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There is a new dev discussion in the official forums. It’s about bonuses while defending a keep.

In short words the to me important stuff is as follows:

  • When a ram is destroyed, the defender get a boon (for 60s) which helps them killing some attackers near the keep. This boon goes away when people leave the keep for longer than 5s.
  • Players can actively repair a keep door and even rebuild the outer one (inner one can’t be rebuild, but repaired). Rebuilding of the outer door works by sending a non-fighting, but killable NPC from the inner keep to the outer door. He also sells wood for repairing keep doors, just like we knew it from pre 1.4. This time though, it won’t be sold for gold but for RvR currencies.
  • Ram gets a bit more defense and cannons are fixed.
  • There is no additional renown-tick for defending or doing some of the new stuff

For a more detailed list, please follow the link to the official forum.

My first reaction to this proposed changes is quiet..positive. First of all I like it that it’s not just a renown-bonus for defending. Mythic seems to learn that this is not the way how fighting is encouraged. Thumbs up for this.

Overall this changes will most likely slow down the campaign and help defending a keep. The only drawback are the numbers.. Mythic has a tendency to not get the right numbers, i.e. in this case duration of the buff, the amount of the affected stats that are increased, stability of the ram, damage of siege equipment after the canons deal less damage..etc..

This has to be tweaked carefully to not stop the campaign all together or e.g. make the ram unkillable.

Another problem to me is that the campaign will still be focused around the keep.. after you can get the ram, there is no big need for doing something in the RvR lake other than trying to get to the keep. Gromson proposed that it should be mandatory for a zone flip that all the BO’s are tapped at the time the flag in the keep is tapped. I’m not sure this will help, but the general idea is nice because it helps small groups in defending and makes the zerg have to split up a bit. I also so there the problem, that a small, very well organized (high-RR) group can stop the whole campaign.. which would also not really be a good thing. Oh..where we both agree on is that the renown tick for locking should be removed all together ;) Well..but this is all a different battlefront.

This time it’s about the keep defense and I think that this might encourage people to fight more at the keep as defenders have an incentive to kill the ram other than just having fun on a suicide mission. The bonuses help you in killing people and this grants you renown..especially when you have AAO. All this will be tricky though because it will be delicate to balance, but finally it seems that Mythic is getting the grab and not just throw out more (renown) stuff.

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)

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