New home or graveyard?   1 comment is the day.. Free character transfers from Drakenwald to Karak Norn or Badlands will be enabled.

Now comes just a bit of brainstorming why I chose a specific may already  know this and can skip the next two paragraphs without missing anything ;)

I will transfer my characters to Karak Norn as Badlands is believed to be quiet zergy and there is some lag which kills positioning and other crucial things in a fight. Both things were tested by me when I played my Destruction alts on Badlands. The server is fun from time to time, but the overall quality of fights is.. not enough to make it a fun trip.

Karak Norn on the other hand is more small scale fight oriented..sources say. The problem here is that it’s a bit too competitive .. I don’t want to go 100% all the time. I’m old and lazy and sometimes just want to beat on something without too much effort. So the perfect server for me would be a mix of both ;) Which is what WAR should be about anyways.. Large scale fightings and intense small scale fights..both options possible and not excluding each other. Because of a huge power gap (gear, effective ranks, …) and the way renown is  gained in the most efficient way it seems impossible to combine both styles to play the game. ..

So.. this may be the last character transfer I will do in WAR. I expect GW2 to have a big impact on WAR’s server population and I’m not sure if this min/max-ing small scale fighting will keep me happy enough for a longer time. Which is quiet odd as I don’t like to zerg, but I’ve grown tired of “cc+kill in 2s-fights”.. I’ve grown tired of seeing people use every single allowed and illegal option in a fight..hell.. there are high-rr groups out there who don’t want to fight, but are scared that they might die and get a bad kills/death-ratio. In the past couple of years, especially after the 1.4 patch, the focus shifted more towards stats, purple numbers and E-Peen (ok..latter being always out there, it just got emphasized as there are several people out there thinking that they are cool because they “one-shotted” some low-rr enemy ;) ).. there are just a handful of people who constantly push for a fight no matter what the opposition is. *tip to the hat to those out there*

War is everywhere?

The next few weeks might still get interesting as there are many more new enemies… I still expect a rough adjustment time and I’m not sure if I’m really willing to adjust. So time will tell if Karak Norn will be my new home in WAR or the graveyard for my Order chars.

There is a silver lining at the horizon though.. it’s not about WAR, but the open beta of MWO starting in the summer ;)

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