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Piranha Games presented the next Mech design for MWO.. it’s the Raven.

This is good news in several ways.. The Raven is a Mech packed full with electronic gadgets, ECM and such. This can be really fun when you have in mind that scouting will play a significant role in this game.

In the tabletop game I like this Mech as it is quiet robust for it’s weight. It also features a nice weapon loadout and the electronics..are just marvelous. 35t is on the upper end for pure scout Mechs, but this Mech provides good scouting and target marking in the tabletop game and will surely do this in the online game too.

My only gripe is the design of the concept art.. I’m not totally hyped about all the previous designs and this one is no exception.. to be honest it’s one of my least favorite overhauled designs.  It differs quiet heavily from the original design as the new one is more slim and long..not so much resembling the look of a raven like the old one…but maybe I’m just used to the old models and too old for something new ;)



Posted April 25, 2012 by Karic in MWO

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