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One aspect of MWO that the dev’s of MWO talked about in the past was the Information Warfare and no one had a real clue what was meant with this phrase. As January shall be the Information Warfare Month Piranha games wrote another dev blog, this time given more information on Information Warfare.

I’m lazy and won’t summarize the post.. ;)

It’s a nice read..not too wordy or complex, but it makes me interested in that aspect of the game. Information warfare is all about knowing where your enemy is and what his current state is (Yes.. I summarized it.. a bit ;)). There will be several ways of how you can obtain that information and/or make it more difficult for your enemy to get this information. This gives more options for strategy/tactics in a fight ..and this is nice. Complex tactics tend to be really bad in pug situations though, but I think that this game will tend to push you towards Merc Corp/Faction (aka guild) groups anyways.. everything else would be a too shallow game. It will not be feasible for a solo’er to fight for control of a planet..though solo’ing is possible in some way I think that this is not the richest experience in the game. It’s about teamwork, which is imo always good for a PvP focused game.

So there are multiple ways to search for an enemy and as much ways to counter it.. which strongly enhances the group synergies. In general this all sounds quiet good, though  I remain a bit skeptic if it will be balanced in the right way. I hope that there will be some loop holes so that not every information can be gathered at all times. There should  always be the possibility to surprise someone, otherwise it can get boring/unbalanced.

Premades will already have the advantages of voice chat stuff.. but I have to search the forums again to find a hint how premades are handled. I think that I’ve read something about that..Well anyways.. the more I read about the game the more I’m interested. At least I get to play one year without the Clans.

oh..and I’m not going to play in a Merc Corp. I will be earning many Loyality Points with House Kurita … ;)

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