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At the moment I don’t have much time or interest in posting often as my gaming time is rather..monotonous.

There is a rhythm playing WAR which is ok, but not that exciting that it’s worth a dedicated post about it, though I have a light rant in preparation ;) Just a note.. I’m playing more often my Ironbreaker and have to neglect my Runepriest as our group lacks a tank and has often two healers online when I log in. It’s nothing bad as I don’t care what dwarf I play as long as I can play a dwarf and elves around me die ;)

In the last two weeks I logged two times into WOH..promptly logging off after one scenario with a “meh”-feeling. I know that is still a beta, but this is open beta and it will be more or less the finished product. I also know that I’m not aware of all the features of the game, but rather just hopped in and looked at what was presented to me..and what I’ve got teached by tooltips or tutorials.

Before I rant a bit I just want to point to some good stuff in this game. The UI is clean (though the store stuff can be annoying) and the performance of the game is good.

So as I’ve finished with the good stuff.. now the bad stuff. The scenarios take too long to finish… that’s rather funny as there is a lot going on, but the time just doesn’t fly by. This is a bad sign as this points out that the fights are not engaging enough. After a few kills I just wanted to do something different…and WoH isn’t offering that to me.

Currently there were 3 Heroes playable for free.. three dps Heroes. Anything with healing capabilities has to be bought. Speaking off.. I think that the buyable stuff is not handled right, but that can be still a bug as even the free heroes have to bought to be able to distribute mastery points.

This whole mastery stuff is ..meh too. It’s just as complicated as the 5 abilities you can use in a fight (not counting the few extra stuff). Overall this system is just not my kind of.. customization or/and doesn’t have the grade of complexity I seek in a game.

My first impression on the buyable stuff (I don’t look up the store, but rather looked at the chests Werit has shown and base my opinion on the fights in a scenario I had yesterday) is that it’s too strong (I remember some tactic which decreases incoming damage to 40% while being under 40% hp..this can’t be serious and my mind may trick me, but if this is true..than it’s just ridiculous). Ok ..you can buy almost everything with gold, but gold income is imo too small (don’t need another grinding game), but this may be just related to the small sample size of me not playing the game that much…but why should I when it’s not engaging and I’m feeling handcuffed all the time?

Yeah..I’m getting better roles when I log in everyday, but again..why should I when the fights are not engaging and feel unbalanced.. This game has improved from the beginnings of the beta to the state now, but it’s still lacking a lot of stuff to be fun for me.

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