happened since, but it’s nothing that I would blog about..basically this boils down to being a fresh dad and other RL stuff and therefore not having a lot of…spare time. ;)

So what can you expect here in the future? Well… to be honest, not a lot. I’ve quit WAR, because it was too time consuming and couldn’t entertain me enough for the little time I’ve got. I’m still gaming though…it’s still MWO, but even for this I’m not having enough time and so I’m basically pugging most of time and don’t run with a proper (4 or 8 Mech) group. Which is a shame as this game relies heavily on communication and team work and fighting in a premade versus another premade is a lot more fun.

Nevertheless MWO is still my choice of online game right now.

Am I planning to return to WAR? Most likely not. Most of the time I have quit a game I didn’t get back to check it. I don’t see any plans for WAR in the future which might get me interested again.

Is there anything else I’m looking forward too? Hum.. not Elder Scrolls Online, but Mark Jacobs .. CSE … is having my interest in Camelot Unchained. Turning more old school as I get older ;)

My only problem is that old school MMO’s demand time, but I’m definitely interested in the project and what they plan, which is still a bit blury, but the general direction of design seems interesting.

So what now? Well.. to be honest. I don’t have a clue. Maybe this blog turns into a MWO or CU blog..or I forget about this specific game blogging and write about games I play or that I’m interested in, which I’m already doing as you can read right now. The term doomdiver fits my playing style in any game ;)

Another option would be to close this blog and move on..  I’ll keep you updated.–

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What I’ve been doing..   Leave a comment

Yet another post explaining the lack of activity here.. ;)

At the moment I’m just not interested in playing WAR.. There are two reasons for it. a) Anyone I’ve played with is doing something else and I am not interested in searching for new groups because.. b) I’m playing Mechwarrior Online right now and I’m having a good time there.

The social component in a MMO is crucial..even if it’s often watered down in newer games so that the content can be done solo, which defeats the purpose of an (massive multiplayer) online game, but that’s an old, long story. It’s still a fact to me that you need at least some form of interaction to make a MMO fun, even if it’s just a chat. Currently WAR is not offering it to me or at least doesn’t give me reasons to search for a group.

This is related to b). MWO is more of a fps than a MMO, but it does have several things that make it fun to play for me for 1-3 hours and have fun during that time. It’s not ready yet (components of the game are missing and the performance is..far from stable), but it’s already entertaining. My only problem is that it turns into Open Beta next tuesday.. The last two patches really screwed up some things on the client and server side and I’m not sure if this is a good state of the game to make it more public. Anyway..feel free to check the game out ;) If you happen to kill a Nathrach..that’s me..

For you who don’t know what MWO is are two videos from No guts No galaxy a Battletech-Podcast which recorded two clan/guild/corp matches:




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Endless silence   1 comment

Hum..I’ve been quiet..again. To be honest..there was just nothing to write about. Mythic has gone silent..well..afked the game like some folks did it in WAR during scenarios.

Since the premade I ran with dissolved, because of Diablo and general WAR-burnout, I just played my Engineer a bit and basically pugged/soloed the game. Even when I was in a group it rarely was a complete one. The last week I just logged in once. Though it was not bad there is something missing when you can’t compete or have too few familiar “faces” around..

It’s no wonder that this month has another decline in playerbase (at least as far as I could experience it) which will be even steeper with the release of GW2. I personally will not touch GW2, but most of the players seeking RvR/PvP will at least check it out. This will be the last drop in playerbase that WAR can withstand. It’s no wonder as this game is practically on a decline starting with release.. there is a huge number of bad decisions from Mythic accompanying the path of WAR and there is no sign that the dev’s are able or have the power to get any positive vibe into this game anymore. As much as I like the changes brought with patch 1.4.6… they are just too late (too little some might add, but not me)… and nothing happened afterwards…a three year patch cycle is just too slow ;)

I didn’t want to moan, grumble or throw out curses at anyone..  it’s just that I wanted to say, that I am still there, but WAR is not giving me something to write about.

I could grumble at GW2 ..but that’s just too easy (just one point: There are no dwarves! Go to He….) and I will leave it to the folks playing the game to criticize or/and enjoy it. It’s just not my game and there is no point in discussing GW2 when I don’t want to play it anyway.

There is a silver lining on the horizon though.. I can’t wait for MWO to be released. :D My pilot name is reserved and I will start looking for a guild there in the next few days..  The url of my blog would still fit as I am a bit suicidal in games and doomdiving seems to be my kind of play…always pushing.

Does this mean that I will stop playing WAR? This might be the case, but it primarily depends on other guild members and their activities. Soloing WAR is not an option for a longer period of time… and WoH will never be.

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Totally unrelated to WAR..   Leave a comment


I ask myself if I should spice thinks up here, too ;)

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BraKets   1 comment

WAR is not moving fast there is not much to talk about it, but life is moving fast I neglect this blog a bit even though I have some ideas for stuff to write about…

As Diablo3 has sucked some of the players out of WAR, the premade I ran with dissolved and now I’m soloing the game..which was never good and will never be the ideal way to play the game. Well..nevertheless  I’m actually enjoying it, playing solo or just with a handful of friends. Just as long I evade T4 that is ;)

In the last couple of days I took my Engineer and ran through some T2.. scenarios, i.e. RR16-69. It’s a totally unorganized frenzy, but somehow still fun as there are really few premades dominating anything. So it’s still possible to have fun when you queue solo for it.

That’s one of the nice things from the last patch to WAR. 1.4.6 revived the lower tier scenario pop ups and that just adds (well..brings back) scenarios to low ranked players, which is a nice distraction from all the zerging that now dominates WAR. It’s atm quiet impossible to do any small scale fighting in WAR as I have not encountered any groups, just solo-ers and Warbands. That’s the downside of bringing some balance to the game.. many people fear a bad killing statistics and therefore huddle/hide in a warband…  When power levels don’t differ too much, the number of participants gets more important for the fight. So you have to decide what you want..balance or zerging. It’s a kind of Sophie’s choice. With the current playerbase it doesn’t seem that there is any other choice available than those two, but I don’t want to rant about it ..again.

What I want to point out is that the power levels now feel much better than they did from 1.4 to 1.4.5. The last patch leveled the battlefield imho quiet nicely, even though I didn’t test T4 to a great extent in the past two weeks. The fights I experienced there before my vacation were fun as no one seemed invincible, i.e. indestructible while one-shotting everyone. Better coordinated/skilled groups dominated fights and that’s the way it should be.

My only gripe was that I couldn’t join friends in T4 scenarios with my Engineer as he was sub-rr70 and therefore in another bracket. Imho it should be allowed for r40 chars to participate in such scenarios when they are in a party doing scenarios. How this can be done technically is another topic…

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That time of the year again..   Leave a comment

It’s the time of the year where I’m surprised of having two weeks off. Vacation always sneaks up from behind and than I’m gone without internet before you could say “ugh…. is this elf ugly”. I was so silent because there is not much to write about in WAR and I had better things to do.. this for example ;)

So before I took a nap..or two..ok..more naps at the beach I forgot to mention some stuff and now quiet late right with it, but will post it nevertheless.

So here are just some links about MWO which I wanted to present you before my vacation..follow them or follow my example and take a nap. It’s your decision ;)

There was some clarification on Operation Inception..called Operation Clarification. It was made clear that also non North-America residents are allowed to participate in the Founder program, which has already started. The support and times when servers are active can only be guaranteed for NA only, not for the rest of the world. Check the founder link out if you are interested in MWO.

And there was one silly thing which afaik no f2p game has.. a controller from Razer for the game..

More info on this can be found at the Razer page. I’m still not believing this, but this controller is

This is the stuff I wanted to post before my the next post will be about the stuff from after the vacation and it won’t take two weeks to write. I promise!

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Me and my short term memory   1 comment

You may have wondered why my post yesterday wasn’t all that new..It’s because my writing style is more of a brainstorming and not well structured. Now who would have guessed that? ;)

What I actually wanted to write about is not only about the expectations for Karak Norn, but also about some sort of concern I have about Grimnirs Zorn (my previous) guild lying dead on the remainders of Drakenwald. If you follow this blog on a regular basis you know that the guild is actually dead (only 2 active, one very rarely and I have changed with two of my four dwarves to Erengrads Nachtwache). Nevertheless it’s the guild I’ve joined back in 2008 and I don’t want it to be left on Drakenwald.

Luckily Rubnim, the other active member and now guild leader is also not willing to let the guild die and so we will try to transfer the guild to Karak Norn. Not that anyone would care about or notice, but it’s nice to have at least a glimmer of life in the guild.

Too bad that I have not only a bad writing structure, but also sometimes a really bad short term memory.. It struck me after I have transfered my last character from Drakenwald, that I should have cleared the guild bank.. and that I wanted my blog post of yesterday to go into a totally different direction. I’m getting old and now you have to suffer ;) It’s not too late, because the guild is not yet transfered, but it could have gone more easily…well..that’s life.

Oh..another note. I had to change names. I wondered at first, because the names of my alts were all free and I didn’t have to change that much, but as I got to Karic.. yes.. my main-char.. the name was taken. *curses*  So I had to rename him.  Kharic was my first choice, but was taken as well ..and Karik was not only taken, but I didn’t like iz so that is not soo bad. Now he’s named Karick, which I don’t like that much either, but is still similar to the original name. me Rick ;)

I’m still wondering why those other choices were taken..but I should not wonder as much as why people like to play elves.  *shrug*

Oh..speaking of elves.. I felt getting back to 2009 as there were lots of DoK’s and Sorceresses ( that the right form? ) on Karak Norn. The folks of Drakenwald are definitely not prepared to fight against Sorceresses, as Melee was the favored dps form on Drakenwald and I wondered why some of the Sorc’s get so much kills as it’s a quiet easy to counter career..

Let’s see how long the adjustment phase will take.. and if they keep getting so much easy kills in the future.

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