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Yes yes..I promised that I’ll be more active and I honestly meant it that way, but I couldn’t know back then that I will get ill shortly after posting.. So there were two weeks in bed with just short bursts of WAR time for me. Most of the time I just played a bit on Badlands (with nore more focus on Drakenwald again) and enjoyed kiting with a Shaman. Ridiculous powerful in lower tiers ;)

Now..after catching up at work..I have a little bit more time to write again and there are some things I want to write about.. even though Mythic is silent as a studio can be. If there weren’t bloggers writing about it you could not even tell if there was something like Mythic even existent. ;)

This post is just a short.. I’m really back now.. and to give you something to giggle..and the members of the “No Elves Club” to cheer..here is the bestest screenshot you can take in WAR


Well.. the gobbo is of course cool .. that’s my shaman btw, but the cloud around the elves head should be a standard feature in this game! ;)

It was never better to be grouped with elves .. and it will never be as good again.

At the course of my alt-ing I made some ..at least in my opinion.. nice screenshots. Maybe I will make them into a mini-series called Karic’s picture book of WAR. That’s it for today..more to follow. I promise ;)

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


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