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It’s the time of the year where I’m surprised of having two weeks off. Vacation always sneaks up from behind and than I’m gone without internet before you could say “ugh…. is this elf ugly”. I was so silent because there is not much to write about in WAR and I had better things to do.. this for example ;)

So before I took a nap..or two..ok..more naps at the beach I forgot to mention some stuff and now quiet late right with it, but will post it nevertheless.

So here are just some links about MWO which I wanted to present you before my vacation..follow them or follow my example and take a nap. It’s your decision ;)

There was some clarification on Operation Inception..called Operation Clarification. It was made clear that also non North-America residents are allowed to participate in the Founder program, which has already started. The support and times when servers are active can only be guaranteed for NA only, not for the rest of the world. Check the founder link out if you are interested in MWO.

And there was one silly thing which afaik no f2p game has.. a controller from Razer for the game..

More info on this can be found at the Razer page. I’m still not believing this, but this controller is

This is the stuff I wanted to post before my the next post will be about the stuff from after the vacation and it won’t take two weeks to write. I promise!

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Posted June 28, 2012 by Karic in General, MWO

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