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You may have wondered why my post yesterday wasn’t all that new..It’s because my writing style is more of a brainstorming and not well structured. Now who would have guessed that? ;)

What I actually wanted to write about is not only about the expectations for Karak Norn, but also about some sort of concern I have about Grimnirs Zorn (my previous) guild lying dead on the remainders of Drakenwald. If you follow this blog on a regular basis you know that the guild is actually dead (only 2 active, one very rarely and I have changed with two of my four dwarves to Erengrads Nachtwache). Nevertheless it’s the guild I’ve joined back in 2008 and I don’t want it to be left on Drakenwald.

Luckily Rubnim, the other active member and now guild leader is also not willing to let the guild die and so we will try to transfer the guild to Karak Norn. Not that anyone would care about or notice, but it’s nice to have at least a glimmer of life in the guild.

Too bad that I have not only a bad writing structure, but also sometimes a really bad short term memory.. It struck me after I have transfered my last character from Drakenwald, that I should have cleared the guild bank.. and that I wanted my blog post of yesterday to go into a totally different direction. I’m getting old and now you have to suffer ;) It’s not too late, because the guild is not yet transfered, but it could have gone more easily…well..that’s life.

Oh..another note. I had to change names. I wondered at first, because the names of my alts were all free and I didn’t have to change that much, but as I got to Karic.. yes.. my main-char.. the name was taken. *curses*  So I had to rename him.  Kharic was my first choice, but was taken as well ..and Karik was not only taken, but I didn’t like iz so that is not soo bad. Now he’s named Karick, which I don’t like that much either, but is still similar to the original name. me Rick ;)

I’m still wondering why those other choices were taken..but I should not wonder as much as why people like to play elves.  *shrug*

Oh..speaking of elves.. I felt getting back to 2009 as there were lots of DoK’s and Sorceresses ( that the right form? ) on Karak Norn. The folks of Drakenwald are definitely not prepared to fight against Sorceresses, as Melee was the favored dps form on Drakenwald and I wondered why some of the Sorc’s get so much kills as it’s a quiet easy to counter career..

Let’s see how long the adjustment phase will take.. and if they keep getting so much easy kills in the future.

Karic (


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