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As some Bloggers already prepared stuff prior to the official announcement of WoH, there is a lot of activity in the blogosphere around..let’s call them classical WAR-Blogs.

Of course everyone is showing you the official announcement trailer. Or some nice PR-pics like this

Shameless as I am I just generate traffic without posting much on my own now ;)

So check out what Mykiel has to say about the announcement and how Mourkain temple works in WoH.

Gaarawarr writes about his experience while playing the game during the Bloggerinvasion. He’s also showing some of the skills some heroes had (it’s not finished yet and so everything is not fixed), but it’s not all WoH. He also has to say something about WAR of course.

Bruglir isn’t decided on what he should think about WoH.

On the “German Front” Gromson and Njnel are quiet sure what they should think about WoH….

Of course there are Werit and Bootae writing about it, as well as there’s a discussion on Waaagh.de. Werit is more writing about his experience playing the alpha while Bootae prepared an interview.

I will write my own thought on this game later.. there are some points made in the overall discussion which makes me think over some stuff. There is one thing that surprises me though..well two things.

The first one is the overall reactions..I had expected a bigger rage-storm, but maybe people are just fed-up with how Mythic is handling stuff  and they just don’t care anymore- Move on to another game and so on…

The second stuff that surprised me.. even Buffed.de (a not really WAR-friendly site) is posting about WoH, even though their post shows that they have absolutely no clue on a game outside of WoW ;) Because of all that re-branding stuff Mythic is no longer connected to the Warhammer Online game and especially with WoH..at least the pc-gaming websites cited the announcement to be made by Bioware (which isn’t false, but somehow it’s strange) and not Mythic.

Darn..I thought that I could get away without new stuff from me ;) Well..I kept it to a minimum… for now *ta da daaaaaaa (imagine a dramatic music here)*

Karic (doomdiver.wordpress.com)


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