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As usual I am ignoring the actual trends in the MMO sphere..especially SWTOR and write about something totally different. ;)

As I already mentioned I’ve considered to change the guild, because the old guild is dead. So I changed it last week and am now member of Erengrads Nachtwache. I’m not sure if I should translate it, but Nachtwache means something like Night Watch. Erengrad is obviously from Warhammer.

So here are some pics before change (with guild colors brown and grey) and after the change. I slightly shifted the color scheme with black, but imho it’s not that big optical change like it would be with other careers. I still like the black, red, gold theme of the armor.

The change isn’t that dramatic though, because I’ve already played together with some of EN (I’m lazy to write the guild name..sorry for that ;) ). The alliance is active though, so it’s easier now to get a free spot in a group and therefore I’m not always soloing around, but get to fight in a decent group. It’s definitely more fun that way.

All in all it was the right decision (uhh..I should have made a tv conference like LeBron James. *makes a note*), though it’s still an awkward situation when looking back at the remainders of Grimnirs Zorn. I still have a couple of alts in there, but maybe this will change too. Now the guild is officially dead as there is really no one there who’s active. Just a the alt’s of two of us. The third active member changed also to EN .. though this might get he likes to grumble and curse.. and there are some guild in the alliance with people he really..well.. let’s say he doesn’t like them that much ;)

So I’m off to make some popcorn and watch this show ;)

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Posted December 15, 2011 by Karic in Dwarves, WAR

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