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with a lot of pictures and not so much text ;)

From time to time I just stop for a moment and appreciate the artwork in WAR. This time it’s the Engineer. It’s one of the coolest looking careers in the game if you’d ask me. Here are some screenshots from my Engineer with some Worn Sovereign and Warlord equipment..oh and of course the sentinel helmet and the pistol used in the appearance slots ;)

Playing an Engineer is a lot of fun, though the career is one of the..not so powerful ones. It’s just a matter of style..oh the grenades, explosions..and the beer are also quiet nice ;)

Sometimes though strange stuff happens..this time it’s this:

-19 overhealed… So the Brew sucked my life out? must be the work of Chaos..or Elves or I am a really bad healer as an Engineer as beer can’t be such a bad thing for a dwarf ;)



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Some babbling about Ironbreakers..   1 comment

As I’ve already mentioned lately I play often my Ironbreaker.

He’s just rr70, so weak in most aspects of t4 fighting. Still I don’t think that I’m useless and still contribute to the fight even with my 2-handed specc… here it is.

I terms of distribution of mastery points there is no real alternative for me. In terms of choosing tactics..there are a lot more options  ;) IB’s are a career where I wished that there would be more tactics slots available ;)

Nevertheless I’m often surprised how sturdy this build is…even when I’m just wearing worn sov equipment (with armor, crit and mini-odjira)  and an old axe from Lost Vale. The stability comes from the speccing into brotherhood and the M2. This moral skill helps me overcome  incoming burst damage quiet often, because there is no way to circumvent it and it reduces incoming damage practically to just damage from moral abilities.

Lately I even used this build in zerg situations.. just swapped the equipment to def-worn sov and axe+board. Even without further speccing/choosing equipment to block the IB got 30%+.. I’ve changed the tactics for this fights a bit:  The Greatweapon mastery tactic is changed to Seasoned Veteran (reduction of incoming damage to 85% after blocking an attack), the rest remains.  Somewhat surprisingly this is enough to make me useful even when warbands collide.

I thought about changing the Ironbreaker to being a real tank again.. being an unbreakable Ninja-turtle.. something like this build… which I discarded quiet fast, because this build loses too much crowd control abilities. A little bit more useful seems this build, but than again it didn’t seem like a real def-tank as many points had to be taken out of the “def”-mastery tree. What’s the point in a tank that’s no threat to anyone and also doesn’t have the tools to help his teammates. Ok..with RR70 my little IB is no threat either, but he can be really annoying ;)

My conclusion is that tanks in WAR have not only to be tough to kill, but have to bring more stuff like debuffs, crowd control and at least a little amount of damage to the table. The combination of this requirements is in the best way provided by the spec I’m currently using (or a spec which is a lot like this. My understanding of the game is not perfect, so there are certainly a lot more tricks and different ways to build a char than I know and provided here. Just a note: I’m not really using any/a lot lotd stuff on my alts and didn’t include that in my evaluation of the usefulness of a build. It’s just a  general form of my understanding of the game..but’s my blog and I’m allowed to write the most silly stuff here .. feel free to comment though)

Just derailing again.. I think this requirements are valid for any PvP game. A class has to be more than just the narrow tank, dps or healer slot, but it has to contribute to the fight in a multitude of ways..which is something that makes PvP more engaging than PvE and distinguishes good from bad PvP games, but that’s a different story which is to be told at some other time ;)

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Changes   1 comment

As usual I am ignoring the actual trends in the MMO sphere..especially SWTOR and write about something totally different. ;)

As I already mentioned I’ve considered to change the guild, because the old guild is dead. So I changed it last week and am now member of Erengrads Nachtwache. I’m not sure if I should translate it, but Nachtwache means something like Night Watch. Erengrad is obviously from Warhammer.

So here are some pics before change (with guild colors brown and grey) and after the change. I slightly shifted the color scheme with black, but imho it’s not that big optical change like it would be with other careers. I still like the black, red, gold theme of the armor.

The change isn’t that dramatic though, because I’ve already played together with some of EN (I’m lazy to write the guild name..sorry for that ;) ). The alliance is active though, so it’s easier now to get a free spot in a group and therefore I’m not always soloing around, but get to fight in a decent group. It’s definitely more fun that way.

All in all it was the right decision (uhh..I should have made a tv conference like LeBron James. *makes a note*), though it’s still an awkward situation when looking back at the remainders of Grimnirs Zorn. I still have a couple of alts in there, but maybe this will change too. Now the guild is officially dead as there is really no one there who’s active. Just a the alt’s of two of us. The third active member changed also to EN .. though this might get he likes to grumble and curse.. and there are some guild in the alliance with people he really..well.. let’s say he doesn’t like them that much ;)

So I’m off to make some popcorn and watch this show ;)

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About a dwarf and his oath   2 comments

Before I continue with my series “What WoH can not deliver compared to WAR (or a proper MMO)”.. I write about a thing that’s affecting me currently in WAR.

In September (shortly after the WoH announcement) our guild suffered from a drop in membership. At first people just didn’t log in (as frequently as before) and then some subs ran out and weren’t renewed. This was emphasized because of the queasiness the stat-buffing pets caused.

This led to the guild being ..well..dead. We are currently only three active members, of whom two are only active at prime time ..and one of us two is in a premade from a different guild (which I can’t blame him for). So I’m more or less just soloing (and alting on Drakenwald or Badlands) or getting some invites from some friends to join their groups. As I’m just a fill-in I can’t rely on getting invites and so it happens quiet often that I’m running around solo for my whole gaming-session.  And believe me … Drakenwald is not a server you would like to solo. Maybe WH’s and WE’s are an exception here ;)

After some weeks now I came to the decision that I have to change something. I will change the guild (at least with my main char) in the next days. This is something that I’m not doing often.

I know of several people who change quiet frequently the guild, because of several (valid) reasons. I was never that kind of person and I’m not even sure why. If I choose a guild then I stick with it for as long as it’s possible..If I remember correctly this is in 13 years of online gaming just the second time that I leave a guild..and both times it was because of the guild being dead and not because the game shut down.

Sometimes I think that IRL I’m more dwarf than my appearance might suggest.. I can grumble a lot, I’m often dealing with several sorts of noble metals.. and beer…I have a beard.. and if i join a guild I stay with it, no matter what it costs (ok ..that is not real life, but you know what I mean ;) ). But even though the guild is dead now I have some unpleasant feeling when I will leave the guild. Some sort of bad conscience even though there is no reason for it. We stay in contact through our guild forum and the folks even wondered why I’m still in the guild.

This is strange and there is no real explanation for’s just my personality. Maybe I will understand it better in the next couple of maybe there is a follow-up post on this topic.

Do you stick always to the same guild for as long as possible or are you switching more easily?

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Shocking Engineers and Magi   1 comment

Steven Engle posted the planned changes to the Engineer and Magus careers. For those who are too lazy to follow the link, here are the changes:


-Field Repair moves to Rank 22. This ability is renamed to Shock Grenade. You remove stagger effects from your ally target and 5 others in a 25 foot radius around them.

-Redeploy moves to Rank 3.

-Fixing the issue with Extra Ammo causing wild mobs to agro.

-Land Mine will no longer have a cast time. This should fix most of the issues of receiving an “Invalid Target” message on placement.

-Flak Jacket will no longer have a cast time. The value of the armor buff is reduced, but will stack with other armor buffs. The buff lasts 60 minutes and will no longer have the 20 hit removal condition.


-Strengthen Thrall moves to Rank 22. This ability is renamed to Shocking Jolt. You remove stagger effects from your ally target and 5 others in a 25 foot radius around them.

-Resummon moves to Rank 3.

-Fixing the issue with Lasting Chaos causing mobs to agro. We are also fixing the tactic Chaotic Attunement.

-Daemonic Infestation will no longer have a cast time. This should fix most of the issues of receiving an “Invalid Target” message on placement.

-Daemonic Armor will no longer have a cast time. The value of the armor buff is reduced, but will stack with other armor buffs. The buff lasts 60 minutes and will no longer have the 20 hit removal condition.

As with the SW/SH the focus is not on increasing damage, but giving some more/better utility. Overall I like the changes.

Especially the Shocking abilities (Shock grenade and Shocking Jolt) make the Engineer/Magus a nice addition to a group. Steven added a bit later that the ability has a 20s cooldown, is in throw range (i.e. 65 ft, so in general melee range ;) ), has no cast time and costs 0 ap. Sounds a bit too good for this skill, but I’m sure that this stats are not final and are subject to change.

The stagger (land mine Daemonic Infestation) getting his cast time changed is a work around as you can see from the notes. Overall I have still difficulties with the land mine as it fires off inconsistently, but the cast time reduction may help at least with the positioning of that %(§”(*! .. thing ;)

The self-armor buff changes were something many folks demanded for a long time. There is nothing said about the value of the buff, but I like it that it stacks with potions and other abilities..a bit more survivability is nice as I think that both careers are a bit too soft, concerning the ranges of most of their skills.

Are this changes raising the Engineer and Magus to new heights..making them OP ? No, but overall I think that these changes are nice.  I like the approach of giving both careers more utility .. especially against those stagger-bots.

Does this mean that both career are perfect? No.. but at least the changes are heading in the right direction. This is something not all changes in the near past deserved as a comment ;)

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That time of the year again..   1 comment

Well.. there is not a lot new stuff to rant about..until you see some news from PTS..

Just for those who are to lazy t follow the link. Mythic is planning to give PRDPS a tactic that increases strength, weapon skill and ballistic skill and reduces toughness. Similar to the Slayer’s tactic Wild Gambit.

Well.. there are several levels of “oh..what?” in this few lines of post that are news from PTS.

The first one I getting something wrong or are just SH/SW getting the renown/mastery points refunded and Engineers have to pay for it? I know that Mythic doesn’t like the Engineer, but this is strange ;) Didn’t find any mention of refunding Points in the Herald (PTS patch notes for 1.4.3) either..

Let’s see..the next point is..why does a Engineer need strength again? Afaik all the skills have been changed so that he doesn’t need strength any more..the few melee attacks which still maybe need strength are worthless anyways, because an Engineer dies in less than a single gcd.

My impression is that the Engineer is again suffering from a wide change (this time not AoE-nerf, but PRDPS change) that includes him, but is not really about him and is leaving him even more behind than before. I’m not sure if SH/SW need any buffing, because there are some really dangerous ones out there right now and I think that most of the outcry about PRDPS in the forums is just whining. The Engineer is by far the weakest career in this game and it’s now even losing more ground..The only neat thing they get is the AP-regen tactic.. but that doesn’t qualify them for any role in a group or warband ..or scenario..or anything fighting-related. They have no burst (because those skills qualified for burst are all pure physical damage vs armor, i.e. 75% mitigation) and their AoE is easily healed by one healer (dots ticking for around 200 and breaking any cc, triggering Odjira, run-speed, detaunt-tactics..etc).

I wished that Mythic dev’s would found a way to deal with PRDPS indivually and not with that one band-aid-heals-them-all in mind ..

Looks like I won’t have to remove the dust from Marogrimm, because he is losing more ground with every patch.

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Dwarfathlon   3 comments

Just in a silly mood today and had an idea for a discipline for a Dwarfathlon (think of it as a dwarven art of decathlon ;) ):

First discipline would be keg-throw:

Rules are quiet simple, as all disciplines in Dwarfathlon must have simple rules because of the amount of alcohol that is included in every discipline ;)

After a proper warm-up (*) you

  1. go to the bar, get a beer,
  2. quaff the beer as fast as you can
  3. get to a mark (line)
  4. throw the empty keg as far as you can

Step 1-4 are repeated as long as the ..let’s call him/her..athlete can stand without any assistance (be it person or object).

The thrown distances are added. The athlete with the biggest thrown distance is declared the winner. If two athletes happen to have the exact same distance, the time in step 2 is compared. The fastest athlete then wins. If there is still no winner after this, then they have a shoot-out.


One further round (step 1-4), as both participants had some time to regenerate and should easily be able to make at least one round . Oh.. the name is on purpose ..guess why ;)  This is repeated until one of the winning conditions is fulfilled.

So.. one discipline is there.. there is room for 9 other. Feel free to add a discipline.

(*) which exact form is still under discussion

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