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Yeah..two PPCs. You know what’s even better than that..well..supposed that you can handle the heat…it’s three other words.. Piranha released info on another Mech. It’s the Awesome. Yeah..I’m awfully late with this post, but it’s one of my favorite Mechs in the tabletop game and therefore you have to suffer ;)

Usually I prefer Heavy Mechs, but some Assault ones are also nice. This is such a Mech, simple in design, but yet effective when handled right. Just put three PPCs into a well armored Mech and add some Heat Sinks and the day will be fine or so they say ;)

Most reactions on the concept art are positive. As will all the new design for MWO I’m not one of those cheering how great the design is. The Awesome is quiet nice and not so much different from the original design like the Hunchback. This whole thing is a matter of taste and so I don’t want to pick so much on the artwork.

As I said..I’m old and sometimes I want the old design to stay. Go me conservative.

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Posted April 4, 2012 by Karic in MWO

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