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I should check the MWO webpage more often. Some days ago there was an announcement from Piranha Games on Operation Inception.

For you who are too lazy to follow the link here is a summary which is not really shorter than the original text ;)

It’s sorta pre-order-thing even though this is the wrong choice of words as MWO is f2p. You can order 2 different packages from 19th of june and get an early access to the game on july 17th. Furthermore you get a special title. The packages differ only a little.

For 30$ you get the veteran stuff, which includes 1 month of being a premium account (exp+currency boost) and 40$ value of ingame-currency.

For 60$ you get the elite stuff, which includes 2 month of being premium, 80$ of ingame/shop currency and a Mech with C-Bill (i.e. ingame currency) boost.

This would be very interesting..if..there would not be such a little ..clause..

The closed beta and OPERATION INCEPTION assets will enjoy support only in North America.

C’mon.. you really don’t want money from Europe? The perception in the US of the financial crisis in Europe must be that it’s catastrophic here ;) Here is still some money.. and a lot of die hard Battletech/Mechwarrior fans who would love to spent some money for those packages.

If the game is starting like this..I’m not sure how well the overall support for any non North-American Mechpilot will be… but maybe I’m just not understanding it right and/or exaggerate a bit.. maybe.

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