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I am a little bit more active in the past 2 weeks than in the months before..and at the Bloggers Invasion and all the stuff afterwards I became aware again of an old problem of mine.

My identity. You know what people say. There are so much douchebags on the internet, because of anonymity, not fearing any consequences for their doing. I don’t think that I fall in that category ;)

There are others who chose a name and stick to it for most of their online activities..that’s more me. I picked the name Karic back in 1997, so I’m quiet used to be called by that name on many occasions. Some folks I met IRL only know be by that name. If I appear to be rude in any way on the webs it’s because I am that way..not because I hide behind that name. Honesty can sometimes be as bad as being a douchebag ;)

But that’s not the thing I wanted this post to be about. The problem is that this blog’s title is Zizlak’s Travel Diary…and I wrote most of the stuff signing it with Zizlak. This is because I wanted to play a shaman in the first place, but chose to play Order, because shortly before release of WAR it became more apparent that there will be more folk playing Destruction than Order. I didn’t want to join the bigger team then..and don’t want to do it now (that’s why my Destro toons on Drakenwald are..frozen).

It felt wrong to write something about Order and Runepriests signing it with the name I chose for my shaman (btw. you can greet him if you see me on Badlands ;) ). That’s the reason why I switched back to Karic.. the name I chose for my main character when I can play a dwarf. Now I’m sort of a split personality as in some comments I still sign as Zizlak (sometimes forced to) and some comments are made as Karic. This feels strange and I’m thinking about trying to switch some of the accounts to Karic and drop Zizlak . Having one identity again..not two.

Do you stick with one name for your (gaming) internet presence or do you switch around and have no fixed names? Is this name for you an identity or just a label?

Karic (


Posted July 13, 2011 by Karic in General

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  1. In the past I had about 3-4 nicknames but since about 8 years I’m stuck with the name erdknuffel.

    For me it’s just cool to play a game and meet people that I played with years ago and they wouldn’t recognize me if I had my name changed. If you’re ok with your “identity” – why not using it all the time. Sometimes it makes life a lot easier. ;)

    • Karic is for me a dwarf-only name.therefore it restricts the usability as a real identity. That’s the reason why I started this blog as Zizlak..and why I’m suffering from the..identity problems ;)

      • Have you ever seen a dark elve called Erdknuffel? ;)

      • I will answer this question with another question..

        Did you see me ever care about Dark elves? ;)

        I’m somewhat still a roleplaying guy and tend to use names that fit imo. Karic is for me always connected to a dwarf.. Zizlak is a goblin. That’s part of the problem. The name connects me..the the avatar/character. It’s not that I just chose a name and stick to it. It’s more..

        Maybe I will change the name of this blog in the future to better fit to the stuff I am writing about. Doomdiver still is a good name for my kind of playing..but Zizlak’s Travel Diary is not fitting. With the loss of the travel diary I am also more free to keep Karic (having the problem with some accounts for commenting still being connected to Zizlak)

  2. I don’t really roleplay, but I’m like you in that I only use name that fit that certain character. That’s why I decided to just go by Charlotte on my blog and WHA. I’m Charlotte everywhere :D

  3. huh, my online activity just started with Warhammer, thus during the last 2 1/2 years I got used to call myself Ilanaya and I think when I will start a new Online Game I will still use this name, because I like it somehow and I also think it some how suits me ,the player, not the charakter :)

    But as you have connected Karic to dwarfs, the name Ilanaya is for me connected to some elfes, or maybe another fanatsy race, where it would also suit. But you will never see a Orc of mine named something like Ilanaya :)
    Ok, maybe it will contain something of “Ilani…”, like my brigth wizzard “Ilani”, my Dok “Ilanisu”,…

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  5. Well, Gaarawarr was a name taken from the Wookiee name generator in Star Wars Galaxies. I’ve used it 90% of the time for my main toon’s name I’d say. I didn’t specifically in one game: Pirates of the Burning Sea. It came back to haunt me because I became rather well-known there, but under the name William Obvious. (Captain Obvious if you didn’t get the joke…) Most people there called me Will. Which was just odd for me and my friends from older games because they all called me Gaar. :p

    Now, when I can, I stick to Gaarawarr or some variation on the theme. However, I know I won’t in the upcoming SW:TOR simply because I will only ever use that name for a Wookiee in the Star Wars universe. So I’ll have to think up something else for my toons there. ;)

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