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Shortly after the Skype/Bloggerinvasion I had the opportunity to ask a Graham Bennett, dev at Mythic, about the upcoming Warhammer Online:Wrath of Heroes (WoH). Here are just a few questions I could ask (in bold letters) and the answer from Graham Benett. Thanks to Kai and Graham for their time.

There is a lot I wanted to ask more, but I wanted to keep it short and solid facts to ask for weren’t simply there or I had no clue about them. I still hope that you enjoy it anyways. ;)


Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your role in development of WoH.

My name is Graham Bennett and I’ve been working on games for nearly a decade, most recently as the Lead Designer on WoH. I joined Mythic last year when they tempted me away from rainy England with promises of sun and burgers (though they neglected to mention the tornados). I’ve been a long time fan of all things Warhammer so getting the chance to work on WoH was fantastic, and even better I got to be in from day one.

What is WoH about?

WoH is all about fast, furious fun. The raw entertainment of WAR Scenarios combined with the excitement and tension of 3 teams competing for the same goal. That’s right, Mythic is bringing 3 team combat to Warhammer0!

What can be bought by real money and what “unlocked” in the game?

One of our goals was to avoid selling “power”. WAR, and indeed Mythic, has a great tradition of strong competitive gaming and that’s not something we want to sacrifice. Instead you’ll be unlocking new options, both tactical and cosmetic. Most things will be available using the currency you earn just playing games, and there will be accelerators if you just want to save some time.

Many people demanded WAR to go f2p. Why did you go with a separate game?

It was looked at, several times, and every time the conclusion was that the WAR experience wouldn’t survive the transition. Subscription games and micro-transaction games are very different beasts, relying on different drivers for players. WAR would have become a game very different to the one so many of you are dedicated too, and that wasn’t acceptable to us.

At the Skype presentation and Blogger invasion (Impressions from that and stuff about Fortresses) you told us, that WAR will benefit from WoH. Many naysayers will now call WAR to be doomed (ok, they will do it anyway ;) ) and declare that most casual players will leave the game. In fact you even said that WAR is for the competitive type of gamer and WoH to be more of a casual game. In what way is WAR having benefits because of WoH?

At the feature level it’s all about compatibility. WoH is being built using the same engine and tools as WAR and that makes it easy for us to move things around. So any work, particularly visuals, which are developed for WoH have the potential to be used in WAR. We already have a boatload of new armors which I’m sure the WAR team will want to talk more about. Another of our goals with WoH was to develop Champions which aren’t currently playable in WAR. We have quite a few of these lined up, from Vampires and Ogres to IP characters you’ll recognize from Warhammer. If you can play it in WoH then it’s a theoretically possible for it be a play-as-monster option for WAR, simple as that.

How can the experiences gained from WoH be transfered to WAR? Both have scenarios, but the setup is totally different (12vs12 vs 6v6v6).  Do you think that there will be anything done to improve the scenario pop up time in WAR for T2 and T3? Right now there doesn’t pop up a scenario at all and with this development it seems that WAR is tending to focus solely on the RvR part and further neglecting the scenarios.

The WAR and WoH teams are very close and there’s constant knowledge and experience sharing. As to whether we’ll see a specific WoH scenario in WAR? That’s definitely a question for the WAR team :)

Last one – Döner Kebap or Currywurst with Fries? (At first I wanted to ask Pirate or Ninja, but then I remembered the Döner ;)).

What’s wrong with just Fish & Chips? I really miss Fish & Chips … I checked with Kai and unless he’s trying to trick me Currywurst sounds pretty good, certainly preferable to the suspicious Kebap! (Ninja all the way!)

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