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but still not much time for writing a proper post… I wouldn’t be me if I had not something to rant about.

This time it’s the perception of the own strength/weaknesses people seem to have about their career. First of all..only very few folks in the forums say that they can’t handle the career that they are playing for an extended period of time. If something is going wrong then it’s someone else has done something wrong (most likely dev’s don’t being able to balance *cough*, dps-healers don’t doing the stuff you think they are supposed to do, i.e. serve you as heal-bot, and so forth).

Bah..I didn’t mean to write that stuff in the first place and better stop this line of thought… I wanted to point your attention to the Shadow warriors and Squig Herders complaining about the changes to their careers.

I understand to some point the complaints from the SW’s.. at first sight the changes will change the way their career will function a lot. Many see it as a nerf, because one of the crucial offensive weapons (knockdown) is replaced by a self-knockback, which most of them don’t see as needed with their current style of play. How this will work for the SW’s ..I have no idea. So I’m cautious in rating it, but from a healer’s perspective it seems nice that they can get away from melee’s as SW’s are often horrible tanks ;)

Turning to the Squig Herder. This self-knockback is imo definitely nothing a SH needs. Both gobbo careers are kings in kiting. They don’t need a bit of more CC. Oh..but we deal so little damage they will say.. but a ranged career that can’t be killed by so many other careers is still strong I will say. Ok ..a SH can’t solo-kill all enemies in 1vs1, but can kill a lot. So whining about not getting enough love by this changes is ..somehow funny.

Before any of the PRDPS demands more damage.. let’s see how the mitigation stuff will be handled. You can’t ignore those planned changes. This will affect the PRDPS a lot and in the long term a straight damage buffs to the abilities right now won’t do any good later. Handling mitigation will be ..fascinating anyways. If it’s done wrong, than melee setups will be even more favored than they are now. So working on the CC abilities of those PRDPS first seems like a good approach, but it shouldn’t be the last one. What I wished for would be a faster schedule on the changes to PRDPS. Waiting another two month seems too long..but those times with hotfixes and tweaking at a higher frequency are gone..

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Posted August 9, 2011 by Karic in Community, General, RvR, WAR

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  1. Hi Karic, are the changes to phys. mit back on the agenda then? I have not been lurking the forums so much recently. Aeo

    • Afaik they were just postponed and not canceled.

      Also I had the impression that only the CC abilities of PRDPS (and Magus) were discussed up to now.. that fits into the scheme of handling physical mitigation as a whole and not a band-aid by just increasing the damage output of certain careers.

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